The Rise of Sologamy

Daily Stormer
May 22, 2017

This is an actual thing that people actually do

Mostly women do this. And you know why they do it? Because they don’t have WHITE SHARIA!

Also, because they saw it on Sex & The City.

The Telegraph:

When 38-year-old Sophie Tanner celebrated her second wedding anniversary on Tuesday, there were none of the usual trappings – no flowers or romantic meal for two; no hastily purchased card sealed with a kiss.

It’s not that her other half is remiss, but that on 16 May 2015, when the PR consultant took her vows on the steps of Brighton’s Unitarian Church, the person she swore to cherish for eternity was, well, herself.

“I literally had the idea when I was lying in bed recovering from flu and a bad relationship,” she remembers. “Everyone celebrates getting together with someone and becoming married, but there’s no milestone in society that celebrates escaping something awful or returning to your own happiness and contentment.”


What does that even mean?

Initially, Tanner’s idea was to write a book in which a woman married herself, rather than pursue such a path herself. But after two years writing and researching sologamy – people who commit to themselves – for her novel, Happily, she was sold.

“By the end of that journey I was such an advocate for it as a concept that I thought I’d better do it myself,” she says. “It felt like an obvious step, and all of my friends and family had become really into it, so by the time I said I wanted my own wedding, they were on board.”

So not only is she retarded, but so are all her friends and family. I’m almost starting to feel bad for her.

The nuptials were both holy and wholly unique; the vows Tanner wrote were all adapted from their Biblical origins, she wore a £60 vintage white dress and her father Malcolm, a 69-year-old painter and decorator, gave her away – to herself.

This is a picture of her and her father on her “wedding” day. He looks confused.

The nuptials were both holy and wholly unique; the vows Tanner wrote were all adapted from their Biblical origins, she wore a £60 vintage white dress and her father Malcolm, a 69-year-old painter and decorator, gave her away – to herself.

Afterwards, the 50-strong wedding party danced through the streets of Brighton and down to the beach to the sounds of Kendrick Lamar’s I Love Myself playing from a boom box.

What the fuck is that second thing from the left???

“Initially, I thought of the wedding as a light-hearted thing, and held it during the Brighton Fringe so passersby could be a part of it”, she explains. “But I got really nervous the day before: it felt like a really important thing to be doing, especially as it was one of the first [sologamous marriages] many people had seen. A few people told me it was the best wedding they’d ever been to. The atmosphere was amazing and it felt really powerful.”

There was nothing “amazing” and “powerful” to what you did. You’re a sterile cum bucket who’s making fun of one of the most basic societal institutions, to which you were unable to adapt to.

If you really wanna do something good with your life, I suggest hanging yourself and leaving behind a note that says “don’t end up like me!”

Though solo ceremonies such as Tanner’s are unlikely to ever unseat the traditional union for two, they do seem to be on the rise; part of a much bigger social trend for women rejecting the traditional timeline of their mothers and grandmothers, and forging an independent path, worlds away from the ‘spinster’ stereotype.

The notion of marrying oneself entered popular consciousness in a 2003 episode of Sex and the City in which Carrie Bradshaw, its protagonist, announced she was fed up with forking out to celebrate friends’ life choices, but never her own.

The electric Jew is a never ending source of inspiration, isn’t it?

That show and “Friends” were the two most damaging of all. The sort of final blows to Western civilization, triggering the Western woman to emerge in her final, monstrous form.

Unsurprisingly, a number of businesses have spotted opportunities in the popularity of weddings-for-one. Gill launched Marry Yourself Vancouver, a wedding planning and consultation service, last year; in Japan, where one in seven women are unmarried, Cerca Travel offers a two-day package that provides a dress fitting, make-up and hair styling and a photo shoot for upwards of £2,500.

Are these companies helping to de-stigmatise lone declarations of love or, as one website posited in response to Anderson’s big day, “just looking to make bucks [off] a few sad feminists”?

“This is not a substitute for a partner, on the contrary it is [about being] a stronger member of society [and] more grounded as a person,” says California-based jeweller Jeffrey Levin, who created a self-marriage kit service, I Married Me, despite being conventionally married  to his wife, Bonnie. 

The pair have sold “hundreds” of packages, which can include white gold wedding rings, vows and ceremony instructions for around £200, in a bid to “allow individuals to be have a physical, tangible way of self-reinforcement and positivity.”

Typical kike – destroying society isn’t enough unless you make a couple of shekels out of it too.

Perhaps sologamy is simply the inevitable next step for millenials, who have already traded the traditional ‘grown-up’ signifiers of home ownership and settling down for travelling around the world, itinerant careers and moving from one rented flat to the next. In these very modern marriages – as in so much else – the only constant appears to be themselves.

I sometimes wonder how many of these people in the (((media))) actually believe their gibberish.

Are they under the impression that people don’t buy homes because they don’t want to? When, in reality, it’s just that they can’t afford it.

As for the only constant being themselves – what else is left?

You took away their God, their national pride, their dignity, their work ethic, their sense of responsibility, even their capacity to think for themselves. What else are most of them gonna be other than the slobbering idiots they’ve been turned into?

This gook seems really normal all of a sudden.