The Science Says We’re Stuck in the Woods, Implies Force Vax Needed

Given that he is the one true oracle of The Science, Lord Fauci is the actual master of reality itself. We need to take him seriously, since his speech transforms physical materials throughout the entire universe.


As the U.S. sees its first notable decline in COVID-19 metrics in more than three months, with coronavirus-related hospital admissions and average daily new cases dropping by more than 30% over the last month, Dr. Anthony Fauci says the country is making progress against the current surge, but warned we’re not out of the woods yet during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We certainly are turning the corner on this particular surge, Jon,” the nation’s top infectious disease expert told “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl on Sunday. “But we have experienced over now close to 20 months surges that go up and then come down, and then go back up again. The way to keep it down, to make that turnaround continue to go down, is to do what we mentioned: Get people vaccinated.”

When you have 70 million people in the country who are eligible to be vaccinated, who are not yet vaccinated, that’s the danger zone right there,” he added. “So it’s within our capability to make sure that that turnaround that we’re seeing — that very favorable and optimistic turnaround — continues to go down and doesn’t do what we’ve seen multiple times before, where it goes down and then it comes back up.”

It goes up and down and up and down!

The decline is not related to the fact that it’s been summer, and is still not cold. The decline was from the vaccine, which science admits doesn’t do anything, and when the cold weather gets here, we already know that the surge is going to be because of people refusing the vax, who somehow transmit the virus to vaxed people in a way science hasn’t yet explained (except when science admitted that the vaccine doesn’t do anything). Science is really talking out of both sides of its mouth.

When he says “it’s within our capability,” he is talking about forced vaccination. He’s at least very strongly hinting at that.

Despite the positive signs, the U.S. also marked a grim milestone this week in the pandemic, surpassing 700,000 deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

This is the most formidable virus,” Fauci said, reflecting on the staggering death toll.

“There are certain elements about this that were just unavoidable, in the sense that there were going to be deaths, there were going to be a lot of infections globally, no matter what anyone did. But there were situations where we could have done better, and we can do better, and I think we’re living through that right now,” Fauci said, again pointing to eligible Americans who have not gotten vaccinated.

“When you say ‘Are some of those deaths avoidable?’ They certainly are. In fact, looking forward now, most of the deaths could be avoidable if we get people vaccinated,” he said.

No one who is not yet vaccinated wants the vaccine.

And yet he is still saying we have to get people vaccinated.

What does it mean then?

We all know what it means.

Shit is about to get really dark.

When the normal flu season that has happened for all of history starts, they are going to start pointing at it and then getting really aggressive.

The vaxed aren’t getting away either. Complying has gotten them nothing. They are still going to have to keep getting more and more vaccines, and they’re still going to be subjected to masks and yet another lockdown.

It’s the eternal lesson with dealing with virus hoaxers: you reach out to take a bite of the carrot-stick, and they start beating you with it.

It’s impossible to predict the precise strategy they will use. But it is impossible not to predict the fact that they are going to use a strategy. They are going to do some kind of lockdown and blame it on the unvaxed. Fauci is literally just telling you this, pretty much straightforwardly.

Will they go full Australia? Will they implement a full vax pass system, and make it illegal to travel or do basically anything without the vax, while allowing the vaxed to sort of do some things, as long as they wear their masks, respect women, and don’t say the n-word?

Will they trigger a total economic collapse? 

Who knows.

What I know is that there are people who read this website who STILL believe there is a coronavirus because they know someone who got the flu. So, of course, when people are getting the legit flu – and the cases are going to be worse than ever, because this virus hoax has made everyone so fat and unhealthy and driven many into alcoholism and drug abuse – they’re going to have yet another blank check with some trumped-up new variant scam.

We’re seeing more and more news about how the vax doesn’t work at all.

They’re saying the vax antibodies only last 7 months. They are publishing all kinds of bizarre and conflicting information about the efficiency of the vax as regards variants and whatever the hell.

They’re also saying you need to start taking pills, along with your boosters.

It’s just a gibberish faucet that cannot be turned off.

Whatever the case, they are planning on really injecting the hell out of people with all kinds of things, and it’s possible that instead of just telling you to keep taking doses of this same vaccine, they’ll release a totally different vaccine sooner rather than later.

Also, we have to note that all of these people seem really nervous and unhinged. Just turn on the TV and look at any of these people – they’re in a manic state. That includes all of the leaders of Europe as well.

So they might just go ahead and totally collapse the economy and put you completely into the CBDC token system where you don’t work and just get paid to live in a tiny apartment and do drugs, watch Netflix, eat bugs, and masturbate.

Or worse.

There’s nothing I can say other than what I always say: get out of the city and get ready for a decade of absolute hell on earth, starting in the next couple of months.

It might not last a decade, but it’s going to last as long as this system lasts, and I don’t think there is a chance it will last longer than a decade.

If you’ve already set yourself up in a rural area, you’ve got your community and your stored food and ammo, you might just end up living a relatively peaceful existence. But your town could also be invaded by the feds and you could end up in a camp.

Whatever you do: do not take this shot.

That’s actually the second thing.

The first, as always: trust Jesus.

We’re going into a kind of hell that you simply will not be able to survive on your own. You have to have Jesus.

If you don’t believe, then you must choose to believe.

Say: “Jesus, I am coming to you, and I am asking You, with the earnestness of a child, to help me to believe.”

I can promise you this: He’s not going to tell you “no.”

He’s literally standing at the door and knocking.

He’s going to be like “Bro, I’ve been standing out here knocking for literally your whole life, and you don’t answer until some gymcel manlet memefag on the internet convinces you the mouth of hell is going to open up and gobble you into it? Anyway, whatever. Crack open a bottle of wine and I’ll start dinner. You’ve wasted enough time and now we’ve got some serious supping to do before these kikes really turn up the heat on their mega-hoax.”

At this point, you literally have nothing to lose (if you think you have something to lose, you’re still stuck in a delusion – Jesus fixes that, also).