The Rise of the ‘White-lash’

Morgoth’s Review
November 12, 2016



If Brexit was an uppercut to the system then Trump’s victory was a roundhouse to its jaw and all the liberal classes can look forward to now is having The Donald kick their teeth out and humiliate them from the highest office on earth, they know it, we know it, Donald Trump knows it. Most satisfying of all is that they know we weren’t tricked, it isn’t that we’re just misguided and too thick to understand, no, we do understand and we want to see them hurt, to see them in pain. For example:

 ”Our tailored social media feeds not only hid from us the confused, angry people we needed to try and reason with, but it gave us a warped view of their motives. And this is where it gets particularly scary: Trump voters are fully aware he is sexist and xenophobic, they just don’t care”.

So wrote Christopher Hooton in the Left Wing ‘broadsheet press’ outlet, The Independent. Hooton belongs to the most tragic demographic on earth, the ‘White Liberal Male’ and his tragedy is compounded by the fact that Hooton is gullible enough to think the modern left, and the liberal project in general, are all about ‘fair play’ and, well, being an open minded liberal who takes on-board all opinions and world views.

For Hooton the problem is a failure of the liberal classes to listen, it’s the mad, naive notion that the system to which he belongs and makes his living, isn’t obsessively and blatantly hostile toward white people. Like a good white man from another age his article is trying to find a middle ground which no longer exists, he’s saying ”Whoa! this thing got crazy, everybody take a step back and a deep breath!”

Hooton continues….

If they (populists) only care about lying directly to the voter, be it through Facebook Lives or alt-right puppet blogs that look as legit through the window of social media as the broadsheet press?

On this front, vast swathes of the media were effectively neutralised; but much of the snark and hyperbole directed at Trump supporters could have been avoided.

Again, we see that good-guy Hooton is on the fence, however, as somebody who actually runs an ”Alt-Right puppet blog” I can say that ‘we’ neutralised the MSM by making the MSM itself the subject of scrutiny and ridicule. We make ourselves ‘legit’ by exposing the lies and moral cancer of the ‘lugenpresse’ which is now seen as ethically illegitimate. And I’m going to do it again now….

This week a new term has entered the English language, the liberal not-so-elite-anymore are blaming Trump and Brexit on a ”Whitelash”. It’s clever, it conjures up images of angry white people”lashing out” and of course wielding a whip over some poor black, or Guardian journalist. The Whitelash is the rejection by white people of Globalism, liberalism, Political Correctness and multiculturalism currently laying waste to the Western world. As Polly Toynbee put it: ”Brexit and Trump mark a whitelash. Politicians must not pander to it”:

The US election result will infect Britain’s political psyche, especially on those totemic ‘them and us’ issues – race, migration, poverty and benefits

And so Toynbee’s solution to whites reacting to being ignored and sidelined, marginalized and ethnically cleansed is to ignore, sideline, marginalize and dispossess them in their own lands without their consent. The reaction itself can be given a sinister sounding noun and conveniently placed in a box where it can be ignored. In other words, carry on as usual, continue as if Hillary won the presidency, simply pretend that non of this happening!.

Meanwhile Jewish feminist Hadley Freeman writes: ”I’ve heard enough of the white male rage narrative”. Freeman moans that she’s sick and tired of hearing about the dumb working class whites who wafted the God Emperor into office. She argues that working class whites are allowed an unending flow of sympathy by the media and political elites while blacks are simply to told to ‘buck-up’ and stop being lazy. Did you catch any of the articles calling blacks lazy bums? No, me neither. In reality working class whites are told to check their privilege while blacks are told that they’re victims of institutional racism,

Amazingly Hadley Freeman is not the only Jewish feminist writing for the Guardian, Gloria Steinem also deploys the term ‘White-lash’ and adds:

Add those white Americans who are about to become a minority for the first time, and are opposed to everything from birth control (because it lowers the white birthrate disproportionately) to immigration (because it doesn’t have racial and religious restrictions). Of course, this is guilt talking: they fear being treated as they have treated others.

That’s an interesting admission, in the mind of the liberal, especially the Jewish liberal, the history of white people is one of roaming the world raping, enslaving and pillaging other races. Now, lets just leave aside the group libel here… aren’t we all just ‘race-less individuals’?. The point here is that we do not know what the fate of whites would be as a minority, Steinem does not offer an argument that whites would not be raped, enslaved and persecuted, indeed, she seem entirely indifferent to the idea and she’s obviously opposed to whites doing anything to prevent such an outcome.

The problem liberals such as Christopher Hooton have is that when they’re asking for calm, when they’re asking ”What went wrong? why didn’t we listen?” all he has to do is pay attention to what the liberal classes in their bubbles are actually saying, all they have to offer whites is dispossession, humiliation, persecution and death. They have no answer to the ‘Whitelash’ because their world view is founded upon the moral necessity of destroying white people’s ability to chart their own course, their own destiny. Christopher Hooton asks ”Why are Alt-Right blogs seen as legit as the MSM?”.

And my answer, Chris, is that we see you for what you are and reflect it back to you, using, as in this article, your own words, your own ideas. The emerging narrative is one where, when whites see somebody accused of racism, they assume he’s on their side and worthy of support.

Because for a white person to take seriously the opinions of the liberal media is akin to them injecting themselves with AIDS.