The Paranormies: Meme Magick ft. Weev and Lawrence Murray

Johnny Monoxide
The Right Stuff
October 21, 2016


On this episode of the Ahnenerbe Hour, we are joined by very special guests Lawrence Murray (and aryan pigeons) and weev to do our second episode on Meme Magick. We talk about ancient forms of Meme Magick, European Old Gods, Indian Old Gods, and why Donald Trump will be the next God Emperor of the world.

BREAKING: One seriously important instance of meme magick which occurred after the recording of this episode was Mike Lindell, creator and founder of MyPillow™, endorsing Donald Trump. MyPillow is the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever use, and it’s made entirely in the USA by White people. With his support, we can rest easy knowing the God Emperor will ascend to the throne as planned. Praise Kek!

This week’s creepypasta is a PARANORMIES EXCLUSIVE written and performed by WEEV himself.

Featuring: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Hazzard McRee, Greyfield Stray and special guests Lawrence Murray and weev

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