The Science is Preparing to Tell the Cattle Omicron Requires an Entirely New Vaccine

Just in: breaking bullshit directly from The Science.

New York Times:

A past coronavirus infection appears to give little immunity to the new omicron variant rippling across the globe, South African scientists warned Thursday, potentially tearing away one layer of defense that humanity has won slowly and at immense cost.

Just a week after its existence was revealed to the world, the heavily mutated variant, which scientists fear could be the most contagious one yet, is already by far the dominant form of the virus in South Africa and spreading fast, according to officials there. Top European disease experts said Thursday that it could be the dominant form in Europe within a few months.

By Thursday, omicron had been detected in 25 countries on six continents, and experts say it will soon be in every populated corner on Earth. That could mean that a world already battered by two years of pandemic and — until recently — harboring hopes for recovery is instead headed for another wave of cases.

Scientists have known since early in the pandemic that the immunity gained from a coronavirus infection is not total, and probably not permanent, and that some people are reinfected. Even so, with a huge number of people already infected and recovered — about 260 million worldwide that have been detected, and in reality far more, experts say — whatever protection they had looked like an important layer in the world’s defenses.

The new variant calls that into question.

Based on the claims of The Science, “prior infection” gives “more immunity” than the vaccine.

Lord Fauci, Holy Scion of The Science, admitted this himself, saying he doesn’t know why people with an alleged prior infection with the alleged virus are required to be vaccinated.

So, let’s put two and two together and find out what the next part of this narrative is.

Can you guess?

Just try to guess.

You don’t have to guess.

You all know.

The next thing you’re going to hear from The Science is that the Omicron, being a SUPER MUTANT, completely bypasses the immunity from the vaccine, meaning we are at square one, and everyone has to be locked down again and wait for a new vaccine.

By pure and total coincidence, this is exactly what I said would happen.

I want to remind everyone that I am not a prophet or a wizard. This was all just obvious and none of you were ever asked to “trust me.” I explained my reasoning, every step of the way.

If these people were on schedule, they would already tell you now that the vaccine does nothing and it’s time to lock down and wait for a new vaccine. But right now, there are still too many unvaccinated, and to outright say “this vaccine doesn’t work at all, but you have to take it anyway” is too much – at least with this percentage of unvaxed.

When more cowards break, they will be able to say that. They will say that although “Omicron has become the dominant variant, other variants are still in circulation, which means you must get the first four shots of Pfizer Alpha before you get the new series of shots of Pfizer Omicron.”

A lot more people are going to crack before January. They’re going to implement a flight ban for unvaxed before Christmas, which will crack a lot of people.

I am hoping that when it comes down to it, we’ve got 10% pureblood, ride or die, “you’re gonna have to kill me” people on our side. That is enough to repopulate and build a new civilization from the ashes.

Hopefully you all understand at this point: staying in the city is no longer an option if you want to keep your blood pure. They are going to ban you from the supermarket.

It’s decision time.

If you’re going to crack and sell your soul to this Beast, you might as well do it now. You all understand the situation. You know that if you take the shot, you’re signing up for a permanent regime of shots, which are going to destroy your health and genetically mutate you, as well as permanently enslave you to a control grid. If you have kids, you know they’re going to be forced as well. You’ll be sterilized. It’s pretty much guaranteed you won’t be able to keep your job, but you will get a government tenement, and UBI tokens. And the Metaverse thing.

If you refuse, then you’re going to be hunted by these people. You are going to have to leave the city, to figure out a new life. You may be able to live normally, or something much worse might happen, and you might end up having to defend yourself.

If you choose the path of the pureblood, of the Christian, you must decide that you will not let them take you alive, and you must understand that you can’t let them take your children alive either.

If you believe in God, then by resisting the Beast, you are doing His will and be rewarded. Submission to the Beast means eternal damnation.

It’s all pretty straightforward.