The Official Soundtrack of the Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2016


For years now, annoying faggots have been pestering me like, “Anglin you stupid dumb bastard – how in the hell can you have a political movement without an official soundtrack?”

Much to my chagrin, these faggots had a point.

Every successful political movement in history has been associated with specific forms of art and music, creating a semi-official aesthetic for the ideology.

Our aesthetic has been largely formed by keky memes, which wholly represent the spirit of our movement.

This happened organically. An official sound to the movement has not happened organically, however.

So, as the Publisher of the World’s Most Visited Alt-Right Website, The Daily Stormer, the burden of presenting the official soundtrack of the movement has fallen on me.

It is a terrible burden, let me tell you.

The forms of music associated with previous White Nationalist movements, various forms of rock music, are pretty dated. No one would condone allowing rock music to be played in the Holy Temple of KEK.

In the end, the solution to this problem had been staring me in the face all along.

The Whitest music ever:


maxresde fault

Synthwave represents the truest sound of the Alt-Right, in the same way KEK defines our visual presentation.

While much in the Alt-Right is controversial, I can virtually guarantee that the entire spectrum of the movement is going to agree with this decision.

It is ridiculously obvious.


Within this genre is the sound of reading the Daily Stormer, the sound of sending Auschwitz uniform pics to Yulia Ioffe on Twitter, the sound of tens of thousands of university printers printing off Nazi propaganda, the sound of an old guy punching a Black Lives protester in the face at a Trump rally, the sound of watching a goofy Black guy mention Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer on congressional hearing livestream.

It is the sound of revolution.

Our revolution.

I’m currently seriously digging this album (great for newbies):

And there is so much more.

This is just a taste to whet your whistle.

The adventures which this music will bring to your life and to the Alt-Right movement are truly limitless.


The best place to start is the NewRetroWave YouTube channel.

They’re also on Twitter.

To any of you who may be hesitant to embrace this executive decision I’ve made – out of our millions of readers I’m sure it will only be like 8 guys – just listen to it for a while while reading this site. See what happens.

Because odds are, it will be PURE MAGIC.

The music is the spirit of the childhoods of millenials. Our souls are wrapped up in these sounds.

This, brothers, is true power.

It feels great to finally have this mission out of the way.

Our movement is now this much stronger.

Hail Victory.