The Next Step of the Plan is the MAGA Step

People call me every day and say to me, “so, Anglin, what’s the next major step in this step-by-step plan you keep telling us to trust?”

And every time they call, my answer is the same: “shut up, you faggot, stop calling me, I’m trying to fix my vape and I can’t do that with your stupid voice in my brain.”

I can now reveal the next step in the plan: the MAGA step.

The step after that is for Jake Lloyd to burn every piece of clothing he owns, go paleo and learn the MAGA step.

Did Jake Lloyd fear that he would have to disappear into the woods of Harrisburg after Saturday’s rally? Why is he wearing a camouflage jacket?

Overall, the Harrisburg Stop the Steal rally was fantastic. It was the best yet.

This Panther Den clip sums up the energy.

Nick gave a speech, then he marched, then he gave another speech.

Here’s Nick’s first speech.

Here are some clips from his second speech.

These speeches just keep getting better. The man is an unstoppable machine.

Patrick Casey, Scott Greer and Baked Alaska also appeared.

I’m sure Jake Lloyd’s speech was fine too, but I was distracted by trying to focus my eyes on him while he was speaking – he kept blending into the environment.

Most importantly, Steel Puma was there to protect the rally. But I can’t find the clips.

(I still do not have my planned BitChute rally archive channel set up, because I mean come on man, I can’t do everything, somebody needs to help me with this shit. The best videos are in the “replays” section of the DLive channels of The Ralph Retort, Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska and Steel Puma. If you want to go see the whole event, go rummage around there. I’m going to find someone this week to help me with the archive – I’m literally going to pay them, because on the right-wing internet, that is your only possibility of ever getting anything done. It is frankly ridiculous that someone is not already going through the DLive channels, downloading the videos, and uploading them to BitChute. What is wrong with you people? Can you imagine that this literally falls on me, to personally go and download and upload these videos so that a record exists?)

I think people think I’m joking when I say that the worst part of these rallies is the breaches of the dress code. I’m not joking. I have a couple other criticisms which I wouldn’t say so publicly as this, but the biggest issue is that speakers are showing up looking like they’re going to a tailgate party.

Probably, this says that the rallies are overall fantastic, and there isn’t much to criticize. But it’s not a joke. Clothes are a big deal. It’s the basic decisions you make as to how you present yourself to the world. Subliminally, people register this as very important.

If you show up looking like you’re on the way to a parking lot to drink Bud Lite and blast Nickleback, you do not give people the impression that you care about what you’re doing.

And before “people want someone they can connect with who looks like them” – no, they don’t. People want political leaders to look like they’re in charge. They want them to be people they can look up to, because they are better. A political leader is not viewed as a buddy, he is viewed as a tribal chief. That’s how the brain registers it. If someone looks like they’re a guy you’d meet at a backyard BBQ, they do not register as a leader.

I have no problem with Vince James or Jake Lloyd, and I like them, but this isn’t a small issue, and they need to be made examples of. Both of these adult men wore camouflage jackets to Nick’s rallies. Whether they know it or not, it is very disrespectful.

If they don’t know what they should wear, they could read one of my fashion guides. Or they could ask someone who is dressed like a normal adult for advice. Casey and Greer were both dressed like adult men. Baked is the court jester, so his thing is irrelevant.

The gathered crowd doesn’t have to look great. I’m not even talking about that. It’s the people who go there to speak, and thus present themselves as leaders, who need to be very concerned about how they present themselves. (Frankly, however, most of the crowd does look good – I personally take 100% credit for being the first person ever to get a group of Americans to dress like normal people.)

Here’s what you need to understand: the majority of normal white Americans are 100% ready to get on board with 99% of our agenda. So the challenge then is simply presenting the agenda in a way that they are able to get on board with.

We’ve talked about the optics thing forever.

As I recently explained:

“Optics” is defined as: “Presenting your message in a way that maximizes your appeal to your target audience.”

I got that very right when I was shaping the Alt-Right online. Then, people took a movement that me and other (mostly anonymous) internet people created, and tried to pump and dump it with fat guy neo-Nazism in the offline world. This was a very short-lived thing, as it lasted only one afternoon in Virginia.

This was years of work that I put in basically totally squandered by anti-social attention whores who are probably all feds. My entire shit got totally flipped upside down, as I was undermined by the fattest.

It was a giant sucking sound after Charlottesville, when all of that energy disappeared, and what was once rebellious young people having fun and posting Pepe memes was transformed into this:

Obviously, that’s not going to happen again. I didn’t understand what was happening until it happened. (In fact, I didn’t really understand it for some significant time after it had happened.)

I bring this up simply to highlight just how important these impressions are. Those of you who were around back then remember: we had so very much energy before Charlottesville. And then it was just all gone in an instant.

It could really all be summed up by noting that we were denounced by PewDiePie, who’d previously been engaging with us. Even after he lost a 3 million dollar Disney contract he didn’t issue a serious disavow.

He issued a serious disavow when it turned out that the face of the thing he was engaging with was not this:

But rather this:

Of course, it wasn’t actually that – this was the ultimate switcheroo, worse than the worst fat bitch’s fake Tinder profile – but it was that, because that is what happened.

Three years with Trump in office were completely wasted, as every single piece of political capital that the Alt-Right brand had established disappeared. (It had already lost a lot of capital between the election and Charlottesville, due to the deranged antics of some other IRL figures, but Charlottesville was like dropping a nuke on the brand.)

So: ostensibly, those costume people had the same basic agenda as I had in 2017, which is how this all ended up happening like that. I don’t know if they really had that agenda, because now most of them are promoting third worldism, communism, the coronavirus hoax, the believe all women hoax, and telling their followers to vote for Joe Biden. But, at the time, their stated agenda was the same as mine. It’s an agenda that we know sells. But no matter how popular something is, it’s not going to sell if you wrap it in a bunch of screaming fat guys in all black military costumes marching around with plastic shields.

So what mattered was purely this: their presentation. That is what changed everything. That is why through the entire Trump Administration, there was zero representation of the far-right – it was because of one very bad optics day.

That is the importance of presentation.



It costs you nothing.

Actually, it costs you the cost of clothes. But you can go to H&M or better yet ZARA, and you can get clothes that look good very cheaply.

I heard the Z Man recently commenting on America First, and he said that it’s a situation where the younger brother is able to look at all of the mistakes of his older brother, and not make those same mistakes. This is the perfect analogy. But frankly, if Nick wasn’t there acting like the Ultra Asshole, MAGA stepping on anyone who presses him, America First would have already descended into costumed neo-Nazism, because as soon as you start doing any kind of pro-white activism, these people show up like flies on meat.

Nick is the cork keeping the pro-white movement from growing maggots.

Costumed neo-Nazis are not going to spring from a camouflage jacket, but Nick is actually too nice to his own people, which is why I’m doing bad cop:

If you’re going to speak at one of these events, dress like an adult.

This is not about me or you or us. What is happening with the America First movement is about the entire future of the West, of the white race, and ultimately of all living things on earth, down to the various fungi.

There is so very, very much that we can’t control.

Let’s control the things we can.