The Saudi Government Develops Wife-Tracking Managing App for Men, More Than a Million Downloads

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2019

The Saudi Arabian government has developed an app for men to micromanage their wives as if they were characters from The Sims, and it’s beautiful.

Daily Mail:

Apple and Google are being accused of helping to ‘enforce gender apartheid’ in Saudi Arabia by offering an app on their platforms which allows men to track women and stop them leaving the country.

Absher is available on both the Google Play and iTunes store and is an app developed by the Saudi government which allows men to specify when and how women can cross Saudi borders – and will even alert them if they do so.

Absher’s travel ‘featured’ have been identified by activists and refugees as a major factor in the continued difficulty women have leaving Saudi Arabia.

The app allows for guardians to state where women can go, for how long and which airports they’re allowed to go to. 

Alerts are triggered if a woman leaves a certain area. It is one of the main reasons women have difficulty trying to flee Saudi Arabia are often get caught.  

Absher tips off male guardians and the fleeing women can be apprehended whil still withint the while the fleeing women can still be apprehended.

On another page the guardian can see easily which permissions are active and change them if needed.

What’s not to like about this app? It sounds absolutely fantastic.

Women are known to never let go of their phones so you don’t even need to put a microchip inside their bodies nor develop new technologies, you can just piggyback on the computers they carry around with them everywhere they go and use those to control your walking wombs.

It could be expanded further so you could directly monitor everything she does on her phone, everything she sees on her screen, everyone she talks to, and more. Much more.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have expressed concern about the app which have been downloaded from the Google and Apple stores more than one millions times.

Something like this app could be marriage-saving.

If we want to keep women from destroying civilization from within, we have to fully control them. That’s why the Jews hate everything that could give men even a semblance of control over the womb-machines.

Let’s use their own arguments against privacy. The rhetoric they use to shill for their police state stuff. Let’s use that.

Why would women oppose apps like this one?

Do they have something to hide?