The Return of Traditional Americanism: Gun Ownership Up For First Time In Four Decades

Daily Stormer
January 10, 2014

The traditional American family.

The Washington Examiner recently reported that the number of American homes owning guns has increased for the first time in four decades.

Since the 1970s the percentage of American homes owning guns steadily decreased from 50% to a low of 34% in 2012. However, following the bungling Jewish attempt to put severe restrictions on gun ownership following the Sandy Hook incident, this number has shot back up to 39%.

An American woman exercising her 2cd Amendment rights.
An American woman exercising her Second Amendment rights.

Gun ownership is one of the defining features of Americanism, and its resurgence is one of the many signs that more and more Americans are beginning to understand that something is seriously wrong with the current system. Although we do not expect the type of civilizational breakdown envisioned by the prepper movement, the fact that Americans are losing their faith in the government and its ability to protect them is a very positive development.

America was built by Aryan pioneers who engaged in a generations-long struggle against savage natives and an unforgiving wilderness. These pioneers were often separated from military outposts, and were forced to defend themselves against attack. This experience led Americans to develop a sense of independence and self-sufficiency that persists to this day.

Widespread gun ownership was essential in our struggle against the savage natives.
Widespread gun ownership was essential to our struggle against the savage natives.

As our revolt against the Jewish New World Order grows, the descendants of these pioneers will begin to realize that we are able to live free without the help of the bloated federal government or the “global community”. A determined band of Aryans living in accordance with traditional values can overcome any challenge and does not require help from anyone.

The Jews are trying to destroy us by importing third world savages into our country and by creating an increasingly tyrannical government, but they will not succeed. We have overcome both savagery and tyranny before, and we can do it again.