The RamZPaul Attack on The Daily Stormer is Pretty Disappointing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2015

A couple days ago, RamZPaul made a video about the Joshua Goldberg incident, in which he was rather blatantly implying that the Daily Stormer is both a “Neo-Nazi” website and part of a Jewish conspiracy.

As always, I am disappointed when people who are ostensibly working for White interests decide to attack others who are doing the same. I have never understood the point in this, though if I had to speculate, I’d say it has absolutely nothing to do with genuine concern.

none of my business kermit

In the video, which was purposefully vague on a number of points where explicitness should have been a given (he of course uses humor to avoid being explicit), the apparent message being communicated was something close to the diametric opposite of the truth of my involvement with Goldberg, and Goldberg’s role on the internet in general.

Firstly, I would like to address Ram’s use of the term “Neo-Nazi,” which I believe is nothing more than a meaningless Jewish slur, at least in the year 2015. I do not consider myself a “Neo-Nazi” or a “White Supremacist,” as I do not believe these terms have any real meaning.

“Neo-Nazi,” You Say?

Along with Ram, the Jewish media constantly refers to me as a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.” It is simply childish name-calling, but in fairness, loosely based on two things.

1.) I believe that Adolf Hitler was right about just about everything, I certainly do not believe he was evil and I believe that world would be a much better place if Hitler had won the war.

I believe that National Socialism represented the natural evolution of traditional Europeanism in the scientific age, and I believe that the core principles of National Socialism should be considered very seriously as we attempt to formulate a plan to build functional White societies in Europe and diaspora nations.

I also do not believe that the Holocaust happened. I believe it was atrocity propaganda originally used to justify the allied war of aggression against Germany, then used to establish the Jewish state of Israel inside of Palestine, then used to forever justify any actions by Jews as individuals or as a group and to silence all criticism of Jews as individuals or as a group.

Along with believing this, I also refuse to pretend to not believe this. That does not mean that I have to talk about it constantly – and it is indeed possible that I talk about it too much – but I will not, for the purposes of attempting to avoid being demonized by the Jewish media, pretend that I believe Adolf Hitler was anything less than one of the greatest figures in the history of European civilization, nor will I pretend to believe that the Holocaust actually happened.

2.) I believe that White European people and their diaspora have a right to control their own sovereign nations. I feel no need to qualify this statement.

So, that is where I stand, and because of this stance, I am called a “Neo-Nazi White supremacist” by the Jewish media, and by RamZPaul.

Ostensibly, Ram agrees completely with issue #2. Which parts of issue #1 he agrees with is unclear. Although he used to haughtily mock anyone who talked about Jews, he now does talk about Jews in some videos I’ve seen; even in the above video, he appears to be mocking the Holocaust (once again, the style of humor he uses makes certain that nothing he says is explicit).

What was Joshua Goldberg?

In his video, Ram portrays Joshua Goldberg as a Neo-Nazi leader of some type, who I supported. In his show notes, he cites only a Daily Beast article about the Goldberg situation, and, to their credit, the Daily Beast basically admits that I was trolled by Goldberg, just as so many others were (which, funnily enough, makes the DB account of these events more accurate than that of RamZPaul).

Joshua Goldberg: Apparently, the best troll who ever existed.
Joshua Goldberg: Apparently, the best troll who ever existed.

Ram either did not do any research on the topic beyond reading (or perhaps skimming) this single Daily Beast article, or he did do research into the situation, and decided to purposefully misconstrue what happened, for the purpose of mocking and demonizing me, going on to suggest that I may be some sort of secret agent working for the ADL. The third possibility is that he is genuinely incapable of understanding what is going on.

Ram does not bother to mention the fact that Goldberg was trolling almost the entire internet (whether or not he was operating alone is unclear and on some level difficult to believe, but the current story is that he was, and for the sake of this article we will just assume he was).

He was trolling Jews, he was trolling ISIS and other Moslems, he was trolling both sides of Gamergate, he trolled Milo Yiannopoulos, and was directly involved in outing the White Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King (Milo, who wrote the original article on King, says he wasn’t the sole source, but admits he was one of the sources – take that as you will). He invented an entire persona in the form of Tanya Cohen who was taken seriously by Brianna Wu and other feminists, wrote for Feministing and Daily Kos and was actually responsible for outing Wu as a transexual. He ran a pro-free speech blog, under his own name, on Thought Catalog. He also ran multiple Reddits and trolled chan boards compulsively. He even invented a conspiracy tying my own satirical trolling of Ben Garrison to a hair fetish, accusing Garrison of exposing my hair fetish (note: this is actually true).

Ram doesn’t mention any of this. He also doesn’t mention that of all the people trolled by Goldberg, I appear to have been the only one who identified him as a troll (technically, I assumed he was a fed), and cut contact with him and stopped allowing him to submit articles to my site.

Though Ram does mention that Goldberg was responsible for the Bornstein hoax, wherein he established an account on the Times of Israel under the name of an Australian Jewish lawyer and then published a piece about Talmudic law demanding that the Jews exterminate Palestinians, he does not mention the fact that Goldberg apparently purposefully tried to pin this on me, as a way to defame the site and link it to possible criminal activity.

I wrote about all of this in my article on Goldberg, published just after the story broke. Tens of thousands of people read this article, but apparently Ram was not among them. At least we are led by his video to believe he did not read it, otherwise he would have had to have altered the narrative he is pushing.

It seems to me that it would have made sense, if he was going to accuse me of being a secret agent employed by the ADL (which again, he uses this weird method of vague implication, without directly stating “Anglin is a secret agent,” but the implication is very apparent), it would have been worthwhile to at least skim the article I wrote detailing my involvement with this person.

The RamZPaul Narrative

Instead of admitting the obvious fact that Goldberg attempted to infiltrate the Daily Stormer for the purpose of harming it, Ram links Goldberg (and, implicitly, the Daily Stormer) to historical Jewish Neo-Nazis, such as Frank Cohn, who was the head of the National Socialist Party of America. I would agree with Ram that this was an attempt by Jews to make White activists look bad; it would be hard to find anyone who would disagree with that statement.

Frank Cohn, who went under the name Frank Collin when he was pretending to be a Nazi.
Frank Cohn, who went under the name Frank Collin when he was pretending to be a Nazi.

What Ram doesn’t say is that Cohen took over the movement after the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell, who was an incredibly successful White activist who quite probably would have become a very successful politician and may well have changed the course of American history.

George Lincoln Rockwell
George Lincoln Rockwell

I would also agree with Ram that the idea of “Neo-Nazism,” in the sense of using swastikas and parading through the streets and so on, is unhelpful, at least at this point in history, and I would be as weary as he of anyone doing so. However, the last major figure to do this was Bill White, and he is no longer with us.

Ram’s apparent assertion (again, the obscure style of humor creates this plausible deniability angle for him) is that the Daily Stormer is a Jewish-run Neo-Nazi organization. When he mentions the Daily Stormer in the video (the entire video is clearly about the Daily Stormer, but he only mentions it by name once), he gives us a condescending chuckle, signaling to the audience that we are a joke, so far below him that he can’t even make a comment on it.

This is a type of condescension I have seen him use regularly when attacking people in the pro-White movement he does not like because he (again, apparently) views them as plebeian (and also secret agents working for the ADL). Given the amount of published research on the psychology behind this sort of haughty “hohoho, these pathetic peasants” displays of condescension, I am slightly shocked he continues to employ the tactic. This form of patronizing arrogance has been found to be a manifestation of both envy and anger at a lack of an ability to comprehend what others are saying. It is also associated with narcissistic personality disorder, a condition characterized by deep personal insecurity.

This exact manner of arrogance and condescension is basically the entire zeitgeist behind the SJW movement.

Returning to the accusations (once more, implied accusations, as Ram refuses to make direct statements), The Daily Stormer is not a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” website. At least I do not consider it to be. Part of why I don’t consider it to be that is that, as I say, I don’t believe the terms have any real meaning, at least in the year 2015.

I do not myself march around in an SS uniform, nor do I make public appearances wearing a swastika armband. I have never encouraged others to do this. I do, on a semi-regular basis, use NSDAP imagery on the website.

As the high-IQ element understands, I do this for multiple reasons:

1.) As outlined above, I have a great respect for Hitler and German National Socialism

2.) I think that the shock element of this imagery has a powerful impact on the psychology of young White men, and plays a role in eliminating the White guilt they were programmed with since early childhood

3.) I think it is funny to mock the stereotypes put forward by the Jewish media. As such, I often combine NSDAP imagery with imagery of Japanese cartoons and other chan memes. In this way, I am not only mocking the Jewish establishment, but in a slightly self-deprecating manner, mocking the image of “Neo-Nazi White supremacists” put forward by the Jewish media.

So far, this has been very effective.

Deal with it.
Deal with it.

The problem is that while those of an average IQ understand what is going on here instinctively, and those of a high IQ understand the complexities of it, people such as RamZPaul, who have an IQ which is slightly above average but hardly genius-level, fail to grasp what is going on, and become disgruntled and confused, and then lash out in an incoherent manner which is capable of passing as coherent to members of a certain IQ range. The fact that nothing is stated directly assists in this process.

Ram’s age, no doubt, also plays a role in his incapacity to understand what is going on on The Daily Stormer. The type of humor Ram uses in his videos is reminiscent of 1970s-era Saturday Night Live (I do not mean to imply that it isn’t funny – I regularly enjoy Ram’s humor). We millennials have developed a much darker and more nihilistic brand of humor, which also relies heavily on absurdity (whether or not this is a good, bad or neutral development is a subject for another time; here I am merely stating it as an obvious fact).

I would also like to note here that Ram’s assertion that the ADL hires “Neo-Nazis” so that they can attack them – an accusation (once again, technically an “implication” rather than an accusation) I have heard him make not only against me, but also against Robert Ransdell and Mike Delaney – is baseless and bizarre. There is no evidence that this has ever happened, and the only other person I have ever heard making such accusations is Gordon Duff, a Jewish writer for Veteran’s Today who has repeatedly stated – publicly – that he purposefully distributes disinformation.

This is a kookspiracy, forward exclusively by kooks.

What actually does happen in real life is that Jews and FBI agents/informants infiltrate existing pro-White groups and attempt to destroy them. But this is a completely separate issue. The two issues are conflated by Ram, either for the purpose of confusing his audience on purpose, or because he himself is confused.

“They are Stealing Our Followers and Making Us Look Bad”

The most insulting part of the narrative Ram was pushing is the implication (once again, all of this is implied, never directly stated) is that I am somehow harming the “moderate” pro-White movement by being too hardcore. This is just plain “woe is me the poor victim” whining.

There is zero evidence that if the Daily Stormer didn’t exist, more people would watch RamZPaul or read AmRen and Radix. This can be easily demonstrated by the fact that Black Lives Matter being an open terrorist organization does not diminish support for the NAACP. Nor would you ever see the NAACP accusing Black Lives Matter of being secret agents trying to make them look bad, or of stealing their supporters.

It is just a baseless conspiracy theory, which I think – speculation here – can only be rooted in jealousy.

If anything – and this is following their own line of logic – the allegedly extreme nature of the Daily Stormer is good for the “moderate” organizations and individuals, as it makes them appear more reasonable.

Different Agendas

If I were Ram, and I took issue with we do here on the Daily Stormer, instead of making a condescending joke video, which cannot do anything other than sow dissension, I would make a comprehensive point-by-point analysis of why he disagrees with what I am doing. If he doesn’t feel comfortable with his writing skills, he could easily take a break from the comedy bit and make a serious video expressing his concern. He could even throw a few jokes in. But the important thing is that clear ideas and concepts be communicated.

His video was just a condescending attack, dishonestly portraying me and this site, dishonestly portraying historical Nazi groups and linking them to me for the express purpose of defamation. There is no other way to view it.

I am completely open to criticism. Maybe I do use NSDAP imagery too often. I am open to discussing that, and hearing out anyone who feels this way. And, if the arguments make sense, and can be proven to be valid, I am open to altering my approach.

What I am doing is something that has never been done before. It didn’t come with a guidebook. I have made mistakes, and I engage in a constant process of self-examination as I try to perfect the methodology I use to promote the pro-White message. And I am very good at listening, and considering the ideas of other people.

The sad reality here though is that Ram doesn’t appear to be interested in this. What he appears to be interested in is making cute YouTube videos that are a little bit naughty, getting positive feedback from other people who think very highly of themselves and then feeling good about himself.

And that’s fine. I don’t think his videos have a negative effect on anything at all, unless of course he is bizarrely attacking other people. I myself enjoy them, and have promoted them at various times. I don’t watch them all, but over the years I have seen him become better and better, promoting a positive message in a fun way.

But what I am trying to do here is something very different than have a few laughs on YouTube and get my back patted, and the reality is, I am having a much larger impact on society than Ram is.

Here are Ram’s recent videos, where you can see the view counts:


He’s no Sargon of Akkad, but for a humor-oriented politically incorrect YouTube channel, he does pretty well.

But, you know – and I’ll remind you here that I’m a humble man – as I am writing this, I just checked the DS numbers for the last 24 hours, and they’re a lot different than Ram’s.

The average “unique visitor” views 2.5 pages (or did when I still had Google Analytics installed), so that’s – just doing the math in my head here – about 325,000 page views in the last 24 hours.
And, just to be fully transparent here, today was a good day. This is a shot from Monday. It goes up and down, of course, but never do I have less than 2 million people visit the site a month, and these numbers are rising steadily. September will probably be the first month to pass the 3 million mark (with the evil genius weev maximizing our optimizations, I expect these numbers to rise exponentially).

Again, the disparity in these numbers reflects a difference in goals. I can only speculate as to what Ram’s goal is, but my personal goal is to expose the maximum number of people possible to information which I believe is crucial to the survival of the White race in the most effective possible way.

As a person with a moderately high IQ, an almost (or actual) pathological devotion to the cause, and a clear goal, I believe that I – though not without my team, of course – have an opportunity to change the world.

And Finally: To be Perfectly Clear, This is Not an Attack

I want to make it clear that this is not intended as an attack on RamZPaul, even while it is obvious that his video as intended to be an attack on me. This is simply a response, which I felt was worthwhile, not necessarily because Ram is a particularly influential individual, but because I think I have a right – perhaps even a duty – to defend my own honor and the honor of the cause I serve.

I also think responding to criticism – even when it isn’t really criticism, but just condescending insults – is a good way to flesh out ideas and help people better understand where I am coming from.

I do sometimes make jabs at Jared Taylor over his “looks White to me” statements, but I do so in good humor. I would not question Jared Taylor’s devotion to the cause of the White race, nor would I accuse him of being a secret agent for avoiding the Jewish question.

The same goes for Richard Spencer, who I might make a good-natured jab at every once and a while, but have a high level of respect for, even if he does pretend to think I’m skinhead pleb who drives around in a rusty Chevy pick-up truck blasting Waylon Jennings and smoking meth.

That said, I will continue to attack people like Gavin McInnes and Alex Jones, who make it a key part of their narrative to shill hard for Jews and Israel, while unironically using terms such as “White supremacist.”

As for Ram, I view him as an ally, whether he views me as some type of secret agent trying to stop him from getting more YouTube hit or not.

I believe in the concept of no enemies to the right.

As always, I am fully open to discussing and/or debating Ram in a public forum.