The National Revolution Will Not be Televised: An Overview of the Greek Elections

XA Ameriki
May 20, 2014

The movement for Hellenism has once again exposed the current kleptocracy as liars, thieves, and cheats.

As the final ballots are counted, the awakening of the Greek people has increased. In Athens, Mayor candidate Elias Kasidiaris succeeded in winning 16.2% of the vote, which is more than double the 8% bogus polls were predicting. This electoral accomplishment also shows a 9% increase in popular support for Golden Dawn in Greece’s largest city. This is a remarkable achievement: Golden Dawn is the only party in the Greek parliament without access to campaign funds, with its leadership in prison, with the entire media establishment dedicated to telling lies about our movement, with our supporters being attacked and murdered in the street, and suffering from a proven conspiracy to undermine the will of the Greek people. Illias Panagiotaros, the Golden Dawn candidate for governor, also enjoyed a strong showing of 11.1% in the Attiki region. As a group, Golden Dawn candidates averaged 11-12% of the vote and have been elected to multiple local positions. The number is even higher in the 18-44 demographic.

Even on election day, Golden Dawn has still surmounted multiple challenges. In Western Attica, anarchist gangsters launched a violent attack against voters and representatives of Golden Dawn in order to terrorize Greek citizens into voting for the candidates Samaras approves of. Police under the control of the town mayor, Tsoukalas, did not bother to intervene, as usual.

Voting fraud was also rampant, as we predicted. A number of incidents have been reported by citizens, and Golden Dawn has filed lawsuits to address them. One case, in Crete, had polling stations refusing to include ballots for Golden Dawn candidates, claiming that the party is “undemocratic”. Apparently, the irony was lost on them. Dozens of complaints about tampering have also been made by Golden Dawn voters across districts in Thessaloniki and Neapolis-Sykeon.

While information continues to become available, things will clear up as time progresses.  The good news is that Golden Dawn has triumphed even with the multiple challenges against our freedom, people and our country.  The two collapsing parties, PASOK and Democratic Left, and the global media, have made no effort to hide their rage and made statements lambasting the Greek people for voting for Golden Dawn. Throughout the world, Zionist media parrots are calling our favorable outcome a “surprise”, but we have been talking about it for a year now.  

As the current trends show, Golden Dawn is prone to make further advances during the European election next week. We will be even more vigilant to make sure the process is as fair as possible.

Long Live victory!