The Secret Genocide: Bleeding Germany Dry – A Book Review

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2015


Dr Claus Nordbruch, Bleeding Germany Dry the aftermath of World War II from the German Perspective:

Looting of Cultural Assets, Theft of Patents, Kidnapping of Scientists and Skilled Workers, Atrocities and Crimes Committed by the Allied Forces in the Aftermath of World War II. The Case for Restitution to Germany and Compensation for the German People, (Contact Publishers, Pretoria, South Africa, 2012)

Gazing across the vast, icy, interstellar spaces towards Earth, alien studiers of the stars, if they possess the cold, logical, unfeeling, unemotional intelligences that HG Wells envisioned, would be only mildly interested watching the various ethnic groups that struggle for survival against each other over the face of this small but fertile planet. However, these same aliens would be momentarily perplexed as to why many groups and one group in particular, namely the White Race, currently adopts attitudes that are, thinks and does everything, (irrespective of the facts), that is, diametrically opposed to its own interests. Momentarily perplexed, because then with the true scientific mind they would seek reasons, they would look deeper and like a an observer through a microscope who switches from daylight to ultra violet, red chains of mind control criss-crossing this ball of spinning rock known as Earth would leap into view. They would then realise that our minds were not our own, that we Whites are slaves to those who control our minds, and that these Mind Controllers were therefore the Masters of something fast resembling a global slave state. These alien extra-terrestrials would not give us Whites very healthy odds on surviving another hundred years never mind another thousand years. Considering our former accomplishments in art, science and music they may think this a pity, but after casting a wary eye over these Mind Controllers and making a note to check on our planet again in a few thousand years, they would then go and investigate the other billions of planets that populate this Universe.

Looking at the history of the White Race over the past few centuries it seems clear that the most damaging events were: in the 18th Century – the French Revolution; in the 19th Century – the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War; and in the Twentieth Century – the two World Wars. But it is the Second World War where the gap between the popular conception of events and the actuality is most divergent.

Waylay any member of the hapless British Public, who hasn’t read Dr Claus Nordbruch’s ‘Bleeding Germany Dry’ and ask him what the following list is. Wolfsberg, Glasenbach, Konigsberg, Muhlberg, Hohenschonhausen, Ketschendorf, Jamlitz, Funfeichen, Torgau, Tschemoschna, Jagerndorf, Olmutz, Rabstein, Theresienstadt, Tachau, Matejovce, Litzmannstadt, Pawianitze, Lubin, Lubraniec, Lamsdorf, Rudolfsgnad, Krusevlje, Kreuznach, Thoree- les- Pins, Bretzenheim, Neuengamme, Fallingbostel, Gakovo, Jarek, Molidorf, Lubbecke, Grasleben, Swientochlowice, Graudenz, Tost, Belowo, Grunthal, Backi Jarak, Tenje, Sternthal, Stari Vrbas, Betschkerek, Brux-Maltheuern, Potulice, Durst. It’s a long list, but will it mean anything to him? Probably not. What is it? It is a list of death camps associated with World War II. Has our member of the British public possibly ever heard of the huge network of death camps known as the Camps of the Rhine Meadows ( the ‘Rheinwiesenlager’) ? No?

Ok, well ask him whether he can you name for you one of the hundreds of death camps in the USSR? No? What about the names of any of the Siberian Gulag camps? For example the Kuzbas camp, Tschassow Jar and those camps in the Central Asian Republics such as Kimpersai in Kazakhstan? No?

History is written by the victors and never more so than in the pre-internet era of modern communications and mass propaganda. In other words in the 50 years following WWII.

Over 160,000 Germans were reportedly kept at this camp, with no food or shelter.

All the above death camps were places where German civilians and German POWs were tortured and killed.

Perhaps he’s heard of the extermination death marches of Brunn, of Pohrlitz? Still no?

Those who died on these marches were again Germans.

So, how many German POWs and civilians died? It couldn’t have been many – otherwise we’d have heard about it or so thinks the naïve general public.

I hope you are sitting down.

Between the start and end of WWII ( ie 1939 – 1945) 7.5 million Germans (civilians and POWs) were killed.

But that’s not all.

Between the end of the war and 1951 a further 2.4 million German POWs were killed and a further 5.8 million German civilians were killed. IN OTHER WORDS 8.2 MILLION GERMANS WERE KILLED AFTER THE END OF THE WAR.

Let me quote you Dr Claus Nordbruch: “8.2 million Germans were either murdered by the Allied Forces and their associates or died due to direct causes of mass starvation and expulsion caused by the Allies and their associates between 9th May 1945 (the end of the war) and 9th July 1951.”

That makes 15.7 million Germans non-combatants killed as a result of WWII .

Now sit back and digest those figures.

These are moderate estimates – many historians think these figures are on the low side. I’ve corresponded with many in writing this article and most, in confidence, grudgingly agree with these figures. Yet there is little to gain in them broadcasting these figures and much to lose.

How did all these millions of Germans die? The answer is that they were killed in the usual way in which genocides are carried out – whether it be the Ukrainian ‘Holodmir’ of the 1920s /30’s or the Palestinian ‘Nakba’ of the 1940’s, the usual ad hoc mixture of methods: a bullet in the back of the neck; massacres by Communist Partisans; ill-disciplined troops on the rampage; casual violence; gang rapes; expulsion; starvation; forced marches; torture; shelling of civilian areas; aerial bombardment including the firebombing of cities; and intolerable conditions in various sorts of camps; and mass expulsion – 18 plus million Germans were expelled from their homelands in what was Eastern Germany towards the end and after the war – 2.1 million of them were killed or died as a result.

None of this was accidental, as Dr Nordbruch makes quite clear it was planned by the Allied Powers at the highest levels and energetically pursued and implemented all the way down the command chain by ‘the liberators of Europe’. The book details the meetings of and the plans of the Allied Governments and the Allied Military Commands, the propaganda they approved for their own troops consumption, the orders they gave and the blind eyes they turned. Bravely, Nordbruch hints at the role that Jews, such as Morgenthau, played in organising and directing this Genocide. When in 2003, Brigadier General Reinhard Guenzel fulsomely praised the German Christian Democrat MP Martin Hohmann for daring to speak out on the part Jews have played as perpetrators throughout history in such atrocities, he was promptly sacked as head of the German elite Kommando Special Kraefte, (KSK), Special Forces and the MP was made a persona non grata. However, reading the hate-filled orders that Ilya Ehrenberg and others of his ilk gave over the allied radio stations during and after World War II chills the blood. But wasn’t all this barbarism just carried out by the Soviets? Russian soldiers egged on by Jewish Commissars? Emphatically no. All the Allies took their share in the slaughter. And all the Allied Nations had their own Jewish equivalents to Commissars. The camps of the Rhine Meadows { use photo page 206} were American run and 1.1 million German POWs died there by the simple expedient of being given no food, no water and no shelter. The POWs dug holes in the mud for shelter and died in their droves. And Britain was no innocent party either as Count Nikolai Tolstoy’s book ‘Victims of Yalta’ has amply made clear.

Let us look at the numbers again: 15.7 million Germans killed, 8.2 million of them after peace was declared.

Staggering. And yet how many members of the general public are aware of these figures?


This is ‘Europe’s dark secret’ and represents an attempted Genocide of the German people. A Secret Genocide. It shows the REAL sentiments of Capitalism, Liberalism and Communism.

It represents a hatred unsurpassed.

And yet what does the establishment history of the war tell us? It tells us that the Communist and Capitalist Alliance – the Allies – were the good guys, the bringers of freedom, the lovers of peace and the upholders of human rights. It tells us that the Anti-Communist and Anti-Capitalist Alliance (the Nazis, the Fascists etc) – the Axis – were the haters and were intrinsically evil. And the misconception carries over in post-war politics where those who seek to preserve their race, culture and traditions are seen as ‘haters’ and ‘evil’ and the liberals, communists, capitalists et al – those who seek to destroy races, cultures and traditions – are seen as ‘good’.

This book indicates that the opposite was true. Plus ca change.

How has this inversion taken place?

It is due to the power of propaganda. Once a war is over, usually the propaganda is dropped and the truth comes out. Not so with World War II – there’s just too much at stake for our hidden rulers to allow the truth to come out. It was an ideological war and the ideological fault lines are still relevant today. The propaganda, if anything, has been ratcheted up as the years pass, because it still serves a vital function in keeping us under control.

All these aforementioned death camps are associated with World War Two and its aftermath. However, it is no surprise to learn that schoolchildren don’t go on subsidised school trips to them, the camps aren’t mentioned in the National Curriculum and you won’t find them mentioned in any museum. Why is this? Quite simply it doesn’t fit the narrative our media masters, our mind controllers want us to absorb.

Everything you ever heard from the mass media about the atrocities committed in Europe by the Axis during World War II actually does have some sort of a basis in fact, but what the mass media doesn’t tell you is that the facts actually come from atrocities carried out by the Allied side and the scale, which was far worse did not cease until 1951. The blame has been merely transferred onto the other side, the Axis side, to serve the cause of propaganda.

This is not quite such an amazing feat as it would first seem – witness Katyn, which all sides knew was carried out by the Soviets, but all the Allies pretended it was the Germans until quite recently. After all, the Allies, (Communist and Capitalist), had a very efficient propaganda machine and the Axis, (anti-Communist/anti-Capitalist), had just been defeated and therefore had nothing. As the scale of the atrocities carried out by the Allies became clearer for all to see, it became imperative that they were hushed up and that as a counterbalance ‘the defeated Enemy’ should be made to seem even more evil than even the Allied ‘Ministries of Propaganda’ had hitherto made them out to be. So atrocities committed by the Axis were exaggerated and invented often using as models/inspiration real atrocities carried out by the Allies.

Hence the figures released by the International Committee of the Red Cross that a total of 281,000 persons died in National Socialist controlled concentration camps during WWII, and that these died mainly from typhoid, typhus and other such diseases caused by deteriorating conditions due to Allied bombing of the supply networks – even the guards died – disappeared down the memory hole. As has the fact that the Bad Arolsen Archive in Germany, which lists all deaths in WWII has not a single person dying of cyanide poisoning. In its place all kinds of ludicrous, scientifically impossible figures and methods are dreamt up and presented to us as facts.

Many countries have laws against questioning the establishment approved histories in this field. However ‘the powers that be’ are in something of a quandary when deciding how to react to those detailing or listing atrocities carried out by the Allies.

The figures relating to German deaths are even worse when it is realised that many combatants weren’t even officially registered as POWs when they were killed and so therefore are not included in the figures. ‘’You’re taking too many prisoners! Do you understand what I’m saying, you’re taking too many prisoners, you’re slowing down the advance’’ was a familiar complaint from senior US and British Officers to Junior Officers in the latter years of the war. Furthermore, there were the innumerable ‘2 minute trials’ of former Axis combatants, who were not yet POWs, carried out by the Western Allied Forces. Unarmed Axis soldiers – many dragged from their hospital beds – were give 2 minute trials by squads of Allied troops, the trial consisting of a few unintelligible questions shouted at them in the wrong language before they were machine gunned and left where they fell. An SS uniform or a suspicion of SS or Nazi Party involvement was enough to condemn them. A commentator on Radio 4 drily commentated “ 2 minutes? they were lucky to get that long”. No figures exist for how many were killed in this manner.

And remember the above figures only included Germans. It doesn’t include the POWs and civilians from anti-Communist/anti-Capitalist nations/regions/forces/organisations that were killed, a few examples will suffice, of 60,000 Italian POWs who were sent to the USSR only 12,500 returned, half a million French who supported Vichy were killed and 1 million Croats were butchered. Then there are the untold numbers of Slovaks, Serbs, Cossacks, Estonians, Latvians, Bosniacs, Russians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Poles, Norwegians, Byelorusians, Vlaams, Wallonians, Gallicians, Moravians, Bohemians. The list is endless.

The camp at Sinzig-Remagen, spring, 1945.

Glimpses of the truth

Glimpses of the truth have been given by several authors over the last few decades who focus on particular aspects of Allied Crimes: James Bacque ‘Crimes and Mercies: The fate of German Civilians under Allied Occupation’; ‘Other Losses: An investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II’; Joachim Hoffman ‘Stalin’s War of Extermination’; David Irving’ The Destruction of Dresden’; Alfred Zayas ‘A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans’ ; and Michael McLaughlin ‘Hamburg: Death of a City’ etc etc Though some have been praised in the learned journals very few of them have made much impact on the public consciousness. The memory holes again.

However, what Dr Claus Nordbruch does, (with his book that has been circulating in German since 2003 and which has recently been translated into English as ‘Bleeding Germany Dry’), is ‘to bring it all together’ and give an overall view of what happened to Germany and the Germans. Why he hasn’t got a mainstream publisher and become an overnight celebrity is more a comment on the regime that runs Germany rather than on the quality of his research. After all, the book breaks no laws and he doesn’t scrutinise or try to unravel the increasingly threadbare network of supposed Axis atrocities – if he did he would now be in jail like dozens of other historians, translators, intellectuals, politicians, eg Horst Mahler and Gunter Deckert to name two of the most high profile ones.

What it does is shed light on an area that has been purposefully left dark, and it does so in a comprehensive way. It’s the nearest thing that we have to a single volume reference book on the subject and it really should have an index. Dr Nordbruch began his research by asking German Newspapers to carry adverts requesting anyone who had information about their experiences during and after the war to get in touch with him. Very few newspapers actually carried his advert, the Magdeburger Volkstimme to its credit, was the only large circulation one that did. As a result, a fairish number of documents, photos and testimonies arrived on his desk.

The testimonies contained in this book do not make for pleasant reading. The photographs, (eg the photos of dead German women and girls who had been gang raped before being killed at Nemmersdorf), are gruesome. One has to keep putting it down and going away and doing something else. Yet, all is told in a ‘matter of fact fashion’ without undue emotion or hysteria – you can feel the numbness of those who report their experiences. On reading the statements which Dr Nordbruch has painstakingly collected, one realises why Germans rarely speak about the War. The younger generation often believes this is because the older generation harbour a ‘a guilt complex over Nazi crimes’, but after reading this book is patently obvious that the suffering that the Germans underwent at the hands of Communists and Capitalists was just too painful for them to even think about it, never mind to discuss .

‘The Liberation of Europe’ meant it was open season on the Germans and anything was permitted, it meant the biggest gang rape since Genghis Khan’s hordes swept over Eastern Europe. There are descriptions of nuns and nurses being repeatedly gang raped and dying of their internal wounds, of nurses being gang raped while their patients were forced to watch and then tortured to death, of female civilians – women and girls – being dragged from their houses night after night to be gang raped and then the mothers in despair killing their own daughters and committing suicide to end the ordeal. Any man or boy who tried to intervene was killed in the most gruesome manner. Soon there were no men or boys left. There are descriptions of the ethnic cleansing in the Eastern German areas that, in comparison, make the Mau Mau Kenyan massacres of Whites look civilized. Indeed Jewish created hate-filled propaganda and Jewish led mobs caused a more grisly chaos than, in George Macdonald Fraser’s timeless phrase, ‘’niggers running amok’’ ever did. I could tell you about the tortures that were meted out, about the killings, but more, I do not wish to write.

The situation for Germans, (men, women and children) who found themselves in Allied Camps was appalling – yet how many of the torturers and executioners have ever faced justice? Let’s take the example of the infamous Shlomo Morel , mass murderer, torturer and commandant of the Schwienochlowitz Camp in Poland. The post-Communist government in Poland tried to prosecute him in 1991, the Polish Press reporting on his crimes as ‘’Hell began after the War’’, but he fled to Israel and that country refused to extradite him with the excuse that ‘’under Israeli Law, Morel’s actions did not constitute a crime against humanity’’. It seems that Crimes against Humanity only apply when the Jews want them to. Another example, Frantisek Foukal ‘The Monster of Miroschau’ personally tortured and killed hundreds of German POWs as well as 280 POWs of Vlassov’s Anti-Communist Russian Army. The German Courts have steadfastly refused to prosecute him despite the best efforts of various journalists and widespread publication of damming photos, but he is currently living free and in receipt of a pension from the German Government as ‘a victim of Nazi persecution’! (suggestions: show photos on page 430)

As I’ve said the book is a comprehensive account of the German experience and there are chapters on Allied violations of international law during and after the war, the illegal arrest of the German Government under Doenitz, the curious legal limbo of the former German areas now under foreign control (eg the Benes Decrees relating to the Sudetenland), the current legal situation of the State of Austria, the kidnapping of German scientists, slave labourers sent to allied countries and an attempt to put a monetary sum to the total amount of reparations extracted/items looted from Germany and which are STILL being paid today over 60 years after the war. He writes of the increasing amount of reparations that Germany annually pays to the Israeli Government and to the increasing numbers of Holocaust survivors and he makes use of many quotes from honest Jewish commentators such as Norman Finkelstein, (‘The Holocaust Industry’), to emphasize his points.

The Reparations paid by Germany after WWII were, (and are), massively larger by every measurement than the reparations it paid after WWI. The German Government amazingly does not keep a record, but the author’s computations point to figure in the region of hundreds of thousands of billions Euros.

The suffering of German civilians and POWs also far outweighs that after WWI. So with all this in mind, why hasn’t there been a political backlash against it all as there was in 1920’s and 1930’s Germany? Simply because, the power behind the Allies ensured that there wasn’t one. The beneficiaries of World War One, those Mind Controllers, were also the beneficiaries of World War Two and they had learnt their lesson well after the First War.

Thus the Mind Controllers who were the Power behind the Allies kept control of Germany, kept control both mentally, (through propaganda/re-education/ brainwashing ) and physically, (new laws/censorship and a military presence). They still do. Any glimmering of opposition and dissent was and is brutally crushed. The Mind Controllers instituted a huge long-term twin propaganda effort which minimised/ignored German suffering on the one hand and imposed a false guilt complex on the defeated Germans on the other. And this is not only still persists, it is actually increasing in strength – and not just in Germany, but worldwide.

It is a sobering fact that that the lesson learnt from WWI was not that reparations on the defeated nation were too heavy, but that they were not heavy and prolonged enough.

Allied troops still occupy Germany and American troops still occupy Britain. Why do US troops still have bases in Britain? We’ve finally paid off our financial loans from the USA which enabled us to stay in the ruinous war and act as a jumping off base for the US invasion force of Europe. So there’s no danger of us defaulting. Well one reason might be construed by the fact that, (and this is a reason for pride among us Brits), of all the POW camps housing Germans the ones with the best conditions were the British ones. Perhaps our ‘secret masters’ don’t quite trust us Brits.

A German newspaper, Rhein-Zeltung has identified this uncaptioned U.S Army photograph of German POWs as camp at Sinzig-Remagen, spring, 1945.


‘Bleeding Germany Dry’ ends on a positive note with some optimistic chapters on how to bring about Germany’s rebirth and how Germans can find their way back to themselves. It entails them throwing off the mental and physical chains that have shackled them for so long.

Dr Nordbruch calls for self-assured individuals of strong character to take up the fight for justice and truth and national rebirth, and in so doing bring about a rebirth in national consciousness which is the key to every nation’s and people’s freedom.

The problem with White people is that we are kind and we are trusting. Only the white race cares about animals and the environment. Only the white race asks ‘’Why should he lie?” other races ask ‘’Why should he tell the truth?” We have to learn to look below the superficial, to look below the surfaces of things and search for the reality. We need to recognise propaganda and learn to look through it. We are also not very good at the glib arts of advertising/PR/mass marketing – in short at fighting the propaganda war. We tend to think that the truth is enough and neglect to package it in the best way possible.

This book is a seismic shifter. It’s a tipping pointer. Its similar to the book ‘Icebreaker’ by the ex-KGB General Suvorov who revealed that Stalin was planning and building up his forces for an invasion of Europe, that the Nazis got wind of it and so launched a pre-emptive strike on the USSR. Stalin when he heard there was fighting with the German Armed forces on his Western border, told his troops to stop fighting – “you’re making a move too early – not yet!” What I mean then, is that this book alters the psychological world view of anyone who reads it. It destroys our carefully constructed view of WWII, and destroys it with the swiftness of an earthquake. The point is though it has to be read for this to happen.

To forward this end I’d suggest that that an enterprising individual, using Dr Nordbruch’s book, put together pamphlet, DVD and internet-clip versions geared specifically towards the low attention spans, sensationalist tastes and gadfly reading habits of our modern world. The mass deaths, killings, rape and torture that the Germans endured, (the 7.5million deaths between 1939- 1945; and the 8.2 million deaths between 1945 – 19511; 15.7 million in total ), the Secret Genocide, must no longer remain a secret.

The experience of other anti-Communist/anti-Capitalist peoples should also, following Dr Nordbruch’s admirable lead, be documented not merely in their own languages, but in English (the world’s lingua franca), too. Then we’d begin to have some sort of idea as to how many Europeans, how many Gentiles, were murdered in the Genocide of Europe.


So let us survey the situation. The biggest crime EVER committed on European soil is the Genocide carried out against the anti-Communist/anti-Capitalist peoples and specifically the Germans by the Communist and Capitalist Allies during and in the aftermath of World War II.

Or is it? I think not. No. Actually the biggest crime is that this genocide has been kept secret for so long.

It was Friedrich Hebbel who said “The biggest sin against humanity is the falsification of history’’.

If evidence were needed that our Nations, and not just our mass media/publishing/acadaemia, are under the control of inorganic forces that are inimically hostile to us were needed, then this cover up is it.

It’s time we took control back and told our people the truth.

In fact telling our people the truth will be enough, because once they know the truth, getting back control of our own countries and the organs of power will be easy. Then of course there’ll be a reckoning. The Enemy, Mind Controllers know this. And this is why they guard the truth with such a formidable bodyguard of lies.

The odds on the White Race surviving into the next century are not good, but with the publication of this book the odds have just improved. We may surprise those aliens yet.

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