The Protein Powder Scam: Filled with Estrogen, Dangerous Chemicals, Not Even Very Much Protein

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2019

The number one indicator that someone has no idea what the hell they are doing when it comes to health and fitness is that they have a tub of protein powder.

If you use them, don’t be ashamed. They’ve been shilled for harder than financial aid to Israel. So if you’ve fallen victim, you can’t really be blamed.

But you need to know that these products are not only worthless – they’re dangerous.


A huge study last year by The Clean Label Project, a nonprofit that tests various foodstuffs to see what kind of poisons megacorporations are putting into their products, found that the protein powders are literally brimming with poison.

They tested 134 products from 52 brands – which would more or less be all of the protein powders you’re going to find on the shelves of any of these snake oil “supplement” shops – and found over 130 different toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides and, worst of all, bisphenol-A (BPA).

Sadly, traces of heavy metals and pesticides are going to be in most food at varying levels. These protein powders have huge amounts, because they are unregulated by any government body, because they are “nutritional supplements.” So they can just feed you whatever – caveat emptor.

The most concerning thing though is the BPA. This is the endocrine disruptor and xenoestrogen which mainly comes from plastic and other petrochemical based products. It artificially spikes estrogen levels in the body in the same way that soy does. Only depending on the amount, it is much, much worse than soy.

The legal limit of BPA should be effectively zero. But, because of the corruption of the FDA by lobbyists, and the cheapness of plastic – as well as a general desire of the system to lower the testosterone levels of men – there is an official “safe amount” that the FDA allows. And some of these protein powders were found to have 25 times the government-ordained “safe amount” of this brutal, feminizing poison.

Because again: “nutritional supplements” are not FDA regulated, they are not regulated by anyone, and they can just feed you anything.

As another example, pre-workout powders often contain a bunch of untested stimulants similar to amphetamines. Since they don’t directly regulate the products, the government keeps outright banning ingredients in these pre-workouts, and the companies just keep changing the names and slightly altering the chemical makeup, and keep on selling them to unsuspecting dupes.

Interestingly (but not surprisingly), the Clean Label Project study found that protein powders labeled “organic” were even more poisonous than ones without that label.

Harvard University-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital nutrition director Kathy McManus has said that protein powders should never be used under any circumstances, unless under medical supervision if you have some kind of very serious and very specific medical condition. I don’t even understand it in that context, but that certainly means that normal gym bros shouldn’t be messing with this crap.


Beyond the incredible health risks involved, there are literally no health benefits.

Because all supplements are a gigantic scam, most of these protein powders do not even contain the amount of protein they claim to contain. They use various chemicals to fool the testing process. They just dump empty amino acids into the mix, and because proteins are made of amino acids, this fools the testing process. This is called “protein spiking” and it is an industry standard practice.

But beyond all of this, what is the point of these products? Why would you not simply eat food?

Most of these protein powders claim to have between 20 and 60 grams of protein per scoop.

Even if they really have that much protein, and even if you are okay with ingesting the BPA and heavy metals and all the other poisons, it is still confusing how your body is going to absorb that protein in the form of a chemically processed powder that you are slurping.

It is almost impossible that your body will absorb much of that protein at all, in fact. If you’re talking about 60g being absorbed in a chemical ooze drink, then this is on par with pills that extend the length of your penis.

Who knows though – maybe it will.

But a single chicken egg has 6g of protein. Meaning a dozen eggs have 72g of protein. A pound of ground beef has about 90g of protein. And this is real food protein that your body is going to absorb at a rate much, much higher than you are going to absorb protein from a mysterious chemical ooze.

All of These Supplements are a Hoax

The entire “workout supplement” industry is a snake oil scam.

All of these people on YouTube hawking this shit are just doing it to get paid. No matter how sincere they may seem, they are lying to you.

You never see anyone who knows what they’re doing at the gym carrying around a tub of protein powder.

If you see someone who is jacked messing around with these pills and powders, they are on steroids and don’t have any more of an idea what they’re doing than any skinnyfat goofjob carrying around a tub of “100% gold standard whey 60g.”

And from the protein powder, you get into even weirder, stupider stuff.

The only thing that probably isn’t a scam is creatine. There are real studies on that that seem to actually indicate that it actually does what it is supposed to do.

Other than that, some of the pre-workouts are just massive doses of caffeine, which can be helpful in the gym. And the powder mixed with water probably has less sugar than a can of Monster.

There Aren’t Any Tricks Here, Kids

All of these supplements are the equivalent to a get rich quick scheme or some idiot “pick-up artist” manual.

All of that bullshit is just bullshit.

In real life, there aren’t any shortcuts to good things that don’t involve dangerous criminal activity.

Sure, you can get rich through robbery or insurance fraud, you can get jacked using steroids and you can get laid by slipping flunitrazepam in her drink. But all of these behaviors have risks and consequences that are likely to be much greater than simply doing the thing the correct way.

If you want to be fit and strong, you need to eat real food and workout doing real exercise. There is no way around that.