The One with Ukraine! New Episode of TRUMP Comes Out!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2019

They say that you are the average of the people that you surround yourself with.

And Trump has surrounded himself with some very problematic people.

But it occurs to me: maybe he’s like the Chandler of his friend group.

Joey and Phoebe are retarded, Rachel is a sloot, Monica is a busybody and Ross is a closet homosexual, but good ol’ Chandler is the normal one and you can take that to the bank.

Trump is the guy who grounds the group and makes wisecracks to the audience from time to time because when everyone else is so wacky and zany, you need a Chandler to be normal to make it work. Without it, the audience gets worried and switches the channel. This is known.

Bolton, Pompeo, and Pence are undeniably some wacky folks who believe in some nutty stuff like the Biblical end times.

It would be concerning if all four of the characters were nuts, but never fear, we have the grounded leader on the ground who tolerates some shenanigans from time to time… but acts as a voice of reason for the friend group.

Since we’re dealing with a joke and not an actual administration, why not just assume that Trump is the grounded main character of some sitcom who enjoys the eccentricities of his rambunctious friends, but keeps it all in check to make the show work?

In other words, Trump’s not a crazy guy… it’s just all the people that he hangs out with are crazy guys… you know, for the sake of the plot.

This week’s episode: The One with Ukraine. 

Free Beacon:

The United States military and partners from 19 countries are getting set to kick off a massive series of war drills in Ukraine amid rising threats from Iran and Russia, according to the Defense Department.

From July 1 to 12, American military assets will join with “19 nations, 33 ships, 26 aircraft, and over 3,000 troops to participate in a maritime, air, and land exercise that will enhance capabilities, improve interoperability and build upon decades of partnership and friendship,” according to information provided by the Defense Department.

The drills, an annual exercise known as Sea Breeze that is now in its 19th year, are set to begin at a tense time for the Trump administration, which is seen as on the brink of war with Iran after it downed an unmanned American drone and threatened greater attacks on U.S. forces in the region. Russia also has been increasing its threats, with new reports indicating Moscow will begin conducting “observational flights” over America.


What have Pompeo and Bolton gotten up to this time!?

How is Trump going to get them to behave, save the world from WWIII and keep the friendship together!?

He’s certainly got his hands full this week!

It’s America’s favorite sitcom: TRUMP!

And what an opening season it has been. Who can forget the iconic episodes?

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Stay tuned for more!