The Netherlands: Mentally Ill People Put Giant Mounds of Shit on Display, Call It “Art”

Daily Stormer
May 22, 2018

Modern art is shit. Literally and figuratively.

Is this it?

Is this rock bottom?

Or can it get worse?


 A bizarre collection of artwork displaying giant mounds of poo has gone on show in a museum in The Netherlands.


There’s a catch:

But visitors can only admire the art in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam if they dress up in special naked suits with saggy boobs or hanging penises.

So wonderful…

We need more art where the audience is an active participant.

Tens of millions of people died so that Jews can bring us here

Austrian art collective Gelatin, who are behind the bizarre collection, say this is because it is ‘not easy to get people out of their clothes’.

Thomas Urban said: ‘You can stop being yourself and literally crawl into someone else’s skin to your heart’s content. You can even change gender or skin colour.’

Actually no, you can’t.

Wearing your retard suit just shows you’re a retard, and nothing else.

Biology is non-negotiable, no matter how retarded you are.

Artist Florian Reither said: ‘In psychoanalysis it [a turd] is the first object you create and it’s the first present you present to your parents as a child, because you are very proud of this object you made.’

Someone remind me – why is eugenics a bad thing?

How can preventing imbeciles like this be considered a bad thing?

Oh wait, I forgot – “BECAUSE HITLER!!!”

How evil…

But it seems museum bosses are backing the whacky collection, with museum conservator Francesco Stocchi comparing it favorably with other, more famous pieces of art.

Mr Stocchi said: ‘This large lying item with that curl at the end looks like a work of art from the American minimalist Richard Serra.

For those of you who don’t know, Richard Serra is some kike rat who goes around making ugly crap he calls “art” to commemorate the hollowcost.

You’ve probably seen his garbage before.

The guy has as much talent as there were Jews who died in gas chambers

 Museum director Sjarel Ex, who was full of praise for both the collection and the collective, said Gelatin are ‘exciting, deeply challenging and always make us feel uncomfortable’.

Urban added: ”Above all you cannot see from a turd if it has been laid by a Chinese, Dutchman or Italian.

You know what would be even more multicultural?

Chopping the heads off of everyone who calls himself a “modern artist” and making a huge pyramid of their skulls.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

‘Even the people who think modern and contemporary art is completely sh*t we are embracing with this exhibition.

‘Look around, for once they are 100 percent right here.’

No, they’re 100% right every time.

It’s just that it’s literal in this case.

Pro-tip for telling art apart from the garbage called art today: If you can’t tell it apart from garbage (or in this case, a pile of shit) without someone being near it telling you it’s “art” then it’s certainly, 100% not art.

Contrary to popular belief, art isn’t really that subjective at all.

And it’s not something you have to learn either.

So long as you’re not mentally ill like these people, it’s very obvious.

Nobody who’s ever seen this had to wonder if it’s art or not