The Slow Murder of the American Dream

Daily Stormer
September 9, 2016


I ran across this story on Breitbart yesterday. There was nothing remarkable about it. There have been thousands of identical tales of economic destruction since the ratification of the NAFTA treaty in the early 1990’s.

I know this topic in my bones. My father was a factory man. My grandfather was a factory man. I was a factory man.

Now most all of the factories are gone, and what’s happening to those that remain is barely better than if they left as well.


Caterpillar Hires H-1B Foreign Graduates, Fires 300 American Professionals


Caterpillar is firing 300 American employees in Mossville, Illinois, even though it is continuing to recruit and pay foreign “H-1B” guest-workers to do the white-collar jobs sought by American professionals in the United States.

Caterpillar’s combination of white-collars layoffs and H-1B outsourcing matches the much-criticized decision by Carrier, a company in next-door Indiana, to outsource 1,400 blue-collar factory jobs to Mexico.

There’s the one-two punch to the heart of an entire region. They send the blue collar factory jobs to Mexico, and the White collar jobs are given to H-1B street-shitters. And what is left for us?

For decades they have told us that we would transition into a “service economy,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, but they never explain who will be buying all these services when no one has a decent job.

This isn’t just the killing of jobs. It’s the killing of our souls. When a man can no longer work, can no longer provide, what is left for him?


The nobility of honest work

When a man can no longer create, what is left of him when he’s gone? The factories that dotted the landscape when I was a boy, with their billowing smokestacks and busy assembly lines were the heart and soul of America. For all the downsides, once upon a time a man with a factory job could provide a comfortable life for his family. He could go to sleep at night without worrying that he would drive to work the next day only to find a pink slip with a flowery explanation that basically told him he was “not economically viable.”

When the whistle blew in the evening he could enjoy the sense of pride that came with working hard and seeing the results of his labor. He had the satisfaction of knowing that his labor had gone into products that people needed and that made their lives better. Cars, air conditioners, tractors, you name it.

He knew that he was an important part of a greater whole, that he was part of a team of workers, skilled and unskilled, who were world-renowned for their productivity, efficiency, skill, and adaptability.

And now, at least for the time being, that dream, that way of life, is gone.

But there is hope on the horizon.

Outsider GOP candidate Donald Trump has vigorously denounced the outsourcing by Carrier’s air-conditioning business. His opposition has helped him get a nine-point polling advantage in the state. But Trump’s support for major reforms to the H-1B program to reduce the outsourcing of professional jobs is raising his support among upper-income professional-class voters in many other states.

So here we have the perfect storm of discontent with business-as-usual, from both the blue collar and white collar sectors of society. And the God Emperor is just the man to step into the fray and tell the globalist scum and International Jews, “You will plunder my people no longer!”

Has there ever been an election on which so much depended? Certainly not in any of our lifetimes. And I’m not the only one who says so.

The Caterpillar outsourcing “is all the same thing happening over and over again,’ said John Miano, a lawyer and software expert who has sued the federal government to reduce or stop various outsourcing programs, such as the H-1B visa. “What we see is that companies ask for more [H-1B visas] while they’re laying off the same kind of [American professionals] … this is going to be an election that decides whether this continues, Miano said.

Despite what leftist hippies will tell you, it doesn’t get any more existential than that. On every front, this election is about our survival and prosperity as a people.

While Trump has promised to reform the controversial H-1B program as part of his plan to ensure that immigration law helps Americans before companies or foreign workers, Hillary Clinton has been a strong supporter of the H-1B program, and her foundation has tried to hire more than 130 foreign professionals in place of young Americans.

That political difference over white-collar outsourcing may become critical in the new few weeks when Trump tries to raise his support among college graduates.

If Trump doesn’t get their support, there’s absolutely no hope for the cubicle class.

We deserve the opportunities our fathers and grandfathers had. Our children deserve the security and comfort that they were able to provide for us.

Surely that’s worth going out to vote.

While I’m no fan of Springsteen, this song and video absolutely nail it. I think of my father getting up and leaving for that factory when I was a kid every time I see it, and I recall how we didn’t even know how great we had it, until it was gone.

I’ll leave you with it.