The Pope is Allowing Jews to Tell Him What to Say

Diversity Macht Frei
May 18, 2019

Pope Francis is being urged by experts to take greater care when referring to “hypocritical” Pharisees, a stereotype that fueled centuries of bad blood between Catholics and Jews.

Catholic-Jewish relations blossomed after the Second Vatican Council — which in 1965 finally urged respect for Judaism — and Francis is a clear friend of the Jews, insisting the Church continue to apologize for anti-Semitism.

Francis asked the experts to carry on with their research in order to arrive at a “more accurate vision of this religious group,” which will contribute to “combating anti-Semitism” and “overcoming old prejudices.”

He also admitted the Pharisees should be referred to “in a more appropriate way in teaching and preaching.”

According to Rabbi David Rosen, director of interfaith affairs at the American Jewish Committee (AJC), merely mentioning the word Pharisaic “does not make somebody an anti-Semite,” but “it is definitely a component of anti-Semitism.”

People should “put it in context, or at least use ‘those Pharisees’ or ‘those Jews,’” he told AFP.

“We’ve raised the issue” with the pope, he said, adding: “I don’t think he will use things in quite the same cavalier manner.”

Argentine Rabbi Abraham Skorka, an old friend of the pope, said Francis would now know “how to present the Pharisees.”

“We had already talked about it, but he replied, ‘I’m quoting the New Testament,’” he told AFP.

“The pope has so many things on his mind,” he said, but insisted: “It is both a small and a big detail at the same time.”

Amy-Jill Levine, a New Testament and Jewish Studies professor, said it was important to “translate scholarly findings into how Christian leaders preach and teach about the Pharisees.”

Skorka, who has known Francis for years and often corresponds with him by email, said the aim was “to polish the areas of friction in Jewish-Catholic relations.”


Here you see the anti-Pope with this same Jew, Abraham Skorka, who apparently acquired some kind of psychological hold over him in Argentina.

Note how he emphasises, as if it was a virtue, that, in his dialogue with the Jews, neither side makes any effort to convert the other.

This is no concession by the Jews since they have no interest in making converts. Their “religion” is just racism dressed up as a faith. They don’t want genetically impure goyim switching to their side and “polluting” the “Chosen” gene pool.

It is a shocking thing, however, that anti-Pope Bergoglio has discouraged efforts at evangelisation of non-Christians, formally in the case of Jews, informally in the case of Muslims.

A group of Muslim converts to Catholicism – people who had risked their lives to make this conversion – wrote a letter to Bergoglio last year, asking why they had even bothered, if, as he said, Islam was a valid “path to Salvation”. I found this letter strangely moving. These ex-Muslims seem to have thought much more seriously about the distinctiveness of the Christian faith than the Pope himself ever has done, which is quite extraordinary.

If you sincerely believe you have the secret to eternal truth and everlasting life, sharing it with others is surely a basic moral responsibility. Declining to do so is a moral abnegation that marks your faith out as not being serious.

A couple of weeks ago, the anti-Pope was accused of heresy by dozens of prominent Catholic thinkers, including heavyweight scholars and theologians. One of the signatories expressed the view that “Bergoglio wants to transform the Church into a mildly spiritually flavoured NGO.”

The anti-Pope seems to love telling the Left media what it wants to hear. In pursuit of the next round of applause from people who are neither Catholic nor Christian, in off-the-cuff remarks and ill-thought-out speeches, he casually tramples on centuries of carefully-wrought doctrine. That is the essential grounding of the heresy charges against him.

He is unserious about his faith in a way that seems astonishing in a Pope.

If a heresy proceedings are ever formally instituted against Bergoglio, the fact that he allows Jews to tell him what he is allowed to say, and discourages efforts at converting them to a faith that could perhaps mitigate some of their harmful behaviour, should be added to the list of charges. He is a disgrace to his office and an enemy to Europe and Christendom.