The People Running This Show are Not Evil Geniuses, And Their Evil Plan is Insultingly Goofy

The Fake President Joe Biden, who was installed as leader of America by a fraud scheme enacted by the media, has spent his first months in office attempting to destroy America and start various conflicts all over the world.

His administration has been threatening both Russia and China, among many others. He has referred to Russian leader Vladimir Putin as a “killer” (and then refused to debate him, claiming he was too busy), and claimed that Chinese leader Xi Jinping is an “autocrat.”

Now, he’s inviting them to his global warming conference.

It’s a relatively weird move.

He’s openly trying to provoke these people into some kind of insane world war, and then he turns around and is like, “so, y’all folks want to come over and talk about how we can change the weather, in order to make it colder? I’ve got some ideas I wanted to run past you.”

He didn’t bother to personally invite them, but apparently assumed they would read about it in the media.

I assume Putin would probably want to confront Biden on just exactly what the hell he is doing. Xi would probably be less inclined to do that, as he is not especially confrontational (I keep trying to explain to you people that the closest you’re going to come to understanding Chinese people is to think of an entire race of autistics, who are obsessed with logic and confused by what whites consider to be normal social interactions).

This is another sign that the people running the Biden Administration really don’t have any idea what they are doing. It would make sense to make all of these threatening statements against a foreign country and then invite them to a diplomatic summit of some kind, but to go all aggressive and then say, “so you guys want to hang out?” is inexplicable.

Obviously, Biden isn’t just going to be walking around any such conference as a normal world leader would, because he’s totally senile. Also, quite conveniently, the “summit” probably won’t be a summit at all, but instead a “virtual summit,” which is effectively a conference call on Zoom.

You know – we’ve got a deadly virus going around. There’s no place for real meetings. Not until 2023 at the earliest.

But what are Biden’s people supposed to say to Putin and Xi if they show up on Zoom? “Hey, how y’all folks been doin’?”

If some Russians and Chinese get in the Zoom chat and start asking people why they’re being threatened, will they just drop them from the call?

“Mods, can someone ban the Russians and Chinese, they’re trolling”?

A Weird Evil

I keep saying it, but this is the most ridiculous and bizarre evil regime ever conceived. It is Lynchian Totalitarianism.

Make no mistake: this is an evil plot. But by all accounts, the agenda of the evil plot is for the elite to become immortal cyborgs and for the masses of people to be genetically engineered slaves with computer chips in their brains that control their thoughts. There were a lot of different ways to get here that didn’t involve all of this stupid, weird stuff.

Clearly, if they had a brain chip that would allow people to experience pornography and video games with all five senses, as well as become super geniuses, most people would take it voluntarily, and those who didn’t would eventually just become a huddled mass of new retards incapable of competing with the 3-400 IQ chipped super-humans. Nb4 “the super-humans would rebel against their masters” – the chips would all be linked to a central system that was capable of regulating all of their thoughts.

You don’t need a vaccine to sterilize people, you could just put it in the water, or the food, or whatever. It wouldn’t matter if the elite sterilized themselves in the process, given that they have access to the cloning technology and artificial wombs.

This current transformation of society isn’t simply sadistic and downright weird, it is also very dangerous for the elite. There are so, so many things that could go wrong here. Why not peacefully transition? I guess that maybe the current class is getting old, and they want to live forever, and it may be that this vaccine research, given that it is all to do with genetic engineering, is something they needed to get the whole world working on a genetic research program that will allow them to stop the aging process. But even if that were the case, there were still other options.

This whole thing is just decadent, sadistic, convoluted and reckless, and there is no explanation for it other than that the ruling class itself has become unhinged.

That, and some bits from the Bible.

You know my issues with reverting to Biblical End Times prophecy as an explanation for events – it shouldn’t be necessary, you should be able to analyze events outside of Biblical prophecy, and we don’t actually have any confirmation that this is the Biblical End Times. Furthermore, using Biblical End Times prophecy to analyze events has led to serious evil, most notably the boomer evangelical support for Israel and their lunatic wars. However, Chapter Twelve of the Revelation of Saint John of Patmos really does fit what is happening here, and it might be Occam’s Razor for why they are behaving in the manner they are behaving.

And man – I sure hope this is short.

I’ve begun realizing lately that the part that bothers me most about this entire evil plan is just how stupid it is. I see stuff like this:

And it just makes me want to smash my head against the wall. Put everything else aside completely, and then just ask: “how can someone not sit and wonder what effect restricting oxygen to their body and brain long term is going to have on them?”

I don’t know how people can’t think that. The only real explanation is that people are just stupid, which is why such a stupid conspiracy is possible.

I grew up reading comic books, and at least in the 1990s, the writers were very clever, and the global domination schemes of the villains were always these complex, brilliant schemes.

I just downloaded the entire 29 issues of The Authority. I remember there were some very intriguing evil schemes in that.

As an adult, Authority writer Mark Millar hasn’t really held up all that well, generally. But I still love Frank Quietly’s art. (You all know some of the work of Millar – the films Kick Ass, Kingsman, the first Avengers and the second Captain America were all based on his work.) Regardless of the fact I now view him as something of a hack, I’m quite sure Millar came up with better evil schemes than the Democrat Party. Furthermore, the book’s first arc was written by Warren Ellis, who generally has held up when I’ve read him as an adult. (The only thing that non-nerds might know from Ellis is his Netflix show Castlevania. He was kicked off of that though after being metoo’d last year, and has apparently been forced to resign from writing comic books as well.)

I suppose I should also note that Millar deserves credit for being a right-wing voice in comics. He is Scottish and supported Brexit, and has been very critical of the government’s attacks on freedom of speech, which as we all know, results in being called a Nazi now, as the assumption is if you support free speech on principle, you want to say something evil. There were a lot of good right-wing ideas in the comics of my youth, which is funny, since the medium was developed largely by Jews. However, unlike Hollywood, it did not have a central authority, which allowed for much more creativity. As I’ve officially reached middle age according to the Bible, I’ve been trying to go back and look at the various things that shaped my brain’s development as a youth (I mentioned this in my mean obituary for Rush Limbaugh), and the one medium I consumed more than any other was comic books. I might also go through some of the schemes that Grant Morrison cooked up. One of these comics, I guarantee, had a fake virus with a vaccine that altered people’s genes.

Speaking of all of this, I am currently watching the 2013 Channel 4 show Utopia, which features this entire fake virus and evil vaccine conspiracy to an extent that is actually difficult to process. And in that show, a group of people figure out what is going on by reading comic books which predicted the plot.

I don’t recommend watching the show (at least not for enjoyment), because it is really edgy-gross. The bad guys kill kids in a way that is really distasteful, and it also has gratuitous torture and interracial sex scenes. But man – wow. Crazily enough, the show was remade by Amazon in 2019. They canceled the second season after it started happening in real life.

I imagine the American version is garbage, but I’ll probably watch it after I finish the British one just to see what’s in it. This is a really, really nutty thing to have the entire current plot laid out in a TV show like this.

It’s like that X-Files spin-off that aired a couple months before 911 and featured intelligence agencies plotting to fly a plane into the World Trade Center to start a global war on terrorism.

Anyway, I’ll write a report on the British Utopia when I’m finished with it, and put forward the parallels. This is a lot realer than Contagion, where the virus was real and there was no vaccine conspiracy. That film was more about putting forward the idea of a lockdown. As I wrote about not long ago, Contagion was brought up at the outset of the pandemic, and they told people to watch the film because it’s real life. The Jewish writer of that film had consulted with the CDC extensively as to how they would respond in the case of a viral pandemic, and it was this crazy lockdown thing no one had ever thought of before throughout all of the other pandemics throughout history.

I will also keep you updated as to the differences I find between this current evil takeover agenda, and those found in the comics of my youth.