The Plan is Coming to Fruition – Just Stay Focused

This election hoax lunacy has been a double-edged sword.

Obviously, on the face of it, I’m very distraught over the fact that Donald Trump has been falsely declared the loser of the election, and there exists a very real chance that he will not pull off staying in power. No matter how it is spun, the decision to approve the GSA allowing Joe Biden to begin his transition does not bode well.

At the same time that this nightmare is becoming a reality, and we are staring down the barrel of hell itself, I am being comforted by the fact that everything that I’ve worked for has finally come to fruition, and we now have an army of tapped in young people ready to fight a war against the system – and they are melding with the boomers who themselves are finally getting tapped in to what has been happening right in front of their stupid faces for the last sixty years.

What we saw at the Million MAGA March in Washington, and then in Atlanta over the weekend, is exactly what I’ve been pushing for, and trying to build, from the beginning of my ministry here at the Daily Stormer. What I witnessed at these two events was an America that is switched on and ready to fight.

We have never seen anything like this before in the history of this country.

We failed at Charlottesville. There were problems that I didn’t understand, which I should have understood. It was an absolute disaster. But God granted us a do-over, and we’ve now succeeded. We have a movement. We have an army. What the system has done has pushed the establishment of the conservative movement into absolute irrelevancy.

Polls show that 61% of Republicans believe the election was stolen, while an even higher percentage have their doubts. I believe these polls are fake, and the real number is closer to 85% believing the election was stolen, with the other 15% having serious doubts. Instead of backing this movement against election fraud, the controlled opposition shills in the media – Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro – and the RINO shills in the government – Dan Crenshaw, Nimrata Randhawa, etc. – are tapping out, encouraging the people to simply accept defeat.

By bowing out of the fight, these shills have pushed the masses of Republicans towards the likes of Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones, who are standing up and leading.

I have never felt more joy than in seeing all of these young people in their teens and twenties at these rallies, surrounding Nick, looking fit and healthy, wearing pants that fit, chanting “Christ is KING.” I get chills every time I watch one of the clips. The thing that I called for after Charlottesville has happened. We have built an American Nationalist movement, and it is now unfolding before us, gloriously.

I was harassed, insulted, defamed and condemned after Charlottesville for saying that this is what we needed to do, but I kept to what I knew was the right thing, and I have lived to see vindication. I was right and all of those weird people who wanted to march around in baggy pants with swastika flags yelling about race war were wrong, and now everyone knows that. Everyone has seen my plan come together.

I would never take credit for it happening. All of that credit goes to God alone. I give total credit to God for showing me this vision of the future all the way back in 2017. What I knew was that it was necessary for all of the people to come together, for the older people to feel comfortable getting on board with a movement of young people. When I saw the mess that was Charlottesville, with all of these people in baggy pants, waving these weird flags, I understood that that movement could never be something that would appeal to the masses of people, and I understood that the anti-social individuals who were responsible for it were not the lads themselves, but the various leaders who had pushed for that kind of explicitly anti-social aesthetic.

I spent years making Nazi jokes, gas chamber jokes, and so on. That was part of the overarching strategy – we had to desensitize people to the “evil” of the Nazis before we were ever going to get anywhere. It was never my goal to have people dressed up in Nazi costumes, marching through the streets. Sick people took my humor and tried to use me to spin their own agenda.

I drove a wedge between myself and most of the old “Alt-Right,” most of which embraced a goofy, cringey, anti-social unironic neo-Nazism and became known as “wignats.” I backed Nick Fuentes. I backed America and explicit Christian identity, I put fitness first, I told people to take responsibility for their own lives, and I won. All of that weird, stupid crap that the assorted freaks and feds were trying to push on me is gone now, and it will be forgotten.

My allies were small in number in the months after Charlottesville when I declared that this neo-Nazi stuff would never work. No one knew who Nick Fuentes was at the time. I was backed by some irony bros and a few others. I was bullied and attacked nonstop as I stood nearly alone against the assorted fiends.

People called the conflict between those freaks and me and my allies “The Great Optics War.” But it was about much more than optics. It was about serious people vs. unserious people. It was about people who actually love our country, who love the history of the white race and want a future for white children, against a bunch of freaks that were just playing some sick game.

The basic fact of reality is that there was never any path to victory with these weird flags, with sloppy fat people in black costumes waving them around. So anyone who was involved in that had no concern about actually stopping the Jews and taking back America, because if they cared about doing that, they would accept that they have to take a path that can lead to that. If you know that you are never going to win using a certain strategy, and you use that strategy anyway, you don’t care about winning.

I explained all of this at the time, and yet for years, these people continued to attack me, while they were sitting on Twitter, sitting on a credit card processor, completely unmolested by the system, whilst I suffered the bannings that you are all familiar with. The reason neo-Nazis don’t get molested by the system is the same reason that I’m against them: they have no path to victory, and they are comfortable in the fact that they do not have a path to victory.

These weird people cared about making themselves feel better. They are natural losers, natural fat slobs, who had no desire to change themselves, let alone change the world. They simply wanted someone to blame for their problems.

Taking on a strategy of fully embracing Americanism was about winning. Winning is the only thing that I have ever cared about.

These people play a stupid children’s game where they say if you don’t take positions that are completely untenable in any kind of reality situation, thereby assuring you can never win, you’re a cuck. But who is the cuck? The one who purposefully takes a position that can never in any universe become a reality, or the one who is actually working towards solving the problems in the real world? A whole lot of people would have cracked when told they were cucks for wanting a strategy that would actually work instead of living in a fantasy world, and a whole lot of people would have cracked. I didn’t crack and I won.

I deserve to take a victory lap, as everyone now knows just how right I was, everyone knows just how hard I’ve won.

But I won’t. Because we have bigger things to worry about. Winning the battle against anti-social fat people who attempted to squat on the far-right label was only the beginning of this war.

We have our army. Now we need to go to war.

The Future

Putting together a stable movement of young leaders and assembling an army of disenfranchised Americans to fight a war was only the very first step. Now, we have to actually fight the war. I have laid out the above only so that you understand: everything has gone according to plan so far, and we are right where we want to be.

If the election is successfully stolen, that will be unfortunate, but we must understand: something like this was inevitable. It was inevitable that we would finally reach a tipping point. We are at the tipping point, and now is the moment of truth.

This recent series of events could have been better, but it also could have been a lot worse. If Joe Biden would have won in the first round, simply with the 80,000,000 mail-in ballots which were rounded up and collected, many people on the right would have believed that Biden won legitimately. Instead, those 80 million were not enough, and the Democrats were forced to shut down the counting in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, and bring in new fake ballots to ensure a victory for Biden.

Everyone sat there and watched this, and we now have all of our people – our American Army – knowing that this was an absolute fraud, and ready to fight it.

What we need to do, assuming that Trump does not secure a victory, is use this energy that we now have to push for the ultimate victory. The ultimate victory as things now stand is this: red states need to secede from the Union. We need to redraw the borders of the United States.

As I wrote just after the election itself, we are absolutely in a position to win this.

Here are the states that we can win off the bat, with well over the needed 65% vote in a referendum:


Obviously, we want more than that.

We want Texas, we want Florida. I want Ohio, Michigan, Indian, Illinois and Wisconsin. But as I said above: I’m dealing with reality, and these are the states we have a 100% chance of getting, right off the bat.

But frankly, this is what we’re shooting for:

That is a full map of the counties that voted Republican/Democrat in 2016 (which was obviously the last real tally of voter sentiment in America), so that should be the territory that we get. We’re not going to get all of that, but we should get something in-between the first and second maps.

What we need to do is begin the process.

Thankfully, because of the coronavirus destroying the economy, no one really has very much to lose by packing up and moving. That is a big thing that works in our favor, because in the time before this hoax, most people would be thinking about their jobs first and foremost.

Furthermore, everyone understands that the lockdown agenda is a Democrat agenda, and all of the energy opposing the lockdown is on the right, while all of the support for the lockdown is on the left. This is a massive thing that affects all of our lives directly, and this, possibly even more than the election fraud, is something that will serve to drive a wedge between the people.

The left has no argument against secession. Obviously, the elite are the left, and they want to keep us in their borders to use us as slaves, to feed off of us, to destroy our souls. They traffic in the souls of men. But the masses of leftists, the people who support this agenda, do not care if we split off. We will be shilled against by the media, but everyone understands – including the left – that we’ve reached a point where we cannot any longer live together.

Like many of you, I’ve been reading the Book of John’s Revelation a lot lately. And I will tell you: there is a message that some will be saved, even when the Beast 666 Antichrist system comes into power. What we are told is to come out of this system, lest we be infected by it.

Right now, we hardly have any place to go. But God would not tell us, “Come out of her” if there was no place to come out to. If we liberate ourselves from this beast system through secession, then the good people, the Christians, will have a place to go – a way to escape. We can even open our borders to the good people in Europe and Australia who are trying to get out of this system. We can have an explicit law that says only Christians can enter.

The fact of reality is that many of our countrymen want to partake in her sins, they do not fear her plagues. Watching the recent video I posted of a visit to an Antichrist church, I really realized how true this is. We have to allow those people to take this road that they’ve chosen. We have no more of a right to save them from destruction than they have to drag us down with them.

Someday, Babylon will fall, these lost people will all repent or die, and we will retake our natural borders.

We need to start this discussion now.

If Trump concedes or otherwise surrenders – which he might have already done, having agreed to start the transition on Monday night – then we need to pivot immediately into a movement for secession. We need to turn all of these #StopTheSteal rallies into secessionist rallies.

There is no longer any path to save this country through the electoral process. If they win this election through theft, then every election in the future will also be won through theft. That is the fact. If Trump is forced out of office, and we do not secede, then we are all committing suicide.

Immediately after it is clear that Joe Biden is going to be made president, we will have a window in time wherein we can escape the system through secession. Hopefully, Donald Trump will support this. Hopefully Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh will. Hopefully some elected politicians will. But whether they do or don’t, this has to be the plan. We do not have any other choice.

If we have rallies, major rallies, in deep red states, then they will not have a choice but to give us our vote. A legal process exists for secession. It’s in the Constitution. Right now, the federal system is too unstable to prevent this from happening. They have just forcibly imploded our economy and transferred tens of billions to the ruling elite on the basis of a hoax and then stolen an election.

If we win this, then everything we’ve done will have been worth it. A successful secession is a lot bigger and better of a prize than another four years of Trump.

I will just say again: these people who have chosen evil have made their choice. We do not have the ability to change their minds. They are in the grip of Satan, by their own volition, and our only course is to separate from them.