The New Hampshire State Rep Who Shared a Daily Stormer Link Did Nothing Wrong

dawn johnson
Don Johnson is under fire for sharing a –


Something’s wrong here!

It’s DAWN Johnson! She’s being attacked for sharing our article!

A New Hampshire State Representative is under fire for sharing a link to the Daily Stormer, with the media referring to this publication as a “notorious neo-Nazi website.”

Dawn Johnson tried to share a link to an article about Brian Kemp’s dastardly plans on Facebook, and was met with a block. When she shared a photograph on Facebook, the local New Hampshire media jumped all over her, with saying Johnson was “sharing a racist and anti-Semitic meme.”

TheΒ article, written by one Damien Fisher (probably Japanese), cited as evidence that I am a neo-Nazi the fact that we have a demographic chart showing the decline of the white population in America on the page. His implication, of course, is that we should all celebrate the replacement of our proud, white and Christian heritage with foreigners.

Johnson has apologized on Facebook for sharing our article. I’m glad she did apologize, because she shouldn’t have to go to bat for me or my website, but the fact that the establishment continues to attack people for simply telling the truth is disgusting.

Firstly, this is not a “neo-Nazi website.” I have since the inception of this website denounced neo-Nazism. I have continually been called a neo-Nazi simply because I stand up for Christianity against the Christ-hating Jews that are undermining our civilization. I have joked about being a “neo-Nazi,” because it was so silly to me that I was called that.

We like to have fun, okay? We’ve made some edgy jokes.

How do you know it’s not a neo-Nazi website? Well, the easiest way to know is by the fact it is blocked on social media. Censorship is not a problem that actual neo-Nazis have. Every major neo-Nazi is allowed to operate freely on social media, including Charlottesville organizer Richard Spencer. He uses the platform to promote Democrats, including Joe Biden, and to attack normal white Christian Americans.

Recently, he attacked Kyle Rittenhouse, the brave hero who protected the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin against Antifa child molesters.

Spencer is also a Joe Biden voter – one of the proud, one of the few – and hates our great president as much as the Antichrist Jews hate him!

Neo-Nazis actively promote feminism, communism, and the coronavirus lockdown hoax. They even promote this dangerous coronavirus vaccine. They hate America, and they are Democrats.

That is not what I am, and it is slanderous to accuse me of it.

This is what I am: I am a patriotic Christian American. I love my country, but above all, I love the TRUTH.

That is why I am censored, and that is why Dawn Johnson – a woman who cares about the TRUTH and defending our great president – is attacked for linking to this website.

They want to shame her to try to prevent others from reading the information we share here, because this is truly one of the last places in the world you can still get the straight facts. The Drudge Report has turned Democrat, as has Fox News. Breitbart has been subtly leaning left, and promoting a RINO agenda.

The Gateway Pundit has gotten a lot better over the last year, and we have and National File – but that’s pretty much all that’s left!

We’ve gotten a lot of new readers in recent months, because so much of the media has turned Demon-RAT, and we are telling the hard truths about the coronavirus scam and the election fraud. I should let everyone know: this site is always attacked, and the media will attack you for reading it. So, if you’re in public office, or have some other high profile job, be sure to share the links privately, so you don’t catch flak for it. (Also, you can actually get banned for sharing links to the site.)

Anyway, as Dawn Johnson noticed, you can’t share the site on Facebook at all – including in private messages. That’s how scared these people are of you finding out the truth – they act like you’re a little kid and they’re your mommy. However, you can share it in email, and through SMS messages and with your favorite apps such as WhatsApp.

Also, it’s a good time to remind people of this: I do not enforce copyright on my material, so if you want to copy it to your own website, you are free to do so. Anyone can easily get a blogspot or WordPress blog, and copy their favorite articles to that site, and then share them on Facebook freely.

I am a patriotic American and I have as much right as anyone under the US Constitution to share my thoughts, beliefs and information – and you have as much of a right to read them as you do to read the Fake News York Times or the HuffPoo! However, because of the backlash that you will get, it’s better to keep it quiet – for now.Β 

Soon, we will take back our country from these rats and we will be able to proudly and freely exercise our First Amendment rights without fear that we’re going to get shut down by Jewish communists who hate our country and hate Jesus Christ.