The People Who Lost Their Houses in the Tornadoes are Almost as Lucky as the People Who Died

How can you comply with the government lockdown if you don’t have a house?

The Weather Channel:

At least 32 people were killed as a tornado outbreak slashed across the South on Sunday and Monday, destroying hundreds of homes and businesses and leaving numerous towns with widespread, severe damage.

There were more than 60 reports of tornadoes as the storms that began on Easter Sunday tore a deadly and destructive path from Texas and Arkansas, across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia and into the Carolinas and Tennessee.

More than 1 million homes and businesses lost power as a result of the outbreak, according to On Monday, outages were the most significant in North and South Carolina, where nearly half a million customers had no electricity Monday morning, but every state from Texas to the mid-Atlantic was affected. High winds were responsible for outages in many areas not affected by tornadoes.

There will probably end up being more than 32 deaths, and that is already more than we have most years.

Not that this would be much in itself, but coupled with everything else, it does add to the feeling of doom in the air.

Many homes were destroyed. I haven’t seen total numbers, but it’s a lot.

The people who lost their homes are extremely lucky. Almost as lucky as the people who died. They’re going to get insurance money which will pay out a lot more than their houses are going to be worth in a couple of months when people realize what has happened to the economy as a result of this societal shutdown.

Seriously, the housing market is going to be the least of our worries, but that is totally and completely shot. All of those disgusting McMansions the boomers built will probably be chainsawed up and used as firewood.

Of course, they’re mostly made of plastic. But people are going to be using plastic for firewood.

We’re going to experience a lot of bad things in the coming months and years. But there will be some good things too. There is nothing that makes me happier than these boomers having their precious gigantic, vulgar monstrosities lose all value.

“The house that boomers built” really is the analogy for the entire society that is about to come crashing down.

“Let’s build a humongous, cheap, ugly, nonsensical, obscene, gaudy structure as a direct insult to God Himself,” said the boomer.

So they built:

  • Casual drug use
  • Feminism
  • Racial integration
  • Consumerism
  • Evangelical Christianity
  • Christian Zionism
  • Casual sex
  • Credit card debt
  • Anti-depressant drugs
  • Divorce
  • Homosexualism
  • Service economy
  • Permissive parenting
  • Birth control pills
  • Fighting wars for Israel to try to bring about the apocalypse
  • Pornography
  • Mass third world immigration
  • Global warming
  • Black president
  • Trannies
  • Child trannies
  • Hysterical flu hoax

Blame Jews all you want, but they are 2% of the population. Someone went along with all of this bizarre bullshit, and then blamed it on their children when it didn’t work out.

Now, the chickens are coming home to roost with bombs strapped to their chests.

The house that boomers built was bound to collapse eventually. It was fragile and unsustainable. I’m thankful that they have lived to see the work of their own hands come to fruition. They will get to experience hell on earth before they go burn in hell for eternity for what they took from us.

Millennial renters are going to come out on top once again.

It’s all coming up daisies.