The Mystery of the Wanton Sexuality and Violence of the Brown Folk

The brown person who left his babies to fry in a hot car is back in the news!

Daily Mail:

A New York father whose one-year-olds died after he left them in a hot car while he worked an eight-hour shift has been spared a jail sentence after pleading guilty to reckless endangerment.

Juan Rodriguez pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of two counts of second-degree reckless endangerment but was told that he would be jailed if he was arrested within the next year.

Rodriguez said he thought he had already dropped the twins, a boy and a girl, off at their usual day care before he went to his job at a Bronx hospital last July.

Investigators say Rodriguez parked  him silver Honda Accord with his infants, Phoenix and Luna still in their carseats.

The weather on that July day was in the 80s Fahrenheit with temperatures in the car up to 50 degrees higher.

It wasn’t until after finishing work that he realized the twins were still in the back of the car.

Last year Rodriguez pleaded not guilty to two counts each of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and endangering the welfare of a child.

I don’t really care about this story, but there is a lesson within, which you must learn.

I can do it in bulletpoints:

  • Brown people have low IQs because they come from areas that didn’t require forward planning to survive. A warm climate does not punish people who do not have the intelligence to plan ahead for the winter.
  • Lower IQs lead to a higher death rate because they do stupid things like accidentally forget to not kill their babies.
  • The higher death rate means that they have to have more children to continue their race.
  • In order to have more children, they need to be more horny, which means they need higher testosterone.
  • Higher testosterone leads to lower impulse control and a higher propensity for violence.

That’s it.

Right there.

Your entire “race problem.”

You do not need any Marxist gibberish to explain why these people are poor and violent and tend to do very badly in white societies. It’s just a very simple thing that any 8-year-old child could understand.

Furthermore, there is nothing “hateful” about understanding these facts, because knowing the truth cannot ever be “hateful.” Someone who understands these facts can actually be more compassionate towards these people, and understand that they are not going to succeed in a white culture, and need to be returned to their own countries where they can structure their own culture in a way that jives better with their biology.

As long as they’re here, they’re going to be frustrated and we’re going to be frustrated.

We need to peacefully get them out.