The Netherlands: First “Gender-Neutral” Passport Just Released

Daily Stormer
October 25, 2018

For eons beyond remembrance, we stupid goyim lived under the impression that men and women are different, and that you can only be one or the other.

Good thing professor Shlomo finally dragged us out of the dark ages, and showed us the enlightened way.

Voice of Europe:

While the Trump administration is re-re-defining gender and returning to a ’two genders’ scientific definition, the Netherlands are issuing gender-neutral passports.

Seems the Dutch want to be a serious competitor in the Cuck Olympics again.

But this is too little, too late.

No way they can catch up to Britain and Sweden with just this.

The first one having just been issued to Leonne Zeegers, 57, who selected gender designation X instead of M for man or V for woman.

Leonne was raised a boy but in 2001 had surgery to become female, now identifying as intersex. It was Zeegers’ lawsuit that had judges ruling that preventing a registration as gender neutral was a “violation of private life, self-determination and personal autonomy”.

This is the perfectly normal man pretending to be a woman who achieved this historical achievement:

You wouldn’t even realize this is actually a man with his dick cut off if someone else hadn’t told you, would you?

There are around four per cent of Dutch neither identifying as male or female, the BBC reports. It is still up to the courts to decide if an individual should receive an X designation for gender.


One in 25 people in the Netherlands has problems understanding 3rd grade biology?

It could be a lie of course – “journalists” these days lie more often than they breathe, so I wouldn’t be surprised – but if it’s not, then that means Holland is closer to the cuck podium than I thought.

But more needs to be done for them to once again be a prime competitor.

They’re on the right path though

Countries that offer gender-neutral passports: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, India, Malta, Nepal, New Zealand and Pakistan.

I don’t know why, but seeing that some shitholes also do this sorta cheered me up.

Always funny when a Jew tool harms another Jew tool, although not quite as funny as when it harms the Jews themselves.