The Other White Genocide: NATO-Backed Moslems Attack Displaced Christian Serbs in Kosovo

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

I’m not going to mince words here. The Jews and the traitor class in the Anglosphere have always been behind sponsoring and fomenting Islamic extremism to use abroad against their rivals.

The Muslim Brotherhood was basically an MI6 invention, to undermine the secular Arab dictatorship in Egypt around the time of the Suez Canal crisis.

The Taliban was created by the CIA to undermine the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

ISIS seems to have been created by Israel by the Mossad to create chaos in Israel’s near abroad to justify the eventual annexation of more territories.

And lastly, the Race War in the Balkans was fueled by Israel, America, the Gulf States, Iran, Turkey and even some European neighbor states.

It all culminated in a NATO bombing campaign of civilian infrastructure in Serbia and the annexation of Kosovo – effectively establishing yet another Jihadi toehold in Europe.

Since that time, the Serbs have had their generals and leaders put on show trials in the Hague, and even the Croatians – who helped NATO and the Moslems against the Serbs – have started feeling the screws.

There are still Orthodox Serbs stuck in Kosovo, and they’re being attacked by the Moslems there – all with the approval of the American Embassy.

Strategic Culture:

On May 29th, a group of Serbs displaced from the Kosovo village of Petrich by Albanian violence attempted to visit the remains of the demolished village church and the village cemetery to mark Holy Trinity holiday (according to the Julian calendar). However, as is usual in most of NATO-occupied Kosovo, they were met by a violent Albanian mob who blocked the road leading to the church and hurled stones at them, injuring three, one seriously. In addition, another Serb participating in a holiday ritual was arrested inside the church yard by Kosovo Albanian police on dubious charges, only to be released a few hours later.

Marko Djurich, Director of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija, condemned this latest act of violence, referring to it as “anti-civilizational,” charging that displaced Kosovo Serbs have been “systematically prevented from marking Christian holidays in their villages” for years and that Albanian extremists “want to completely eradicate and suppress every memory related to the Serb existence” in that part of Serbia’s breakaway province.

Dalibor Jevtich, one of the Serbs still living in Kosovo who has tried to work with the majority Albanian authorities, but who recently resigned as Kosovo Minister for Communities and Return, reacted similarly:

“This is not just preventing the displaced from visiting the church and to preach their faith, this is a blockade of everything we are trying to do in terms of the return and survival of Serbs in Kosovo,” said Jevtich Just a day before, a clinic in the Serbian village of Suvi Do was stoned as well, with several windows being broken. Director of the Kosovska Mitrovica medical center, Dr. Milan Ivanovich, said that this was not the first time that the clinic had been attacked. “The surgery in the village of Suvi Do was stoned twice in 24 hours and before that scores of times,” he said, adding that the purpose of the stoning was to demonstrate that Albanians “do not want to co-exist with Serbs,” and that Kosovo government institutions “have shown no will to prevent similar attacks or find the perpetrators.” 

This is what NATO and ZOG do.

They arm and train Moslems to invade and kill anyone that doesn’t bend to the Jews’ will.

And the only people who have stood up for the White Christian Serbs have traditionally been WNs.

In fact, since tens of thousands of NATO troops arrived in Serbia’s southern Kosovo province in June 1999, following NATO’s illegal bombing of Serbia and Montenegro (at that time known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the lot of the local Christians – and all non-Albanians for that matter – has grown progressively worse. More than 250.000 of them have been expelled and almost none allowed to return, and over 150 churches, monasteries and holy sites, many of them irreplaceable medieval treasures, have been severely damaged or destroyed. More than 1,000 Serbs have been murdered in this period, but the crimes have gone unpunished.

Does this sound familiar?

This, of course, did not deter the U.S. and other “liberal democracy” flag-waivers from recognizing so-called Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence of February 2008, and from pressuring other countries, including Serbia itself, to follow suit. It is no wonder that the culture of impunity has taken such firm hold among Kosovo Albanian politicians and, especially, the Islamists among them. According to a 2016 Deutsche Welle report, 50,000 Kosovo Albanians (out of a population of about 1 million) are now members of “conservative Islamic groups,” with the former relatively liberal form of Islam that had been practiced there for centuries increasingly being replaced by strict forms of the Saudi Wahhabism, and Kosovo Albanian society increasingly shifting to a “religious-ethnic society.” In addition, Kosovo has become the largest per capita supplier of ISIS fighters in Europe. All on NATO’s and the EU’s watch. Democracy at its finest on display.

This was not a mistake. This was deliberate.

Kosovo and Albania already run sex-trafficking, drug-smuggling, arms-running criminal gangs throughout all of Western Europe.

They will be the shock troops of the Moslems when they decide to make their move – if the more extremist faction of the Moslems win out over the moderates, who favor a “boil the pink skins slowly” approach.

The ISIS leader in Kosovo, he fought in Syria and Iraq

The minute a truly pro-White government comes to power anywhere, we will know it by this sign: it will immediately bomb the shit out of the Moslems in Albania and Kosovo, and return the land to the Orthodox Serbs.