The Money the Government Allocated to Bail Out Small Businesses is All Gone

Oh so now CNN wants to talk about the real problem – which they created with their hysterical mania?


I want to see the look on their faces.


The money is gone.

On Thursday morning, the $349 billion emergency small business lending program officially tapped out. The Small Business Association officially ran out of money for the Paycheck Protection Program, according to a message for lenders posted on the administration’s website.

Negotiations on Capitol Hill have yet to generate a path forward to replenish the money, all as the US economy continues to stagger under the pressure of near-nationwide closures.

Bottom line: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Democrats will reconvene Thursday to try and reach agreement on a package that will immediately increase funding for the program. But they aren’t there yet and this is no longer a theoretical exercise. The program had, and continues to have, glitches and difficulties. But it also rolled through $349 billion in less than two weeks. That’s how urgent it is for small business owners. That’s how desperate, how flat catastrophic, the economic situation is amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Senate meets for a pro forma session at 3 p.m. ET. A deal needs to be reached before then for the money to have any opportunity to be replenished this week. Democrats and the Treasury Department are expected to continue negotiations behind closed doors.

I guess no one could have predicted this.

And if they did, they were some kind of Nazi who predicted it out of pure evil itself.

There aren’t going to be any more small businesses. That’s over, forever. There is literally zero chance any of them will survive. Massive multinational corporations are going to have a hard time surviving, with a lot bigger bailouts. A lot of them won’t survive.

All things considered, this is the most hilarious conceivable way for a civilization to end.

It was just the flu.

All this time, it was just the flu.

And they ripped down the entire civilization because they got really scared of it.