The Patriots: The Truth About Civic Nationalist Cam Whores

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
May 25, 2017

I’m so tired of these people.

I had never encountered the “Patriots” before New Orleans. As many of you will recall, the Battle of New Orleans was defined by the Cuck Knight showing up, screaming “USA” and attacking our people for having Confederate flags. Bicycle Cuck was another self-described “Patriot” and initiated the only other confrontation of the day after two of our friends were arrested.

Later that afternoon, I was sitting on top of the hill in New Orleans at Lee Circle when the Take ‘Em Down NOLA crowd arrived from the French Quarter. I was sitting there when I overheard the “Patriots” assemble at the top of the hill and say “let the hate groups get attacked” and if that mob comes through their lines on the barricades then we will defend ourselves. Supposedly, they were there to deal with antifa, but when the mob actually came we all saw these “warriors” stand down.

I was so angry about it at the time that I stormed out of the event and made a Periscope video to explain to the internet what had transpired. I later came back into the event and tried to persuade all of our people to abandon the “Patriots” while it was going on. It was too late for that though.

The Cuck Knight wasn’t done in New Orleans. He crossed the barricades where he was seen saying “Black Lives Matter.” He engaged the Take ‘Em Down NOLA crowd, attempted to persuade them he wasn’t a “racist” and denounced us as “evil.” Throughout the day, he was seen accosting random black people, acting like he was their best friend and inviting them to rally behind the American flag for “unity.” It was a cringeworthy performance which didn’t sit right with us.

Where was the Cuck Knight coming from?

New Orleans wasn’t the first time we have clashed with “Patriots.” It happened with Nathan Damigo and Identity Europa and Stewart Rhodes and the Oathkeepers in Berkeley.

This brings me to Gainesville, FL. Yesterday, we got reports that the same scene which played out in New Orleans happened there too and here are the videos that prove it:

Here is what our people told us transpired in Gainesville, FL:

“The guy that leads American Warrior Revolution, Thomas Baxter, made a point of telling all of his people not to help me or work with me because I’m a “white supremacist.” When antifa were coming up to spit on the monument and try to deface it, I called on the bullhorn for the 3%ers to come help defend the monument. He kept them all sidelined.

Pretty much me and some of my people got there, then Thomas Baxter and AWR showed up. I somewhat naively gave him my intel on antifa’s plan for the day assuming they were on our side to which he responded he knew who I was and that he wasn’t going to work with or have anything to do with “white supremacists” and me and some League of the South people and a few people I work with in other organizations pretty much did all the work of trying to keep commies away from the monuments while the 3%ers stood off to the side and smoked cigarettes and watched. We were heavily outnumbered so of course eventually antifa got up to the monument, they didn’t remove us but we were on one side of the monument and the commies had the rest of it surrounded. The commission voted to remove the statue. That’s pretty much it.”

Here is a second eyewitness account of what happened in Gainesville, FL:

“Quick report on Gainesville Old Joe protest.

About 60-80 of supporters to about 100 opposition. Most college kids and some old people. Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and Gainesville Peace Coalition were there.

The 3% groups again truly showed they were useless. Most didn’t participate and showed up with the US Flag at which many were kept wrapped up while the handler set back watching as if they were spectators. American Warrior Revolution was out there which is a 3% offspring.

Other than what appeared to be a 17 year old boy getting a puffy chest with Tara Brandau and then someone licking her hand there was no real issue. Words were spouted out on both sides and that was about it.

Outcome of the event: Realization that some groups are just useless and pump their participation up to a max for live feed exposure. In the end, truly it was all for not as the council members inevitably said to hell with the majority … it was getting moved.”

I watched their livestreams.

Do you see the Patriots defending the monument? I don’t see them doing that. Instead, I see them standing off to the side like they did in New Orleans, doing their Facebook livestream videos while asking people to hit the “share” button and calling for “unity” with Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

What is the “Patriot shit” these people keep talking about in their livestream videos? It is the exact same shit the Cuck Knight was doing in New Orleans. It is showing up at events to promote your group, talking tough about Black Lives Matter and Antifa on the internet and when they show up in real life you explain to them that you are “neutral” and act like you are their best friend and tell them we need “unity.” You spend your afternoon attempting to *prove* you are not a racist.

I’ve heard credible reports that this has happened elsewhere as well. The “Patriots” show up to confront Antifa, shift to a neutral pose and finally relentlessly cuck out about “racism” and “white supremacy.” They come as these American Warriors only to end the day trying to convince SJWs they are on the same side. Van the Cuck Knight in New Orleans was simply acting out Patriot ideology.

I witnessed it with the Cuck Knight in the photo below:

Note: This post has nothing to do with the Alt-Lite. I’m talking specifically about the Patriot crowd. I’ve written this post because it happened again in the Thomas Baxter videos.