The Single Example of a Guy Getting the Better Deal After Being a Cuck

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2018

This is an old video, but it’s an interesting story.

The guy in this story is a winemaker in California – presumably makes a good amount of money because of that – and for whatever reason didn’t want kids with his wife.

His wife – middle-aged and angered at being childless – demanded an open marriage.

He agreed, but with how it seemed to play out he may have been hoping for this.

He actually met a woman significantly younger and better looking than his current wife. After the year of this cucking, this newer and better girl was the only woman he slept with (for pretty much the entire year). The woman who set out to fuck as many guys as possible to find a replacement husband fucked 12 people, two of which were women.

Inevitably they divorced and the guy is now with the better model while the THOT was stuck with a direct downgrade.

There are a couple important lessons to learn from this:

  1. Whenever a woman wants an “open marriage” she is looking for a replacement husband.
  2. Never get officially married because you will get screwed over long term in the current state of our society.
  3. If you have money, you can get pretty much any woman you want. Remember that if you don’t have kids with a woman and if you are successful, you can upgrade at pretty much any time.