The Only Way to Understand the Coronavirus Response is to Look at It in Terms of a Mass Hysteria

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2020

The only conceivable way to understand what we are seeing with the Coronavirus situation, where we are probably going to see the total collapse of the Western world as a result of people being afraid of getting the flu and dying, is mass hysteria.

This explains why so many people who should know better are going along with it. It explains why no one is thinking about the consequences of their actions. These people are all in a state of panicked delusion, which is feeding itself like an ouroboros as they feed on each other’s fear and see each other confirming their own psychotic delusions.


In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria (also known as mass psychogenic illness, collective hysteria, group hysteria, or collective obsessional behavior) is a phenomenon that transmits collective illusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population in society as a result of rumors and fear (memory acknowledgement).

The people inside of the hysteria are completely incapable of seeing outside of it. They will not see reason, they will not look at the actual numbers. Everything in their entire being is about continuing to feed the collective madness. There is occasionally anger when people point out how completely insane this all is, but it is more likely to simply not be heard. If you say something that goes against the delusion, it just doesn’t seem to register with them. You can mention in conversation that it looks like the Coronavirus mortality rate is no different than any other flu virus, and they will not even acknowledge that you’ve said that and just keep on talking about how we’re all doomed.

I am increasingly leaning towards the idea that there isn’t even a hidden agenda here, and it is simply that the members of the media and the government are themselves caught up in this strange frenzy. It doesn’t seem to discriminate based on social position or level of intelligence. Sure, the government has de facto declared martial law and they’re implementing new forms of censorship and so on, but this could easily be explained by the people making these decisions being in a state of hysteria.

(Of course, it is entirely possible that this is an agenda, and it simply hasn’t manifested itself yet. I will be exploring such possibilities in the future. However, as a mental exercise, it is interesting to consider that this could all be exactly what it looks like.)

As it stands, it is hard to figure out what the agenda would be. We have already long passed the point of no return on avoiding a disaster, and we’re looking at tens of millions of homeless in America and basically there isn’t going to be any money for anything. The entire society is going to have to be downsized, due to the mass layoffs, and that will include the government. That is going to force America to retreat from the world stage, and make way for China to replace them, which is exactly the opposite of what the people making the decisions in Washington and Tel Aviv want.

In the worst (best?) case scenario, the government prints so much money over the next couple of years to try and dig out of this hole they dug themselves into that it does create a Ron Paul style inflation death spiral and the country literally breaks apart. I’m not going to preach that doom scenario, but legitimately, this is an event that will change our lives more than any event in history has ever changed the lives of people in a society. And no one is talking or apparently even thinking about that. We hear nods about “the economy,” but no one is saying that in real terms that means virtually everyone’s life is going to be completely destroyed. There are not going to be any jobs, and a massive share of the population will not have money to pay rent or buy food. There aren’t any easy solutions to this, because our economy is so ridiculous to begin with. The likelihood is that by summertime, you will know what it is like to wait in a line to be given government food. You might well also experience being forced to live in a drug and crime ridden government housing project.

I don’t want to preach the same kind of doom the Corona Doom Cultists are preaching, but you must understand: this is very, very bad. And there is no possibility that when this is over, and the daze of hysteria clears, that your life will resemble what it was before this.

All because people were afraid of the flu.