The Second Lockdown is Beginning Before the First is Even Over

When the lockdown happened, and I was the only person on the internet pushing that this was all a gigantic hoax, I said that there would be no point at which any of this would end. I told you all in no uncertain terms that they would do a second lockdown.

When the blacks began their uprising, I told you that the coronavirus was serving as a backdrop for all of this insanity, and it wasn’t going to go away because we moved into a new hysterical hoax.

As it stands, nothing is anywhere near normal. We’ve got mask laws, we’ve got closed public spaces, we’ve got all kinds of crazy, despite the fact that we are no longer officially in a state of complete lockdown.

However, most states are now talking about locking everything back down in an extreme way, citing “cases going up.” Of course, as we’ve documented and which the sickening media even admits, the reason that cases are going up is that they are doing much more widespread testing. Deaths are not going up. In actual fact, more cases and fewer deaths means exactly the opposite of what they’re saying it means, and it should be celebrated.

But they’ve solidified the idea in people’s minds that this virus is really, really scary, as a kind of demonic force encroaching, so it doesn’t matter if it is killing people or not.

The second lockdown is beginning before the first one even ended.

LA Times:

Explaining his decision to require limited bar closures in seven counties, Gov. Gavin Newsom warned Monday that the state will continue to pull back on reopening as COVID-19 spreads in California.

“The bottom line is: We’re doing this because we have seen an increase in the spread of this virus,” Newsom said. “We need to take further steps and that’s exactly what we did this weekend.”

Newsom reported a 45% increase in coronavirus cases in the last seven days and said the rate of positive tests is now at 5.5%. As of Monday, the state is monitoring and working with 19 counties that have failed to meet guidelines for hospitalizations, transmission of the virus or sufficient testing for at least three days.

The governor warned about growing cases one day after he ordered a limited closure of bars in seven counties that have fallen short of the state’s guidelines for more than two weeks. But the practical effect of the governor’s first action to impose restrictions that had been previously lifted in some areas remains unclear.

The new state requirement shutters only bars that do not serve food in Los Angeles, Fresno, Kern, San Joaquin, Tulare, Kings and Imperial counties. Bars are allowed to remain open in those counties and serve alcohol if they sell dine-in meals in the same transaction and meet state safety guidelines for restaurants. Establishments that do not traditionally serve food are also allowed to contract with an outside food vendor to remain open.

The state recommended that bars in eight other counties also close their doors under the same criteria.

Explaining that people aren’t actually dying feels kind of stupid, like explaining that black people have more encounters with police because they commit so many more crimes.

But okay.

These are the official numbers (which as we’ve explained to infinity, are a hoax):

Obviously, if the information they were working with was accurate, more cases should always mean more deaths. The fact that more cases means fewer deaths means that their information is necessarily wrong. According to their theories, we should be trying to infect as many people as possible with the virus, as a 100% infection rate would mean 0 deaths.

These people are now talking about the total lockdown as if it is the default state of our society, and any form of opening is some kind of cautious experiment. That is what is now registering in people’s brains. This was a mass conditioning process, and as far as we’re able to tell, it has generally worked. Most people are now comfortable with this.

Cases will go up when winter comes – not because they are doing more tests, but in real numbers, more people will be infected with the virus. And more people will actually die from it, because more people will be infected.

They are going to do a second lockdown. We have not put up any significant resistance. I did my best to encourage it, but it didn’t really happen. A lot of the people who should have been protesting bought into the hoax, and by the time they realized what was going on, the black madness had started and it was too late.

Like the blacks, coronavirus ran virtually unopposed in the media.

They want to do a total shutdown in the fall for a number of reasons, but the main reason, and the one that will totally justify it, is to ensure mail-in voting so that Donald Trump can’t win the election.