The Saga of Gabby Potato: Brian was Dead All Along! Fell Into a Swamp! Wait, What?

The Gabby Potato thing is off the charts, and I’m actually starting to wonder if it really isn’t some kind of staged crisis actor event.

They’ve just announced that Brian has apparently been dead this whole time.

BBC News:

Human remains found in a Florida park on Wednesday are those of Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of murdered blogger Gabby Petito, the FBI says.

The body of Mr Laundrie, who had been missing for over a month, was identified using dental records.

Mr Laundrie, who was a person of interest in Gabby Petito’s death, returned to Florida last month from a joint road trip without his partner.

Her body was later found in Wyoming, where the couple had been travelling.

“On October 21, 2021, a comparison of dental records confirmed that the human remains found at the T Mabry Carlton Jr Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creed Environmental Park are those of Brian Laundrie,” the FBI said in a statement on Thursday.

A lawyer representing Mr Laundrie’s parents released a statement, saying: “Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been informed that the remains found yesterday in the reserve are indeed Brian’s.

They’re saying he *checks notes* they’re saying he fell into a swamp and was eaten by rattlesnakes and alligators.

So he fled the scene of the murder of his girlfriend for Florida, then went to hide in the swamps of Florida, and then somehow died there, and he’s been dead apparently for a while.

No wonder not even Dog the Bounty Hunter could find him.

Speaking of dogs.

Did you guys watch that movie Wag the Dog?

It’s great. It even has Willie Nelson. It’s completely and totally Jewish, but it’s the Jews revealing their own behaviors, so it’s high quality like Seinfeld or Woody Allen films.

It was written by the Jew David Mamet, who is a weird sort of right-wing Jew. Produced, directed and starred by Jews.

Anyway – politicians bring in a Jewish Hollywood figure to stage a fake war to distract from some scandal.

It definitely rings true.

I’ve been involved in alternative media and conspiracy theory stuff for like twenty years. I know about all of it and keep track of it. Some of it I believe and some of it I don’t believe, obviously. But you constantly have to reevaluate. In light of this coronavirus hoax, which is just completely off the charts in terms of outrageous absurdity, I think anything is on the table. I wouldn’t even blame someone for going all in with Stew Peters (although as I’ve said, I advise against going all in with Stew Peters – at least for now).

What I’m getting at here – the crisis actor stuff.

This was super big about ten years ago. Everything in conspiracy circles was about crisis actors. Obviously, the one everyone knows about is Sandy Hook, which Alex Jones endorsed. I guess it’s against the law now to say “Sandy Hoax.” At the time, I thought it was funny. I went back and forth on the plausibility of it. Ultimately, the final call was “you can’t really know either way, but it’s funny.” (Nb4 “if the children really died it isn’t funny” – actually, it kind of is still funny. They were trying to rally the entire nation around gun control, and large numbers of people just started saying the kids never existed and the parents were all actors.)

The number one video that supposedly proved it was a hoax was one of the parents, Robbie Parker, laughing and then starting to cry when he was told the cameras were on.

Of course, if your kid is murdered, you’re probably going to have a lot of weird emotional stuff going on. So I don’t really think that video is proof of anything. The better proof is that there is only one picture of the retard who supposedly did the shooting.

But then – wouldn’t someone recognize these people, if they were all actors? I mean, remember – this was before internet censorship.

Along comes Coldsteel Cruz and that horrible little faggot David Hogg of the Parkland school shooting.

This made a whole lot more sense as a “staged” event, in that the shooting would have been real – but the FBI knew it was going to happen, because Cruz was a whackjob – and could have been subjected to MK Ultra mind control when he was being treated for his mental health issues. He’d spent time in inpatient psyche clinics, which is where the original declassified MK Ultra tests – which they admit happened – took place.

You have documented admissions that the FBI was repeatedly contacted and told “this insane boy has a gun and he’s going to shoot up the school” – and they did nothing. Even sickening Snopes admits this.

The Sheriff’s Department was also warned, and the Sheriff’s Department was in contact with the FBI about this crazy guy with a gun planning to shoot up the school. Then when the shooting was happening, a Sheriff’s deputy refused to enter the building.

Here’s a Daily Caller article covering that (from back when Tucker was still editor).

Meanwhile, David Hogg was allegedly in a closet recording a video about gun control – while the shooting was going on!

He was interviewing a girl who said she changed her views and now supports gun control – now that she’s in a closet while a mass shooting is happening!

(If that doesn’t load, here’s another version.)

I mean, does that seem real to you?

That clip cuts short, but at the end he tells the girl to “remember, the most important thing is diversity” (or something along those lines).

UPDATE: Here’s the “we need diversity” bit.

Look at this video of Hogg trying to remember a script for an interview after the shooting.

He’s clearly trying to remember a memorized script.

Later, he said that he wasn’t even at the school when the shooting began (contradicting everything he’d said before that), and said that he entered the school after the shooting began in order to record interviews.


  • A shooting begins at Parkland, where David Hogg is a student
  • David Hogg is not at school that day (for whatever reason?), but hears about the shooting on TV, so rides his bike to the school to interview people during the shooting
  • He walks past the Sheriff’s deputy, who is hanging out outside the school, and enters into the school during the shooting
  • He ducks in a closet and starts interviewing a female student who is hiding in that closet about the need for gun control

That is, apparently, the official story of this event?

No, actually.

This is the official story, from Wikipedia:

On February 14, 2018, Hogg was a senior at Stoneman Douglas and on campus when a 19-year-old former student of the school entered Building 12 and started shooting with a semi-automatic rifle that coincided with the activation of the fire alarm. Hogg, who was in his AP environmental science class, told the teacher that the repeated “pop” sounds the class heard sounded like gunshots. Hogg and other students made an attempt to exit the building, but a janitor instructed the students to go back into the classroom. Hogg credits the janitor for saving them, as the group of students were inadvertently heading towards the shooter. A culinary arts teacher pulled Hogg and others inside her classroom and they hid in a closet.

Hogg checked social media and discovered that the shooting was occurring at his high school. He used his cell phone to record the scene in real time, to interview the other students hiding in the closet, and to leave a record in the event that they did not survive the shooting.

Okay, so maybe he slipped up and said “I rode my bike to school with the intent to record interviews.” He clearly memorizes his lines for interviews for some reason, so maybe he just had another script glitch.

But does that interview seem like the kind of thing that would happen in the middle of a shooting?

Why does the media delete every copy of that closet interview?

Meanwhile, Hogg’s father was an FBI agent. There was also a claim that he worked for a company called “Cubic” that was an intelligence contractor specializing in psychological warfare. But I’m not sure that was ever confirmed, and trying to look it up, I’m hitting a lot of this:

I can’t find the Kevin Hogg stuff on alt video sites.

Furthermore, Hogg had been on TV before. I can only find this clip with someone talking over it. Because this clip has been continually deleted as “false info” even though it’s just a local news report.

Start at 1:27:

I mean, it’s weird, no? That he lived in California and was popping up on local news, doing nonsense, months before being the lead figure in an astroturf political movement?

What that California video would be – I think – is his handler (presumably his father) saying “we need to get you to do a trial run of acting on the news.”

But just the fact that he was living in California months before the shooting is suspicious. He would have transferred to the school AFTER the FBI had been refusing all of these requests to stop Cruz from shooting up the school.

The Hoggs appeared together in a bizarre interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper is literally a CIA agent.

Point being – the Parkland situation made me rethink the Sandy Hook situation. I still don’t think there is hard evidence for Sandy Hook being a total hoax. But it makes sense!

Parkland was effectively a hoax, but it was a real shooting. It was just set up by the cops, and this Hogg person was placed in the school to be a media figure following the event.

And a media figure he became!

I think that to this day, David Hogg is the single biggest forced meme in all of history. No one liked this whiny little faggot, and yet he was made the media darling.

It was actually working against the media narrative, as the more people saw of this David Hogg demanding they surrender their guns, the more angry they became.

In fact, “David Hogg is a crisis actor” was alongside Pizzagate as a kind of proto-QAnon thing. Boomers got really into this.

As a matter of actual fact, Greta Thunberg is the same kind of figure as David Hogg.

According to the official Wikipedia entry, Greta was told by her parents about global warming at the age of 8, and she then developed chronic mental problems. Remember, she is mentally retarded. Because of her fear of the weather changing, she became anorexic and stopped talking.

It’s unclear if she’s anorexic now or just has nutritional disorders from veganism.

Either way, she is definitely still mentally retarded.

What the Wikipedia page doesn’t say much about is her family background. Her grandfather is a famous Swedish actor, Olof Thunberg. He just died last year at the age of 94.

Both of her parents are involved in drama.

Her mother, Malena Ernman, is a famous singer who represented Sweden at the 2009 Eurovision in Moscow, where she wore a $40,000 dress.

Her father is a stage actor.

Like Hogg, Greta was groomed for a role as a public figure pushing a globalist liberal agenda. Her parents exploited the fact that she is retarded to make her into a kind of performance art piece. They emotionally and psychologically abused her by telling her the world would end, and then they pushed her onto the public stage to perform.

Unlike Hogg’s father being an FBI agent who mysteriously moved his son to a school where the FBI knew a shooting was about to occur, Greta Thunberg’s origin story is not secret. But the media is not exactly forthcoming with the details of the story either. She is presented as a random girl who became outraged when she learned about the science, and the fact that greedy old white men are destroying the planet because of money.

But she is a character inserted into the public conversation under false pretenses in order to emotionally manipulate the public at large. This appears to be the norm, as these things go – most of the allegedly organic events that push for liberalism are some kind of hoax.

With both Hogg and Greta, they use this weird sort of New Age/Rousseauian idea about the purity of youth containing some kind of inherent wisdom (i.e., people get dumber as they gain life experiences). They also say you can’t criticize any political agenda presented by a teenager, or you are “attacking children.”

You can also look at Antifa – these people are supposedly “Anarcho Communists” who want to “abolish the state,” and yet they are out demanding that the government lock people down harder and do more to force people to take vaccines.

How deep does this hoax stuff go?

Probably pretty deep, I’d wager.

Think Different

I don’t really want Hoax Watch to be a conspiracy website. I’ve always been all about the facts, and primarily focused on the Jewish Problem from an ever increasingly Christian perspective.

Of course, whatever topic I talk about is ultimately going to fall under the umbrella of “The Jewish Problem.” I used to mostly talk about race and immigration and so on, as well as focusing on the pervert sex agenda and atheistic nihilism infecting society. Now I talk more about the coronavirus hoax and the deadly vax. All of these are simply tentacles of “The Jewish Problem.”

But the coronavirus hoax is, above all else, a Jewish conspiracy. It is a sub-conspiracy of the Jewish plot for global totalitarian government.

So how many other Jewish conspiracies are going to be tied to this mega-ultra Jewish conspiracy?

Probably a lot.

So the idea that Gabby Potato is some kind of staged Hollywood event is not really outrageous, I don’t think. There is no one to prevent this from happening.

However – I have no idea if it is a crisis actor hoax. But the idea that this boyfriend just totally disappeared, and now they’re saying he’s maybe dead too – it’s all just really wild.

The goal for this essay that just materialized from my brain while I was sitting here on a Friday morning feeling particularly drained with not much on my mind but needing some long piece to post so I could fill the rest of the page with filler was this: to inform you that you need to start thinking like this.

Instead of saying “oh of course the Gabby Potato story is true, they can’t just make stuff like that up!” you should say “I have no idea if that is true or not, they just as easily could have made it up.”

Don’t start believing everything is made up. Just be critical of absolutely everything. I regret to inform you that this is just how you’re going to have to be thinking right now.

It is totally not outrageous to think:

  • The government/media were struggling with the fact that so many people are dying from the vax and even hardcore vax fanatics are losing their enthusiasm
  • They decided that working and middle class white women were a group that was spreading a lot of gossip about the vaccine
  • They called someone from Hollywood up and said they needed a staged sex and murder drama event that would last weeks and take up a lot of space in the brains of working and middle class white women

We don’t have any evidence that happened, but we literally have no evidence that the story they are putting on TV is real. It could just as easily all be fake.

That’s how you have to think now.

For the record, I think the Gabby story is real. Probably. But I also think it’s possible that when the boyfriend disappeared and crossed state lines, putting it in the jurisdiction of the FBI, someone called up the FBI and said “take your time finding this guy, huh?”

Also, I wouldn’t really be surprised if someone from the government or a private contracting company kidnapped him and threw him in a swamp.


  • He killed his girlfriend, or left her by the side of the road and she was killed by someone else
  • He took off on the run
  • Then the government/media started manipulating the situation, somehow

At the very least, a totally not very important story has been pushed to the top of the news cycle for weeks while America is experiencing the worst crisis in all of human history.

But with this “dead in a Florida swamp” thing, this story could now go on for a whole lot longer, as the media examines how he ended up dead in a swamp 2,000 miles away from where he killed his girlfriend.

All things being equal, the people would be more interested in the situation in Australia than in this stupid sex-murder drama.

Editor’s Note: This is one of those articles that could have been a lot better if I’d had an extra hour to edit it. I feel like it’s not really complete, and it could have been really good. But I’ve got to pump out another 9 articles today. So I can’t even proofread it. Such are the tried-and-true methods of Hoax Watching. Maybe, someday, I can pick the best long essays and go back and edit them for a book. Actually, someone else would have to pick the best essays.