The Rise of Nazi Money

Daily Stormer
July 8, 2016


We must have money outside the control of Jews.

I’ve recently released an article, called “Our money is Jewed,” describing the extent of the corruption in our financial and monetary system. At the end, I mentioned that beyond the general problem of cleaning up this mess later to allow our nations to thrive, we have an immediate problem.

Basically, as the Alt-Right is gaining prominence and Nazis are earning victories left and right, Jews fight back by shutting us down wherever they can. And that means shutting us out of the monetary system.


Nazis like weev, above, can’t even cash a check or open a bank account. If they relied on the Jew money system, they’d be dead.

The power of Jews is the power of money. And money is the first weapon they use to attack us. They’ll try to get us fired. They’ll engage in frivolous lawsuits which will ruin us even if we win. They’ll shut us down from payment processors. They’ll shut down crowdfunding campaigns and internet shops.

Some in the Alt-right are still slipping through. But the noose is tightening. As long as we rely on their systems to accomplish our objectives, it’s only a matter of time before they realize it and hamstring our efforts.


The goyim are organizing. Yeah, go for their shekels.

We’re presently reaching the point where Alt-Right websites and movements like The Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff are an important threat and concern for the Jewish power structure. As such, further growth from here on out can’t be done by relying on the enemy’s systems.

If we all were in the same area (or even in the same country), we could just use cash – at least, while it still exists. But unfortunately, on the internet, this is horribly inconvenient. Simple barter is similarly unfeasible. And besides, if you get fired for being a Nazi, you won’t even be able to get system money in the first place.

hello racist

Efforts like “Hello, RACIST!” (and countless others) are trying to get Nazis fired from their jobs whenever possible.

We need money that can be transferred over the internet freely and anonymously, that can’t be shut down from a (((centralized authority))) and that you can acquire without necessarily working for a corporate job.

Enter Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which is not administered from any central government or corporation. Even if it was made illegal everywhere in the world, it couldn’t be shut down, anymore than torrenting movies can be shut down.

bitcoin-infographic_5029189c9cbafThis is basically how it works. Click to zoom in.

Why is Bitcoin good for Nazis? Because transactions can’t be traced, provided you take minimal precautions. In other words, you can send or receive money in total anonymity, and no third party can reverse the transaction, or dox either person.

The very limited amount of Bitcoin in existence (there will never be more than 21 million BTC around) means that Jews can’t use inflation to reduce the value and rob us.

And even someone totally shut out of the system, with no bank account, no credit card and no corporate job, can easily work for and trade Bitcoin.


Wow, the merchants are getting BTFO.

Bitcoin is gaining wider and wider adoption, making it feasible to do more and more things without even converting Bitcoin back into system money. This is very good for Nazis, and the Alt-Right.

We have a vested interest in ensuring that Bitcoin succeeds and becomes as widespread as possible – as this hits Jews where it hurts, which is to say that it weakens their stranglehold over our money and finance.

bitcoin nazi

Each bitcoin transaction is like a miniature Shoah.

Every Nazi should familiarize himself with Bitcoin and move as much of his business as is feasible for his situation to this protocol. If you have a business, you should start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method and advertise it loudly – maybe even give incentives for people to pay using it!

At least, you should get a Bitcoin wallet and hold a little bit of money as Bitcoin. The value is currently unstable, but the overall trend over time is definitely towards a rise, and you should profit from it. All the while, conventional currencies are constantly losing value due to inflation.

This both protects you against Jewish scheming (ie. freezing your bank account, crashing currency values, government seizures, etc) and empowers you to strike back at the system (invest in nationalist causes anonymously, hide assets from the system, etc).

Here’s a primer on how to get started: