The Other Easter Attack: Moslem Rushes Munich Church, Throws Firecrackers and Yells “Allah Akbar”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2019

This attack is being overshadowed by the mass bombing attack in Sri Lanka.

In fact, the Israelis are the only ones reporting it in English (though there are several other sources in German).

Jerusalem Post:

A man stormed a church in Munich on Saturday, causing injuries to at least 24 people as the parishioners fled the service.

The assailant, described as an “African” man by some media outlets, caused the mass panic and injuries. The congregants were treated for light injuries and returned to the service. Videos posted online show the inside of the St. Paul’s Parish church in disarray.  The police arrested the man on Saturday evening in the church.

According to German media reports, the police said on Sunday the man made “noisily unintelligible words that frightened the congregants who were within earshot.”

He yelled “Allah Akbar” as he threw the fireworks.

People thought the firecrackers were gunshots and were injured trampling each other trying to get out.

We have an absolute moral right – a moral duty, in fact – to remove all of these animals from our countries, with extreme prejudice.

The Chinese have the same right.

The Sri Lankans have the same right.

Every country with Moslems in it has a right to remove them, using whatever means are necessary to get them the fuck out.

These people are an absolute plague, released on us by the Jews for the purpose of destroying us.

I’m sure there were other Easter attacks in various places that we haven’t heard about yet. This one is being covered up, which is why there is no English report on it outside of Israel (where they compulsively monitor global Islamic behavior so they can try to protect themselves from it).

These attacks give even more credence to the theory that the Notre Dame burning was a terrorist attack. But it is looking more and more like that will never be confirmed either way. France has appointed an investigative team, and I guarantee that their mandate is “come up with an explanation for this that doesn’t involve Moslems.”

So we will never know for sure, and I’m not going to claim to know for sure that it was Moslems. But I will say that it almost certainly was, as that is simply Occam’s Razor.