The New York Times Apologizes for Publishing Cartoon Accurately Depicting the Trump-Netanyahu Relationship

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

The New York Times actually managed to publish an accurate political cartoon depicting the political relationship between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. There is no lie here.

The New York Times is fake news from Jews. This is a documented fact.

Their breathless promotion of the Russia hoax proved conclusively that they are a highly untrustworthy source of information. They also employ a number of disreputable Jewish writers like Bari Weiss, Maggie Haberman, Paul Krugman among others.  That’s why it is only fitting that when they actually manage to publish something truthful, they go out of their way to delete the content and apologize for it.

The Hill:

The New York Times Opinion section on Saturday apologized for a political cartoon that included anti-Semitic tropes.

The image, published in the international print edition of Thursday’s paper, featured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guide dog wearing a Star of David collar leading President Trump, who is wearing a skullcap and dark glasses.

“The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it,” the newspaper said in a tweet. “It was provided by The New York Times News Service and Syndicate, which has since deleted it.”

Yeah, so they deleted the cartoon not because it was inaccurate, but because it was offensive to Jews. It would also seem as if the cartoon was offensive to Jews because it was a little too accurate.

Jews and Israeli Jews in particular have been whining about the cartoon all over Twitter. They seem to be in disbelief that a paper dominated by members of their own race allowed such content to be published.

This hive mind like response from these kikes shows that they view the truth to be anti-Semitic. There is no other way to explain this reaction. Trump throughout his entire time in office has bent over backwards doing all sorts of things for Netanyahu and Israel. He has done exponentially more for Israel than for the Americans who elected him. That’s why the image of the blind man Trump being led by the Jewish dog Netanyahu is such a powerfully accurate portrayal of their relationship.

So whenever you hear Jews talking about waging a war on anti-Semitism, what they are really talking about is waging a war on the truth. That’s the major takeaway of this episode.