The Rise of Regina Ham

RT has a sports anchor named Regina Ham who must weigh 300 pounds.

Why would they have this?

RT does some good stuff, particularly on the website, but they also make some really bad decisions.

Putting fat people on your shows is a bad decision.

It’s also a bad decision to report all of this weird news from Russia, like about cannibals and stuff, that otherwise wouldn’t ever get translated into English. The “Russia” section on the website used to be nothing but weird horror stories from Siberia that made Russians look like savages.

I think there is a lot of counterintelligence going into trying to screw over RT. Surely, their entire staff is filled with spies. As it’s the only outlet that Russia has to forward a narrative that isn’t against their country, they really should be aware of what’s going on with it.

The television station is very popular in Europe, because people get bored with the BBC and CNN International, which are both really tone deaf. It’s a powerful thing that Russia has built and they should really try harder to protect it.

I don’t think it really helps that the entire staff is Armenian. I don’t have anything against Armenians, but spies are more likely to come in that way. Moreover, Russians are more paranoid, so they’d be more vigilant in keeping out spies.

Surely, a spy had to have hired Regina Ham.

Russia is in a position now where they can regain some or most of the international influence they lost with the end of the cold war. They need to take this seriously, because they’re the only Europeans left.