The People at the Top Just Aren’t That Smart

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2018

There’s a famous pair of Russian pranksters that like to call up politicians and have chats with them. They get these politicians to let their guard down and say some really stupid-sounding shit every single time. This is when their marks have their guard down – they’re thinking that they’re talking with one of /theirguys/ off the record AND they don’t have their usual team of wonks around them to feed them smart-sounding lines.

These pranksters’ trolling is almost as insightful as the Wikileaks dumps into gaining perspective on how our superiors really think.

Here’s the latest Russian trolling campaign:

The executive summary: the pranksters left a number at Boris Johnson’s office that got passed around and get a call from the OSCE secretary general who thinks he’s talking to the Armenian PM.

Not a lot of due diligence here.

The OSCE guy basically admitted that he knew that Kiev was violating the Minsk peace treaty and that the official narrative that the OSCE was pushing was BS.

You’d think he’d be more careful revealing that kind of info over the phone, holy shit like how is this guy privy to this kind of info with that kind of opsec. I know Pepe-posting Twitter nationalists that are more careful with their opsec¬†than the freakin’ OSCE secretary general.

Then it gets better.

The pranksters float the idea that Ukraine’s president is going to fake his death to try to blame it on Russia like that journalist just did in Kiev – Babchenko – recently.

And the OSCE guy seems to legit think its a stupid idea, but entirely within the realm of possibility.

What does that say about his opinion on Poroshenko? About the people running the ship in Kiev? And didn’t he just tacitly admit that the Babchenko-Russia murder saga was a hoax?

This should be some career-ending shit right here.

The OSCE general’s conversation basically revealed that the OSCE says one thing publicly, but obviously knows that the facts tell a different story.

It revealed the incredibly low-opinion that they have for the people in charge in Kiev and for the President of Ukraine.

And finally, it confirmed that no one takes the Babchenko murder-resurrection story arc seriously.

I guess the idiots running the clown show in the West just have an insanely high level of confidence in the general stupidity of the general public, the complicity of their fellow intelligentsia and the totality of their media narrative control.

As a result, they’ve gotten lazy and stupid and logically inconsistent.

People just need to sit up and start noticing.