The Next Big Hoax: Russian Opposition Dickhead in Critical Condition After Alleged Poisoning

On Thursday, when the news broke that the press people of the Russian opposition leader had been poisoned on an airplane, we supposed that he had simply gotten sick and it was a brief stunt that would blow over.

In fact, I made a wrong assumption. He is apparently not simply sick, but actually comatose. That means that this is not going to blow over. (It also emerged that they were claiming he was poisoned at the airport, and not on the plane, as it had initially appeared from the first reports.)

The Western media is going nuts, pushing yet another nonsensical narrative designed to escalate global conflict.

New York Times:

A Russian hospital is refusing to allow the prominent Kremlin critic Aleksei A. Navalny to be transferred abroad for treatment after a suspected poisoning, the opposition leader’s spokeswoman said on Friday, setting up a potential standoff as a plane from Germany arrived to fly him out of the country.

Mr. Navalny, President Vladimir V. Putin’s most persistent critic, was rushed to the hospital in the Siberian city of Omsk on Thursday after he appeared to suffer agonizing pain on a domestic flight after drinking a cup of tea at the airport in the Siberian city of Tomsk.

Mr. Navalny lost consciousness before he was hospitalized. His spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, said in a Twitter post on Friday that the head doctor at the hospital in Siberia was barring any transfer because his condition was not stable enough.

The night before, the regional health authorities had said that a group of Russian doctors from Moscow’s most prestigious medical institutions were traveling to Siberia to help treat Mr. Navalny, but the opposition leader’s family and supporters were insisting that he be sent abroad for further treatment.

Ms. Yarmysh wrote that the refusal to allow Mr. Navalny’s transfer was effectively “an attempt on his life being carried out right now by doctors and the deceitful authorities that have authorized it.”

Anatoly Kalinichenko, the deputy head doctor at the Omsk hospital, told reporters on Friday morning that doctors had not found anything to support the idea that Mr. Navalny was poisoned.

He did not explain, however, why a healthy 44-year-old man had fallen ill so suddenly and violently, and there was speculation among Mr. Navalny’s supporters that Russia did not want Mr. Navalny to leave because German doctors might discover the cause of his illness.

Footage from the Moscow-bound airplane on Thursday shared on social media recorded him groaning before losing consciousness, and the plane made an emergency landing in Omsk. He was transported on a gurney to an ambulance waiting on the tarmac.

Russian media is confirming that the Russian government is refusing to let the Germans take Navalny out of the country.

They’re framing it much differently, however.


Medics treating Alexey Navalny have prevented his evacuation to Germany, saying his condition isn’t stable enough for the journey. Meanwhile, there were conflicting reports early on Friday as to whether the activist was poisoned.

The deputy chief physician of the facility caring for the Moscow protest leader says no traces of poison were found in his blood and urine. Analysis was carried out both in Moscow and in Omsk, where Navalny is currently in intensive care, according to Dr Anatoly Kalinichenko.

The activist was hospitalized on Thursday after he lost consciousness on a flight from Tomsk. Kalinichenko added that he remained unconscious and on a ventilator, but his “condition had improved somewhat overnight.”

“No poisons or traces of poison have been found in his system. I suppose the diagnosis of ‘poisoning’ is still at the back of our minds,” Kalinichenko told reporters. “But we do not think that the patient has been poisoned.”

However, earlier on Friday morning, Navalny’s associate Ivan Zhdanov, a director at the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), said police had spoken of a ‘deadly substance’ being found. There was no information about where it was discovered or whether it was in Navalny’s body. The blogger’s wife, Yulia, believes that authorities are stalling for time until the toxin passes from his system.

“The substance poses a threat not only to Alexey’s life, but also to those around him,” Zhdanov warned. “A representative of the transport police said that everyone around him should be in protective suits.” He added that police would not identify the substance, because it is an “investigative secret.”

This is very obviously yet another Western scheme aimed at escalating conflict with Russia.

You must understand that everything the West does is designed to provoke conflict while convincing the American population that they are acting in a highly moral way.

Behold, ye man, the supremely impeccable, and tremble. Gaze ye upon the bloated visage of unimpeachable honor and virtue: The Sublimely Noble Mike Pompeo gorged himself on a king’s buffet of righteousness, thus his waterbed-like flesh is bulging with the holy water of irreproachable trustworthiness. There is more meritorious propriety in one of his sausage-like pinky fingers than in the whole of Putin’s irredeemable Russian regime. A thick stench of noxious scrupulousness oozes from his oily pores as he judges the wicked of the earth and moves like a mountainous slug of protruding piety to right the wrongs committed against the Holy Throne of Democracy.

We should also note that this is targeted as much at Donald Trump as it is at Russia. Donald Trump, for all of his faults and failures, is the first president in four decades to not start a new war in his first term. The establishment had demanded repeatedly that he engage in various conflicts, most of them proxy wars against Russia, which, along with China, are the primary targets of ZOG’s wrath as the march toward a New World Order has become a vigorous sprint in the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty.

Let’s Break This Down

Let’s just go ahead and start at the beginning here, and see what truth we can find about this situation.

First things first: would the Kremlin want to kill Navalny? 

As we said on Thursday: no. Absolutely not. He has not managed to get any traction whatsoever, other than as a symbol of anti-Putin sentiment. Putin is very popular, so there is not much of that. Navalny is generically handsome and confident enough that he could look like a good candidate for a subversion program, but he’s weird-looking and he has no charisma. His agenda is a mix of neo-Nazism and global anal liberalism, as even ultra-supportive Jewish publications like The Atlantic have noted.

Given that he is not gaining any traction, and is the defined opposition figure, it is an ideal situation for the Kremlin. Given the global geopolitical landscape, and the strategy of Western governments to subvert perceived enemy nations by building up weird opposition – which you are seeing now in Hong Kong, Belarus, et al. – Navalny was a great asset of the Kremlin. There’s only one person or group who is going to hold the title of primary opposition, and because it’s impossible to avoid having that without going full-North Korea, having an ineffective opposition is ideal for any nation attempting to resist Jewish and US State Department subversion.

Russia would have been smart to have this guy under constant surveillance – to protect him. They probably did, in fact.

If there is anyone who would want Navalny dead, it would be his Western backers who are seeing this man fail to do his job of stirring up enough internal tension in Russia that they can start funding the neo-Nazis to throw firebombs at cops. They made a bad investment with this guy, and they no doubt want to move someone new into the position of Western Shill Supreme.

The entire concept of “who benefits?” has been excised from the public discourse in the West, but if you were to actually ask that question here, you would come to the obvious conclusion that only the West would benefit by killing this person.

For the sake of argument, suppose that the Kremlin wants to kill Alexi Navalny. 

If you were going to assassinate a high profile target, you would probably want it to be suspected that you did it in order to send a message, but you would not want it definitively confirmable in most situations (definitely in any theoretical situation where Putin ordered an assassination of Navalny, he would not want it confirmable, but within this stupid theoretical world the Western media has created around Russia, maybe he would want to send a message).

How would they go about doing that? There would be several ways, but one of those ways would not be poisoning his tea with something that causes him to go into a coma. There are a whole lot of odorless poisons in the world that will kill you immediately. There are poisons that can make it look like you had a heart attack.

But poison is a generally stupid way to kill someone. The much superior way is to make it look like an accident, like a robbery gone wrong, or like someone you don’t like did it.

This individual Navalny was traveling around the country. Russia still has some rough neighborhoods. Further, Navalny’s people are kind of scummy. If you were the Russian intelligence services, you could easily stage a shooting or stabbing of this man and make it look like:

  • A robbery
  • A drunken disagreement in an alley
  • An Islamic event

Any of those would leave people wondering, but never knowing, if it was a murder. The assassin could easily not know the reason for the hit, just in case he was caught – which would be highly unlikely if the murder was arranged by the much-touted “former KGB” intelligence agency of Russia.

The fact of reality is that the Western media is constantly talking about the diabolical genius of the Russian intelligence services, and in fact claiming that they upset the entire global order by electing Donald Trump using WikiLeaks and strategically targeted Facebook ads.

Any honest person should be able to say with pretty significant confidence that if Navalny was poisoned – and it seems likely that he was, at this point – that it was done by Western forces for the purposes both of getting rid of Navalny so he can be replaced and creating an international crisis.

There is No Way This Isn’t a Major Hoax

It was only a matter of time, actually, until it was decided to stage a hoax to drastically escalate conflict with Russia. Every single thing you see happening anywhere in the world is part of a large-scale push for the rapid establishment of a New World Order.

In these situations, they always block every exit before they move on you. In Hong Kong, they were able to create a constant state of chaos on the streets which was rendering non-functional the most profitable city in China. More importantly than the money, however, they were sending a message to the rest of China that the PRC had lost control.

China’s options were:

  1. A vulgar display of power; arresting the leaders and unleashing the cops to crush the protests with violence would lead to severe backlash on the international stage, or
  2. To seriously weaken the “one country, two systems” system, which would lead to a lessened but still significant backlash on the international stage, and also a degree of confidence loss by the Chinese population

They chose option #2, passing a security law that violates the established rule in the country. It was the better option, but the Jewish media is still calling them communist psychopaths who hate freedom for doing it, and the concept of “failure of an established system” doesn’t go over well with Asians as a rule, given their affinity for systems and orders.

A false flag poisoning of the Russian opposition followed by a coordinated action by Germany to demand they be allowed to fly him out is a similar lose-lose proposition. Firstly, they have to manage this crisis in very short minutes. They probably had this eventuality in mind, but might not have foreseen the West requesting he be flown out.

The options are:

  1. Fly him to Germany and have it confirmed he has poison in his system, or
  2. Refuse to fly him out, say there was no poison, have the entire West blame you for poisoning him anyway

Probably, #2 is the better option, but it isn’t a good option. The Russians are forced to look guilty. And clearly, they can’t hold him indefinitely, and it’s likely that when he gets to Germany, they’re going to say he was poisoned anyway.

The upside for Russia here is that they can say the West did it for the reasons I outlined and domestically, most people will believe it, because Russians are familiar with thinking in terms of that kind of plot (whereas Westerners have to have pureed obviousness spoonfed to them or they get confused and outraged).

This is probably a big time Mike Pompeo special, which is going to lead to immediate escalations. Mike Pompeo doesn’t care if Donald Trump wins. He can’t be fired. He will make it mission number one to bring down “the corrupt Russian regime” in the middle of an election. If Trump loses, he goes to the private sector and works for the same bosses he works for now with better pay and easier direct access to whatever it is that he’s into.

The media is going to demand Trump take war-like action against Russia. They’re also going to campaign on “Kamala Harris won’t allow Russians to get away with it.”

You might have noticed that the report of this poisoning came the same day as the reports that the Belarusian protests were fizzling out.

Probably just a coincidence.