The Moral Bankruptcy Of Black Lives Matter UK

Morgoth’s Review
September 10, 2016


On the day Black Lives Matter UK invaded Heathrow airport and disrupted the holiday schedule of thousands of white families, the London Evening Standardcarried a video taken from CCTV footage of a white woman being dragged off her feet by her neck and violently mugged by two blacks, having a ring yanked off her finger. As the Lefties and black activists crowed on Twitter about the havoc they had caused at Heathrow, that white woman was sitting with a police medic, in shock and traumatized, calling her family to explain she’d been mugged.

The standard argument of the ‘Right’ to blacks agitating against ‘police brutality’ is to point out that blacks commit more crime and therefore come into contact more frequently with the police, therefore they’re more likely to die in police custody or while resisting arrest. And this is perfectly true, it’s also true that a white man carrying a car full of heroine and facing 15 years in jail will offer less resistance to the police than a black who’s just robbed a diet coke from a store.

The problem is that these arguments, no matter which side you’re on, are American arguments based on American racial issues and American inter-ethnic politics. The politics of Alabama or Georgia has took root in Manchester and Nottingham, the question is, is it legitimate? Does American racial politics belong in Britain?.


In America (((Marxist intellectuals))) found in blacks a ready-made proletariat to be used against the WASP bourgeoisie they loathed, the situation was perfect, a real peach, blacks in America actually were segregated and they had indeed been imported as slaves, who imported them and why is a different subject. The point is the American Left could argue from the perspective of blacks not having ‘equality’ with whites and being an oppressed group because they had been oppressed and brought to that land against their will.  The solution of repatriation to Africa or blacks being allowed some land where they could run free was never on offer because that would defeat the purpose of using them as a wrecking ball against white society.

The situation in Britain is entirely different, blacks began to arrive on the British Isles after the 1948 Nationalities act was passed, but the act was passed without the consent of the native people and blacks arrived against the express wishes of the native people. Every poll ever taken in Britain has revealed that the majority of native British want a decrease in immigration, not an increase. Political Correctness and the various race hate laws have ensured that few people will openly say ”We don’t want more blacks and Asians” but it’s implicit in the polls against immigration and has been since Enoch Powell’s time.

We natives never wanted black people in our country, but we were never given a choice, therefore, whatever complaints the blacks have are null and void…all of them. What manner of ethical code demands of the invaded that the invader be fed and housed and lavished with resources? what morality asks the host to provide its parasite with comfort and warmth? to ask the question is to answer it, nothing, we owe these people nothing! We owe it to our own people to return blacks to countries run by, and for blacks.



Black activist groups operating in Britain are in the position of European colonists complaining that the Sioux were not giving them enough free ”stuff” and ”respect”. These people endlessly chant one word ”Equality” but equality is an impossibility, not just because of the black IQ and biology, but because coercing a foreign group onto a settled population automatically means the natives have had their natural right to an exclusive living space abolished.

 Naturally, if a black or their Leftist handlers happened to come across such a statement they would sneer ”Ha! never gonna happen, it’s just the ramblings of a Far Right extremist on some obscure Hate Blog!”.

And they’d have a point, they know the police, the government, the media and the courts and judiciary are all on their team, not ours. The supposed system of ‘White Supremacy’ ruthlessly crushes even the merest hint of white racial awareness. So what, then, is the nature of this supposed oppression and victimization?. Stephen Lawrence, the murdered black teenager, has been mentioned in the House of Lords more than 200 times! but a white woman can be strangled in broad daylight as the jewelry on her hands is ripped off and it merits nothing but a small byline in a local rag for an afternoon.


There’s something of the ‘Rinse and Repeat’ about the manner in which American race politics has been imported into Britain. The political class and liberal elite first imported the problem, and then simply imported the American solution the problem too. The loathsome black activist, Bonnie Greer, encapsulates this perfectly, catapulted to prominence from the Chicago ghetto by Jewish theatre luvvies David Mamet and Eli Kazan, Greer then came to Britain and was wafted ever upwards by our own liberal intelligentsia. She features regularly on BBC arts programs and discussion programs peddling black nationalism, she coos like a higher guardian of the liberal, humane order, tut tutting that she’s seen it all before ”We won the struggle in America, now the fight goes on here as well” in ludicrously self important voice inflections.

However, and it must be reiterated, we never wanted them here in the first place, so pretentious Marxist jingoism such as ”Institutionalized power dynamic inequality” is moot, we don’t care!. Arguments about black criminality are futile because it leads directly into the web of social justice which is the bread and butter of Neo Marxism, the issue is a race issue, not from the perspective of ”institutionalized racism” but from the perspective of white people wanting to have their own lands free of hostile intruders.

The arrival of Black Lives Matter and American race politics into the heart of England might well pay off because it further stresses the leftists who have to defend it and moves the discussion along from the Muslim issue. The secret to being a successful parasite is to remain hidden, Black Lives Matter is the leech jumping around on the leg demanding more blood. Our people will notice, our people will also begin to notice that in the game of ethnic interest only white people are expected to apologize as they pander to hostile invaders who hate them.