The Rise of Right-Wing Homos

Daily Stormer
July 23, 2016


Jack “I basically fuck men like they are women” Donovan

There’s a traditional notion that faggots are always going to support left-wing type governments and movements. But that’s a misconception. Homos will instead always support whatever policies will allow them to indulge freely in their degeneracy.


Caitlyn Jenner’s got the mettle to handle the heat from both left and right as she continues her journey of gender identify transition, and her journey reminds us of the messy, convoluted history progressives have with LGBT rights.

Here at an off-site, unaffiliated event near the Republican National Convention, Jenner spoke toa rapt audience of Republican and conservative LGBT activists and allies (full disclosure: the event, called Big Tent Brunch, was organized by my friend, Margaret Hoover, a GOP activist and president of the American Unity Fund supporting gay rights). She spoke of her deep religious faith along with her conservative politics—joking that it was more difficult to come out as GOP than transgender.


Caitlyn’s a strong conservative woman and traditional housewife.

She called for a limited government and strict constitutional interpretation. Offstage, Jenner’s been a vocal advocate for welfare reform—which we know lifted millions of people out of poverty after it was achieved under Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress — despite snubs from fellow trans people for her beliefs.

The essential point to understand is that homosexuals don’t base their opinions or behavior on absolute standards, because if they did they’d stop their faggotry and found a family instead. No, homos base everything on self interest.


Homos push society to devote all medical resources towards curing GRIDS instead of cancer or heart disease.

Because they have no children and live a hedonistic lifestyle, they have no stake in the future of the nation. But they feel a strong bond and shared identity with other homosexuals.

This is why faggots will tend to behave like Jews. They’ll infiltrate groups and behave nepotistically in order to get other homos in positions of leadership and influence within the organization. Then they’ll influence the policies in order to get their way.


Homos and Jews: bad news!

What’s happening right now is that the left-wing homos have basically succeeded in making their perversions the official policy of the state in every western country. When the slimy politicians talk about “Western values,” they’re talking about butt sex and bug-chasing parties.

In 2016, the real threat to “homo rights” isn’t conservative Christians, who’ve mostly been bullied into accepting them, but the foreign hordes pouring in to Europe and America. The Moslems, Blacks and Mestizos are not quite as tolerant of homo filth as Whites are now conditioned to be.

As such, it seems more and more gays are moving towards the “right-wing.” In fact, many seem to be gravitating towards the “alt-right” itself.

Death and Taxes Magazine:

This was but a preview of the horrors that awaited at an LGBT Republican party called “WAKE UP,” which boasted celebrity guests such as Ann Coulter (who never showed, that bitch) and Milo Yiannopoulos and promised to be “the most fab party at the RNC,” not that the bar was set too high. I arrived to find basic-looking gays milling about to top 40 pop music in a brightly lit room, a scene easily surpassed by the deadest night at any gay bar in America.


This is the future of the right, if we let it happen.

The theme of the speeches was “Islamophobia.” For their slam dunk proof that Islam is the primary threat to LGBT rights, they used the Orlando shooting of LGBT partygoers by a man raised in America by a shitty dad on a steady diet of American masculinity. The first speaker, Dutch politician Geert Wilder, talked in unusually open terms about how Europe is being overrun by Muslims and Islam is not “worth the same as Judaism and Christianity.” He insisted political correctness was keeping European countries from closing their borders to immigrants from Muslim countries, a trend he would fight to reverse: “I don’t want no more mosques in the Netherlands, and I am proud to say it.”


Geert wants Moslems out, so gays can do their butt sex safely.

Despite telling myself I was not going to get into it with these people, I engaged anyway against my better judgment. Mistaking their eroding privilege for a grave crime against “biology,” none of them moved an inch. Alt-right star Richard Spencer delivered his pseudoscientific theories of race with an unblinking, reptilian coolness.

Again, of special note here is how these homos invited Richard Spencer, who coined the term “alt-right” in the first place, to their little party.

But of course, these gays aren’t really Nazis. They’re still the same degenerates, with the same libertine attitudes towards morality and the future of our people. It’s just that they hate (and fear) Blacks, Moslems and other foreigners.


Don’t be fooled by undercover gays posing as Nazis.

The gays, who are ostensibly a part of the “alt-right,” are not really on our side. Their agenda is to transform the alt-right to suit them, just like they transformed the left. Communism used to be about nationalizing the means of productions or something – but it somehow became about tranny rights and sodomy. In the same way, these gays are trying to redefine the alt-right to be friendly to their degeneracy.

Well, tough luck, fags. The alt-right is just a euphemism for Nazism. And Nazism is based on the eternal laws of nature itself. It’s incorruptible.


Nazi vacation camp for gays.

We don’t need to attack these “Nazi homos” (lol). They can serve their purpose in the grand scheme of things. But never forget that these people are not our allies. Never allow them to redefine or even influence our positions on anything. Never forget that they have an agenda which ultimately is hostile to the survival and health of our civilization.