The Portland “Protesters” Burned a Bible…

Are you feeling a chill running down your spine?

Because you’d best start believing in impending satanic pogroms.

Burning the flag apparently wasn’t edgy enough for the Portland “protesters.” We’ve all become pretty numb to the whole “destroy America” thing. So this week, in footage released by the Russian Ruptly news agency (because if an American news agency had this footage, they would destroy it), these savages are seen burning a Bible before the flag.

You heard that right, friends: at one of these now common Black Lives Matter/communist riots, they burned a Bible.

If you’re asking what the Bible even has to do with anything they’re protesting against, then you don’t get it: they are protesting the entirety of white civilization. This movement is, at its core, a Jewish movement, and the thing that the Jews hate above all else is Christianity.

This Bible burning came the day after

At some point, even normal people are going to begin to realize that if we’re going full-polarization, and you’re either with the communists or you’re a Nazi, that it is better to be with the Nazis.

I will tell you this: Adolf Hitler never burned any Bibles.

I suppose it goes without saying that Adolf Hitler never shot any little boys up with estrogen and turned them into homosexual sex symbols.

Adolf Hitler never flooded his country with hostile immigrants with the express purpose of destroying their culture and identity and collapsing the work market.

Adolf Hitler never locked anyone in their house because of the flu, or forced people to wear masks, as part of a plot to purposefully collapse the economy and implement massive social control.

In fact, unless you just really, really love the Jews for some reason, it is unlikely Adolf Hitler ever did anything that would offend you.

Adolf Hitler was a practicing Christian his entire life.

Whatever you think of Hitler, it is impossible to imagine a universe in which he won the war and we were talking about any of these problems we’re currently talking about. They continue to tell us that beating Hitler was the greatest victory in all of history, and that he would have taken over America (this was obviously impossible and the claim didn’t ever make any sense, but okay).

But we don’t control our own country now anyway. Go ahead and ask yourself: are the people who control it now, who are doing all of this stuff to us, somehow better than Hitler? Can any single individual on the right make that claim?

Even if you believe the Holocaust story exactly as it is told – that exactly six million Jews were killed on purpose – it’s going to be a helluva lot more than six million people who die at the hands of this regime. More than six million are going to die as a result of this insane virus hoax alone. Right now, there are 10,000 children a month dying of starvation because of the lockdown. Oxfam is saying that by the end of the year, starvation deaths as a result of the lockdown will reach 12,000 per day. You can do the math in your head – that means that in 500 days, the death toll will reach six million. When you add in the suicides and the drug overdoses that will take place in first world countries as a result of the economic collapse and destroyed families the lockdown will create, the next five years on earth are going to make 1940-45 look like fun time at the kiddie play park.

I’m not a neo-Nazi and I don’t agree with the people who have a completely obsessive fascination with Hitler. And no one is more obsessed with Hitler than our enemies, who define anyone who opposes them as an ally of Hitler. It’s probably about time our leaders stop cowering down before the enemy in these humiliating attempts to prove that they’re not like Hitler.

The epitome of this was Ted Cruz – an alleged conservative – paying his respects to the radical black communist revolutionary John Lewis. He didn’t simply call him a “great leader” in the way that Joseph Stalin could call Adolf Hitler a “great leader” – or visa versa. The sickening bastard called him a “remarkable, heroic man.”

George W. Bush – a man who spent 8 years as a Republican president – actually gave a speech at Lewis’ funeral, praising him as a hero.

Lewis is a black who stood with Martin Luther King, a communist, and called for black revolution against White America. He then went on to devote his entire career to hurting white people.

How are these people, who will sink to such depths as praising a black communist who worked tirelessly to destroy America as a hero in order to avoid being called “Nazi,” capable of leading anyone?

The media isn’t going to report on the Bible burning, so no Republican will be required to comment on it. But after what we saw following the death of John Lewis, I think it’s fair to assume that Ted Cruz and his kind would go out and burn a Bible themselves if it would prevent them being called “racist Nazi Hitler.”

Now, more than any time in history, we need real leaders. These people in these riots are on the verge of exterminating us, they are burning Bibles, and the people we elected to lead us are praising the founders of this movement as “heroes.”

You’ve Been Warned

Everyone is freezing up, like deer in headlights, looking at what is unfolding and not being able to process it. I’ve talked to several people who have said, “well, I’m sure that before everything collapses completely and they start killing us, we’ll have some warning.”

This is something that you need to understand well: you are watching the warning. Mass riots across the country, tearing down statues, burning buildings, smashing everything – this is a warning. Communists burning American flags and Bibles in the street is a warning.

It appears that it is the final warning. What follows this is killing. If Donald Trump loses this election, the killing is going to be on a scale none of you can possibly imagine, because it hasn’t happened anywhere while any of us have been alive. It’s going to make the South African farm killings look like putt-putt golf.

I am going back and forth in my head on the chances Trump has to win, and a whole lot can and will happen before November. What I am certain about however is that you need to be planning for a situation where he loses.

If you’re going to be in the United States, look for a small town you can move to. The further from the big cities the better, but if you have to work in a big city, making a two hour commute is better than staying in the city. And let’s be real – you’re probably going to lose your job anyway when the cascading begins. (Further, if you have kids, you know that aside from all of this madness, it is better for them to live in the small town, and spending four hours a day in the car listening to podcasts is not the biggest sacrifice a man has made for his children. Even further, you’re going to be saving so much money by living out there that basically, every hour you commute will be saving you more money than you would make in an hour working.)

Just start going out on the weekends and driving around the small towns within the range of your city. You can probably get a house for less than you knew houses sold for. If you’re not established, and you can’t afford a house, then look at trailers or even empty plots of land where you could park a camper. Just make sure you’re within range of a small town center – you don’t want to be out in the middle of nowhere alone, unless you’re really, really out there (and at that point you would probably need some pretty serious survivalism knowledge that most of you presumably do not have).

These cities are going to be killing fields, and it is very possible that they are going to close them down completely, and not let people out of them. They can already do that sort of thing now if they want to under coronavirus mania, and if Biden wins, they’re just going to be able to do whatever they want.

Finally, there is a commandment from God, through his Angel, not to live in Babylon. That is what we have witnessed over the last decades: every urban center in America has become the Babylon of John’s Revelation.

So moving out of the city is not simply a matter of protecting your body, but of protecting your eternal soul.