The New York Times Admits the American Flag is a Symbol of the Right

The Jewish New York Times has published a revealing piece about how the US flag is now a symbol of right-wing politics.

They admit that Independence Day no longer “unites America,” because the left effectively hates the country and views the country’s national symbols as instruments of hatred and racial oppression.

These are obvious observations, but they’re ones that wouldn’t have been published in the Times a year ago.

Some right-wingers attacked the Times for saying it.

I would of course agree that the New York Times contributed heavily to encouraging Americans – particularly white women – to hate America. They also played a fundamental role in transforming the demographics of America, bringing in all of these foreigners who have no reason to have any allegiances to the country.

That said, at this point, saying “mostly Republicans care about America, whereas leftists hate the country” is just a factual statement based on the observations any of us can witness in our daily lives.

Here’s a video of your standard white cunts saying they are ashamed to be American. They cite all of these retard-tier hoaxes about “racism and colonization.”

These are standard answers. Maybe you won’t get them in rural areas, but those women usually at least have kids (even if they’re unmarried). More or less 100% of unmarried urban women hate America. Plus at least a third of married urban women. Brown people are less likely to hate America than white women (but that isn’t saying much and plus who cares – they have to go back).

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The Jewish media and the Democrat Party are actively and aggressively anti-America, so people loyal to these things are too. If Democrats didn’t hate America (i.e., White Christian Patriarchy), they would stop being Democrats.

I’ve spent a decade now predicting this ultimate polarization, that became obvious as soon as the media started responding to Occupy Wall Street by pumping up these racism hoaxes.

Now, finally, “America” just means “white people and a few nonwhites who prefer white people.” That was of course always the original meaning.