The Old Migrant in a Mattress Trick, Eh?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2019

I’ve been saying for years that despite IQ charts showing American Africans as more intelligent due to their white admixture, African Africans are much more ingenuitive.

Case in point.

The Sun:

This is the astonishing moment migrants were discovered hidden inside bed mattresses strapped to a van in a desperate bid to reach Europe.

Shocking footage shows border officers slashing open plastic-wrapped beds strapped to a white vehicle at a check-point near Melilla on the north African coast and Morocco.

One man, dressed in a black and white t-shirt with black jeans, is seen emerging looking dazed as white filling spills from the mattress.

A second man in a blue Reebok t-shirt then comes out of a second mattress before walking around the corner and sitting down.

Spanish senator Jon Inarritu shared the footage on Twitter, writing: “As long as there are no safe routes to request asylum, situations like this will continue to occur in the southern border of Europe.”

The two men, both believed to be sub-Saharan youths, were said to be in good health and did not require medical help.

Yes, I’m sure they were in good health.

Africans are virile.

And I cannot imagine a comfier journey than being INSIDE a mattress.

The key question once again becomes: why are these oppressed victims willing to leave the wonderland of Wakanda, with all of their high-technology and flying pyramids, simply to be oppressed by the backwards skin-haters of white countries?

Is it simply pure altruism – that they want to come to Europe by any means necessary to teach us their high sciences, despite our hatred for their skin pigmentation?

I can think of no other explanation.