The Nightmare is Over: Sessions Finally Out

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2018

Sorry Sessions, there’s a new sheriff in town!


Embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned at the “request” of President Donald Trump on Wednesday after more than a year of public criticism from the president.

Sessions’s chief of staff Matthew Whitaker will serve as acting attorney general, Trump announced.

Good riddance, old man.


If it were up to me though, I would put you to use before putting you out to pasture – give you one last chance to redeem yourself to America,

Kind of like the Arbiter from Halo 2.

Uncanny resemblance lol

I’d put you in charge of the DHS in a suicide mission to purge out heresy and beanerphilia in the ranks.

We shall see if Trump deigns to give you a chance at redemption.

Whitaker also will assume oversight of the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, and possible collusion by Trump’s campaign in that meddling. Whitaker by law can serve as acting AG for a maximum of 210 days.

Whitaker will have the power to fire Mueller “for cause” as outlined under rules governing the special counsel’s office, if such cause is found.

Yes, he certainly could shut this whole thing down once and for all.

But will he?

To answer that question, we must find out what kind of man Whitaker is.

Des Moines Register:

Whitaker has described himself as “100 percent pro life,” as an opponent of “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants, and a supporter of Medicare reform and a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

So far so good. My cuck-detector gave off a little bit of static but came up green in the end.

In a November 2017 interview with the Register, Whitaker described the work environment at the Justice Department as professional. He added that there were “bright lines” about what everyone could and couldn’t talk about.

Whitaker also talked wistfully of his life in Iowa, saying he had hardly seen the Hawkeyes play since he had arrived in Washington a month earlier. He recalled he had previously been doing a weekly radio show about Hawkeye football and those days were over. “But my time in Washington is pretty cool,” he added. 

Football? Did you say Football?

Nah, just kidding, lol.

I think he’s just saying that to appeal to American voters.

He’s got a massive dome, which means that he’s smart enough to say the right words.

I wonder what machinations this guy is cooking up in there.

If I had to guess, I’d peg him down as Chaotic Neutral. Willing to go one way or the other. Smart enough to have a huge brain, but not smart enough to cover it up, lest it scare the puny brainlets and give the game away…

The jury is out on whether this new big-brained Attorney General will bend the knee to Trump and fight his enemies or not.

We shall see.

Still, very nice to see Trump finally cleaning out his rotten cabinet.