The Ozone Layer Hoax is Making a Comeback in 2020!

I don’t know if you know this, but several decades ago, the then-nascent globalist movement was telling people that if they used too much hairspray, it was going to open up a hole in the atmosphere, and that all the air on earth would get sucked out into space, so you would have no protection from the sun and thus get cancer every time you walked outside.

They really went nuts with it. It wasn’t as bad as the global warming thing is now, because people were less gullible, but it was everywhere.

At the time, many cynics believed that this was an attack on the band Whitesnake, because they didn’t understand the globalist agenda.

Obviously, we now know that it was yet another conspiracy to undermine the world order in order to create a New World Order.

This guy knows what’s up with this crap, if you’re interested:

(That guy is really old and pissed off. I hope to be that old and pissed off some day. He’s just got the perfect cynical mock-chuckle, and I’ve decided to save all of his videos and start studying them when I turn 60, or maybe even 50.)

But are you ready for a real shocker?

Ozone hysteria is back!

Science Alert:

The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has expanded to one of its greatest recorded sizes in recent years.

In 2019, scientists revealed that the Antarctic ozone hole had hit its smallest annual peak since tracking began in 1982, but the 2020 update on this atmospheric anomaly – like other things this year – brings a sobering perspective.

“Our observations show that the 2020 ozone hole has grown rapidly since mid-August, and covers most of the Antarctic continent – with its size well above average,” explains project manager Diego Loyola from the German Aerospace Center.

“After the unusually small and short-lived ozone hole in 2019, which was driven by special meteorological conditions, we are registering a rather large one again this year, which confirms that we need to continue enforcing the Montreal Protocol banning emissions of ozone depleting chemicals.”

The Montreal Protocol was a milestone in humanity’s environmental achievements, phasing out the manufacturing of harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) – chemicals previously used in refrigerators, packaging, and sprays – that destroy ozone molecules in sunlight.

While we now know that human action on this front is helping us to fix the Antarctic ozone hole, the ongoing fluctuations from year to year show that the healing process will be long.

A 2018 assessment by the World Meteorological Organisation found that ozone concentrations above Antarctica would return to relatively normal pre-1980s levels by about 2060. To realise that goal, we have to stick to the protocol and ride out the bumps, like the one we’re seeing this year.

That’s one article, summarizing the return of this hoax.

But the entire media is pushing it today.

You’re no doubt saying: why would they bring back this hoax, when they’ve had so much success with the global warming hoax?

Well, probably just because this is the year of the hoax.

Here’s the thing: there are a lot of people who grew up in the 1990s who have the “ozone depletion” thing hardwired into their brain. It’s a psychic trigger, imprinted on them by the media.

They should come out with a Down syndrome child who whines about the ozone and says he listens to the scientists.

Send it to the UN and encourage it to have an emotional breakdown about how capitalism is destroying the future of the ozone.

Frankly, everyone getting skin cancer from the sun is a lot bigger of a threat than it getting hot outside.

Like, I don’t really understand what Greta Thunberg is picturing is going to happen in her future when she has these freakouts.

She is so angry, and it’s hard to think of what could make someone that angry – even a mentally ill retard on pills. She’s probably the single most hateful individual I’ve ever seen.

Does she just picture that she’s going to be sweating all the time?

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came back out with the global cooling hoax. When a media person asks “how can global cooling happen at the same time as global warming?”, the expert will say, “well, we can only look at the science, and the science shows that the earth is getting hotter and cooler at the same time.” The media person will just nod gravely, in awe of the truth of the science.

And yet, they still won’t talk about plastic.

Everything is just so exhausting.

The thing about all of this is: there has never been a time in history when information was so locked down as it is in 2020. It’s hard to realize it. Because just a few years ago, we had our freedoms. But they took them away very fast, and then they went nuts.

It’s worse now than it was in the 1990s. At least then, you had newsletters, and the radio. You could also meet in real life and talk to people. You could hold events without them being attacked by mobs of FBI-backed leftist terrorists. People went to church, and topics were discussed there in an open way.

All that is gone now, and they can really, literally, just say whatever the hell they want, and no one has the ability to push back.