The Single Biggest Problem in the Right-Wing

The Daily Stormer is my personal life’s work. My mission remains the same as it was on day 1: I defend Western Civilization from its enemies, the primary of which being the Jews. As time passes, things change in the world and things change with how I view the current state of the mission.

In March of 2020, after I found myself as one of the only people writing in the English language with any kind of platform telling the truth about the coronavirus and lockdown hoax, I decided that I had a responsibility to my mission to take a slightly different tone, that would allow me to communicate more plainly. Aside from noticing a need for my perceptions in the national conversation, I also had a desire to challenge myself artistically and professionally, as the current work was becoming stale.

What I have been doing is laying out the facts as they should be communicated to the masses by those with bigger platforms than my own humble banned .su website.

Over the years, several very influential people tell me that they would love to just send their staff to DS, but it was one or two notches too hardcore. Now, a much larger number of people feel as though they can send their staff here, or at least copy and paste the articles. If you were to look around in various places in the right wing in America and Europe, you’d see that everything is working perfectly according to plan. The Daily Stormer has been repurposed as a trade publication for media and government professionals, and I’m not even sure the regular readership noticed. (I wouldn’t even tell my priest any of the names I know, but you should all know that there are a lot of good people out there working in the machine.)

This process has filled my personal process with new life, and I’m more exited to get up and write every day than I had been since 2017. Though I may make the occasional rage post to keep the reader on his feet (such a post would not actually be intended to transmit my actual personal feelings, but something bigger and more relevant), it is quite an incredible gift from God to be able to enjoy one’s work this much in such a dark time.

As you may have noticed, what I have been straining myself to produce is the ultimate simplification: the way to communicate all of our ideas in the fewest possible words. That is what is needed in an address to the masses. This is a fascinating process, as it is impossible to completely rewrite talking points. You have to take the existing elements of the talking points and transform them into what you want them to be.

As we know, Fox News and the National Review have been in charge of the right-wing’s talking points. So those have to be broken down into smaller elements and reconstructed to mean what I want them to mean. Right now, the single most important issue that must be communicated to the people is that the people responsible for the situation the country is in are not the Democrats, but the Republicans who refuse to defend the people who they are sent to represent. The most important element of that understanding is that the entire purpose of the right-wing media should be to hold our own representatives to account for their behavior, rather than to whine endlessly about the Democrats.

This makes clear sense to the people when they hear it: no one who is listening to Rush Limbaugh or watching Sean Hannity is thinking about voting for the Democrats, so what is the point of putting such a serious focus on them, even as the Republicans refuse to do anything at all to help the people?

The entire phenomenon is summed up in the situation of Attorney General William Barr. This man has outright refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton or any member of the Obama Administration, he’s refused to investigate the death of Jeffrey Epstein, he’s refused to prosecute the violent gangs who have swarmed our entire country. Now, he is beginning the process of refusing to prosecute Ilhan Omar and the Somalians of Minnesota over the biggest election fraud scandal in the nation’s history. Not only does the right-wing media refuse to criticize this man, most of them are actively preventing their audiences from being aware that both the responsibility and the ability to deal with all of the listed problems lie with him. William Barr has not explained why he is not doing any of these things.

Fox News gives him interviews and praises him. They refuse to question him.

Of course, the reason that Barr is the Attorney General is not because he is Trump’s personal pick, but because he is someone who could get confirmed by the Senate and also happened to make the shocking statement that Trump isn’t a Russian spy.

Barr was literally dangled out in front of Trump. He baited the hook by writing in support of Trump:

First, Barr supported Trump’s firing of Comey on May 9, 2017. Second, he questioned the appointments of some of Mueller’s prosecutors due to political donations they had made to the Clinton campaign. Third, he alleged there were conflicts of interest of two appointees to the Special Counsel Team, Jennie Rhee and Bruce Ohr.

All he had to do is go out there and say that, and he was better than any other option Trump was looking at.

But he’s done less than any other person would have. The guy literally does nothing but look concerned and talk serious.

Two weeks ago, he allegedly told federal prosecutors to start prosecuting protestors for federal crimes, according to AP.

Firstly, why would he wait until most of the country had been burned down to tell them this? It’s been three months.

But there are bigger problems.

However great it might feel to finally see that headline, go read the article: the conversation allegedly happened on a private call, and it was leaked to the AP by anonymous sources. The obvious explanation here is that he leaked the story himself, through an aide, and it didn’t actually happen the way the article recounts it.

I think it is virtually indisputable that Barr is a plant, designed to completely undermine the Trump Administration’s ability to deal with these crises it is facing, and to ensure that the globalist agenda goes go through as it is intended to go through. Remember, he is half-Jewish, and his own Jewish father apparently hired an uncredentialed and unqualified Jeffrey Epstein for a prestigious New York teaching job back in the 1970s.

I haven’t even gone into all of the various ways that the Justice Department could be fighting back against the coronavirus lockdowns and isn’t. It is literally their basic charter to defend the rights of the people, and Barr is categorically refusing to do so.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if Barr is a plant or he’s just lazy and doesn’t care, or whichever other explanation you could come up with: what matters are his actions and lack thereof.

We have to do something about the Congresspeople who are able to gatekeep the cabinet picks. That is the only way forward.

Observe this clip from February of Lindsey Graham more or less professing love for Joe Biden.

What is going on there?

Who is this man and why is he representing the people of South Carolina?

The Drudge Report has gone full Democrat and Fox News isn’t far behind.

There is a new media infrastructure emerging around nationalism, on dedicated websites and on new alternative platforms. If Donald Trump manages to stay in office after the election, those already established in this area will have the opportunity to push an agenda.

We have to make figuring out a way to replace the entire Republican Senate through the primary process the number one priority. Most people will be more than willing to engage in this, they simply need a media to instruct them as to how (a responsibility never even touched on by the likes of Hannity).

That and free speech are the most important issues, but I believe that the only path to free speech is through dealing with the rogue Senate.

If we replaced even three or four of these people with hardcore MAGA people, it would probably scare the rest of them into going along with at least some of what we want.

The new right-wing media has to be based on an agenda. Not simply flopping out talking about all of the horrible things that the Democrats are doing to this country every single day of the year.