The Script Won’t Change Because of Chauvin Getting Crucified

Many people seem to be mistakenly imagining that there was something riding on the Derek Chauvin trial, other than the life of Derek Chauvin.

In fact, nothing is riding on anything, and everything we are experiencing is a scripted drama. Chauvin being crucified means less than nothing in the great scheme of things.

If the string-pullers want riots, they will get riots.

It seems that the poor innocent child in Columbus, Ohio, was actually in the middle of stabbing someone when she got shot by the police.

So, that particular incident probably won’t fly very far.

But here is the truth: they have pumped up black people, telling them to get confrontational with the police, and just with anyone who isn’t black.

Try this on for size:

Police are nothing if not stupid, and will follow orders if given orders to confront these blacks. The blacks will create problems, and they will get shot.

The George Floyd situation was utterly ridiculous. The man was in the middle of a drug overdose when he decided to wrestle around with the cops. And they managed to spin this into a murder, and actually get a conviction on it. They will be even bolder now, and this will lead to even more incidents.

Reality and statistics mean nothing to a mob of communists and black people.

So don’t get cozy.

The establishment has announced that they want riots this summer, and they’re going to get those riots. No objective reality is going to interfere with that. If an incident doesn’t pop up, they can manufacture it out of nothing.

The Floyd incident itself was effectively based on nothing. It was a simple situation. They spun this into the ultimate global riot meltdown.

There is a goal here to create chaos so that they may install a new order.

There is a 100% chance of major riots this summer, which will surpass those of last summer in scale and deadliness.

Don’t chill out.