The New Jewish Coronavirus Mask Looks Fantastic, Giving That Old Retro Sci-Fi Vibe

I’m a big fan of classic science fiction, and this mask really hits the spot for me.

It’s straight out of the pulps!

Times of Israel:

An Israeli scientist has invented a mask that “seals” the face and, according to testing, blocks 99.25% of coronavirus-sized particles, he said.

Noam Gavriely helped the Israel Defense Forces develop gas masks during the Iraq War, and admits that his new product, ViriMASK, resembles some wartime protection devices and doesn’t look attractive. But he said that in terms of protection, it offers a significant improvement over the N95 masks, which are meant to filter at least 95% of airborne particles, and are widely seen as the best currently available option.

Gavriely, ViriMASK CEO, told The Times of Israel: “Unlike other products, this is sealed all around the face, like gas masks and diving masks. And the filter is much more dense than the N95 mask and surgical masks, meaning that fewer particles penetrate.”

He said this can give peace of mind to hospital workers and other medical professionals, including dentists, and others who are at a higher risk of being exposed to the coronavirus.

The mask straps around the head and covers the eyes, nose and mouth, meaning that all points currently believed to be channels for coronavirus infection are protected.

“In this sense, you’re covering yourself completely and also protecting the environment around you from any infection you may have,” said Gavriely, who was a professor of physiology at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology until his early retirement in 2005.

“Originally, we designed it to give protection for medical staff, but others have started buying it online and we’re finding that almost everyone can use it,” he said. “People buy it to go to visit grandparents, to go on flights and wear for hospital check-ups.”

It’s the perfect look, and with multiple colors available, you can match it with any style.

Look: goggles regulations are coming. You’re going to be forced to cover your eyes just as you’re currently forced to cover your mouth. You might as well look like a BOSS while doing it.

Local governments are going to start issuing decrees demanding goggles at any minute, now that the High Priest of Public Health Anthony Fauci has said it.

So get in early: get this Jewish mask, so you don’t look like an asshole walking around in ski goggles.

Don’t follow the stupid advice of Madam Birx and try to decorate the goggles yourself. You will look like a complete asshole if you do that. You’ll look like the dork in high school whose poor single mother bought his clothes for him at K-Mart.

You don’t want to be that guy.

You want to be slick and stylish.

This sweet Jewish piece of fashion is only a mere $70, and they’re going to sell out in an instant when the goggles laws come into effect.