The Pennsylvania Dutch Turn Out for Your Favorite President

People will often claim that the Amish are “independent.” That’s actually a myth. The only way that their way of life is sustained is by living in the United States of America.

If they lived somewhere where there was no government and law protecting them, they would just be wiped out by stronger people with better weapons, and their wealth and women taken from them.

This is an interesting fact to ponder when looking at what it means to be a human being and to live in a society in the current year. I like what the Amish are doing, I think it’s great that they exist so that people can look at them and realize that so much of what modern man has is unnecessary for living.

At the same time: they know that some of what we have is necessary for them to keep living in the way they live. A Democrat administration, under the current Democrat regime, would almost certainly move to punish the Amish for being white Christians. They would use diversity laws, sexism laws, and most of all, these coming new coronavirus laws (right now, none of what they are doing is law, but it will be written into law if Democrats win), to hurt them.

The Democrat system is a Jewish system.

Most Democrats don’t think much about the Amish, but if they did, they would hate them because they are:

  1. White
  2. Christian
  3. Family oriented

This is a death sentence in the modern Democrat paradigm. If you are all three of those things, then you are literally a Hitler Nazi, and the Jews cannot abide you, because you present an existential threat to their existence.

It was nice to see the Amish out for President Trump this week.

The Amish give us a warm feeling – it’s just kind of funny to think of how these people must view Trump, and the fact that they like him somehow means a lot to me.

The fact that we have a government that still allows them to exist means that all is not yet lost.

Everything is riding on this election.


Because we’re on the topic of the Amish, I have to say: it is technically physically possible for white women to behave themselves.

Even Amish will attempt to run off and have sex with blacks now and again, of course.

But it is technically physically possible for them to just be wives and mothers (they’ll still be fat and ugly, but hey man – life is suffering, okay?).

It happened before, it’s happening now in Amish world.

It will happen again in our world.

We don’t have any other choice.