The Mob is a Tool of the Democrat Party, And It is Going to be Used Against You and Your Family

PICTURED: The elusive “Nigfa”: A Dangerous cross between an Antifa rioter and a Black Lives Matter rioter. (It’s like in “Jurassic World” when they genetically engineered a new T-Rex.)

The solution to a violent mob rioting and burning down your city is always fewer police.


The Seattle City Council approved proposals Monday that would reduce the police department by as many as 100 officers through layoffs and attrition — an action supported by protesters who have marched in the city following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis but strongly opposed by the mayor and police chief.

Measures that would cut less than $4 million of the department’s $400 million annual budget this year passed out of committee unanimously last week. On Monday, only council member Kshama Sawant voted against the budget package, saying it does not do enough to defund the police.

Kshama Sawant: Because an America run by Sri Lankan communists is a just America.

Seattle currently has about 1,400 police officers and the reductions fell short of the 50 percent cut to the department that many Black Lives Matter protesters are seeking. Several council members on Monday said the changes were a starting point in a long process to reimagine policing and public safety.

The City Council also cut Police Chief Carmen Best’s roughly $285,000 annual salary and the pay of other top police leaders, although the final cuts to Best’s salary were more modest than those approved last week. The council plan also takes officers off a team that removes homeless camps.

When they say they are “taking officers off” that team, they mean that they are ending the removal of homeless camps. That means that Seattle will now become a destination for homeless junkies to go live on the street, in the way that San Francisco is currently such a destination.

Because “progress” is literally being defined as “increasing the number of homeless drug addicts sleeping on the street in your city.”

Obviously, if you asked any single population of people on earth “do you want more or fewer homeless drug addicts on your streets?” any population would answer “fewer.”

No element of this agenda is about doing anything for the people. It is an elite agenda of the ultra-rich being enforced by a small group of fanatical lunatics who have no idea what they are even talking about.

It’s so obvious that this is the case just on the point of removing the police for the sake of the blacks. A Gallup poll conducted between late June and early July showed that only 19% of blacks want fewer police in their area. 81% want more or the same amount.

So whose agenda is this?

Is it the agenda of the rioters themselves?

Frankly, I have a hard time believing that these people could formulate an agenda. Most of these people are either very low IQ blacks who have been agitated, they are drug-addled grad students who have bought into a bizarre fringe joke ideology that was drilled into their heads by Jewish professors, or they are just mentally ill.

This agenda is coming from the top. It is an elite program.

First, it is a way to prevent Donald Trump from being reelected.

The New York Times recently featured a piece with the guy who has successfully predicted elections since the 1980s, and his formula is that if the country is stable, people tend to vote for the incumbent. If the country is unstable, they tend to vote for the opposition.

The Democrats have successfully created mass chaos in this country by activating this mob of trained freaks.

But beyond that – beyond the election – we are looking at the formulation of an entirely new society.

They are going to create a situation where the mob is able to target the people that they want targeted, to create a state of mass terror in America.

The mob already hates white people, and is attacking white people on the street. When the police are removed, they will be able to do this with impunity. They will be able to march into the suburbs and commit random acts of brutality, which will only be selectively reported on by the media, in order to drive fear into the population.

They keep telling us this mob has no leaders, but it is extremely suspicious that they only ever target the enemies of the Democrat Party. You’d think that a mob of supposed communists flying the hammer and sickle flag would take issue with say, Amazon. Yet Amazon is never attacked. Instead, we get attacks on random working class white people (who you would think communists would be supportive of).

We should note that right now, we also have targeted mobs rioting against the governments of Lebanon and Belarus – both enemies of the Jews which tend to be popular among the masses of people.

The mob is a tool. That tool will be used to greatest effect if Joe Biden wins this election. They will be unleashed against anyone who doesn’t go along with the system. Those people’s addresses will be published online and the mob will go to their houses. They will enter their houses and kill them. Calling the police will do nothing. The police have been abolished or “reduced,” and they certainly do not answer the calls of white people whose houses are under assault by the mob.

If people defend themselves, then they will be prosecuted for “murdering peaceful protesters.”

We saw this foreshadowed in St. Louis. The mob ran up into the front yard of a white couple. When they ran outside with their guns, simply to hold their ground and defend their property, they were accused of “threatening peaceful protesters.”

The couple is now being prosecuted and faces prison time if convicted.

The police were nowhere to be found when the mob ran up in their yard, but the cops were there to confiscate their guns after the event, and then to arrest them on charges.

All of this is happening right now.

It is coming down.

People always say, “well, I figure before things really come apart, I’ll have a warning.”

Yes, exactly.

You will have a warning.

What you are seeing right now is the warning.

If Joe Biden wins this election, that is when things start happening.

That’s when they start to come for all of us.

You need to get ready, because our chances in this election are not looking great.