The New Sagging Pants: Lindsey Graham Invents Coronavirus Mask Fashion Trend

Fashion is all about expressing your unique individuality, and America is a nation of unique and uniquely deranged and paranoid individuals.

America has a long tradition of wearing things in a weird way to do fashion.

You had the one strap overalls.

You had the sideways ball cap.

Some people got advertisements tattooed on their faces.

And then you have the number one classic: the sagging pants.

An unlikely fashion hero has now emerged, wearing his mask in a weird way in order to express his unique individuality: Lindsey Graham has invented what is being called “the peeker,” as in, “that nigga be peekin’, dawg!”

It’s when you wear your coronavirus mask all the way up to your eyes, so that you’re “peeking” out at the world.

Sure, it inhibits your vision significantly – but a sideways ball cap sure as heck didn’t keep the sun out of your eyes, and pants sagging made it nearly impossible to walk!

The peeker will no doubt go down in the history books as Lindsey Graham’s single most important life accomplishment.