The Real ‘War on Women’: UK Gov’t to Pay Mothers to Return to Workplace

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2013


Woman's natural function.
Woman’s natural function.


From the Daily Mail:

George Osborne [Chancellor of the Exchequer] will today unveil a scheme to hand up to £1,200 of taxpayer-funded childcare per child to families where both parents have a job, in a bid to encourage women back into the workplace.

Under the plans, the scheme will be available to double-income households where neither parent earns more than £150,000 – meaning families with incomes of up to £300,000 could still benefit.

This is in sharp contrast to the cuts to child benefit, which have hit the incomes of families where just one parent earns more than £50,000.

Traditional womanhood has long been attacked by feminism and other cultural poisons, now our governments are directly bribing our women to be bad mothers.  This combined attack is leading to increasingly bizarre and unhealthy attitudes among women, as is seen in the article I am not a good mother, nor do I aspire to be by Bronwen Clune:

It’s a tough gig being a woman. For starters, you’re judged around whether you’re a mother or not. If you are a mother, you’re then judged around being a good one or not. I can’t do anything about being a woman and I’m four children too late to regret being a mother, but try and stop me rebelling against being a “good” one.

Now before you get your knickers in a knot, of course I love my children – and I do a decent job of caring for them. But I am over the cultural guilt we use around “mothering” to control mothers into “behaving” by curtailing our individuality.

It strikes me as no coincidence that the cultures in which mothers are most revered are the same ones in which women are most oppressed. Religion also plays a critical role here; I was raised as a Roman Catholic and Mary – mythically virginal or historically not – has a lot to answer for.

Clune accurately notes that mothering is most revered in cultures in which there are defined gender roles, but interprets this to mean that these women are necessarily “oppressed”.  Mothering is a unique, natural function and  it is possible to do it well or poorly (be a good or bad mother).  Having clearly defined gender roles  simply means understanding what the natural standards of masculinity and femininity are.

Clune specifically complains that good mothers are expected to be able to feed their children healthy food, keep them clean, dress them in decent clothing, and help them with their studies:

Good mothers must be extraordinary in the ordinary; they must cut a mean square gourmet lunch with food pyramid considerations, make sure to have on hand a month’s supply of Weet-Bix for breakfast and a year’s supply of toilet paper, find matching socks under duress, bake perfect school raffle cakes at a moment’s notice, and know their seven-times tables – by heart.

This is hardly the stuff of hardcore Biblical Patriarchy.  It is obvious that being able to do these things is beneficial to children, and therefore the mark of a good mother, and yet recognizing excellence in mothering is perceived as oppression.

Perhaps the saddest part of Clune’s rant is when she objects to the expectation that good mothers embrace chaste and sober living:

Good mothers know how to behave. They don’t get drunk at school discos, don’t swim naked in lagoons, know the words to anything released in the noughties, or unsubscribe to the school newsletter.

This betrays the great selfishness of the modern era , as well as the mistaken belief that the personal lives of parents are irrelevant to the moral wellbeing of children.  Clune believes that she can do a “decent job” caring for her children while still behaving like a carefree college student.   Our people have swallowed whole the lie that “you can have it all” without making any sacrifices.

Unfortunately this disturbing rant likely indicates the direction our culture is headed.  Biological reality dictates that women will continue to become mothers, but they will fall further and further away from the maternal ideal, with ample help from our wicked rulers.

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